Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Wedding Hairspiration's #1 ♥

So I did promise more wedding related posts on my blog - good news if you love wedding related posts,

With 7 month till my wedding looming nearer, I've been thinking a lot about hair idea's for my big day as I love my long hair and want something really unique,

The hair swept back and tiara popped into place kind of hair style isn't really me, I think they suit the more princessy types of dresses despite how beautiful they are.

My dress is quite classy and romantic and mostly lace so I want to go for more natural, romantic, english rose kind of look, I've noticed I've been drawn to braided hairstyles, I love the undone tousled look.

Because I'm getting married in 30 degree heat abroad  most hair down styles probably won't be ideal as they will just frizz or make me to warm, but then again I might change my mind.

I plan on wearing a long veil at the bottom of my neck halfway down my back, I wasn't struck on a veil first time but when I went for my second try on I found a veil that looked perfect with my dress, I'm still undecided if I want sparkly clips or flowers in my hair for a beach wedding theme.

Here are some of my favorite hair styles that I'm hoping my inspiration will come from, from Pinterest, I could live on that website looking at lots of gorgeous photographs, 


What's your favorite type of hair updo??

Are any of these your favorites?

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