Saturday, 30 March 2013

Girly Weekend & OOTD Plus Our Very First Vlog ♥

Last weekend, I got to spend a lovely weekend with Rachel and Gina again, 
We booked a night in the travel lodge for the one night as Rachel and Gina were off to see One Direction the next day - I was a teensy bit jealous if I'm honest, but my fiance had some spare tickets which he'd bought a few months before, there was only two and these girly's deserved it more,

We had a fun day shopping in Manchester, which involved my trying to look for wedding shoes - no luck :'(
I don't know how either but we didn't end up buying anything, mainly Manchester was busy but its very rare I shop in Primark and come out with nothing,

I did go back a few days later after pay day though - haul coming up in another future post.

We bought lots of sweeties and cocktails and planned to have a girly night after a visit to red hot buffet world, which was amazing as always - my stomach was actually hurting from laughing after spending the night with these two.

- Drinks & Sweeties -

- Being gina's personal hairdresser -

We decided to wear something nice since we were going out in Manchester and all,
This is my OOTD & the girlies OOTD'S - My dress is from Madam Rage - You can view it here

When we got back from Red Hot buffet we had a few cocktails before filming our very first vlog, which will be appearing on the blog next week - you can finally see what us lot are like in real life - a little bit mad!!
There seemed to be more bloopers than actual footage - I'll be popping them at the end.

- Enjoying the desserts from red hot buffet world  -

- Cocktails -

After the vlog we had a lovely night of gossiping till the early hours of the morning, 
I officially can't wait to d this all over again, there isn't enough hours in a day with these two.

I'm already planning my hen night so we will all have another excuse to get together.

- Photo's like these are the best -

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