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Macadamia - Rejuvenating Shampoo & Moisturising Rinse ♥

Its been well over a week since I posted,  I have been so busy recently with work and I've fully thrown myself into wedding planning mode since its now officially half a year!!
So If I am a little quiet please excuse me,

Today Is a post that is a little delayed but it is something that I have wanted to test out fully before I write an honest review.

I've been using these Macadamia products for a few months now - I am already a fan of the hot oil which I use on the ends of my hair to nourish them after styling my hair.

Macadamia Oil is extremely good for the hair especially if you color and use heat on it a lot like I do.
These miniature bottles are perfect if you also want to try the product out like I did before buying the bigger bottled versions.

The Product - 

*The Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo is perfect to start off with and its ideal for all hair types, and can be used to nourish and replenish your hair also, I used this instead of my normal shampoo at least twice a week.

*The Macadamia Moisturising Rinse is to be used after you have shampooed your hair with the Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo, the bottle says to leave it on for 30 - 60 seconds but I always leave it on for at least 5 minutes.
The rinse is designed to nourish and detangle you hair leaving it feeling silky.

What Did I Think Of This Product? -

Well I am a huge fan of the Macadamia range and the oil I used was a godsend and definitely played a part in nourishing my hair and getting it back to being healthy when I bleached my ends a few months ago, 

I was impressed with the rejuvenating shampoo too - it smelt lovely and a little bit did go a long way,

However the moisturizing rinse made my hair really greasy on my roots,
 I think maybe in the future I'd apply it to my ends instead, maybe if you have greasy hair like mine, that would be a top tip if conditioning products do tend to make you hair greasy at the roots.

The conditioner however does make your hair easier to manage and does leave it feel soft and healthy.

I would purchase the bigger version as I think its one of them luxury products that you should try at least once,

Are They Worth Buying? -

Definitely -  if you colour and use heated products on your hair like me and you do feel like your hair needs some TLC - they are worth a try to inject some moisture into your hair.
If you want to try them out like I have done then the miniature versions are available to buy from the Macadamia range here,

Have You Ever Tried Any Products From The Macadamia Range?
What Did You Think Of Them?

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