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Less Than 8 Months To Go - My Journey Of A Bride To Be #2 ♥

I've been a little bit quiet on my blog regarding the wedding, I hoped I'd be more consistent with my posts, so If your reading this, chances are you want to know how my wedding planning is going along,

Less than 8 months to go now and I absolutely can not believe how fast time has gone, next month I'll be saying 6 months to go - half a year - time passes far to quickly.

I'm one of them people that likes to do things slowly, and carefully plan everything, so I've definitely have not been the sort of bride who has already planned the whole thing down to every detail like some brides do months and months before - there's nothing wrong with that - Its just I want something to do each month leading up to it,

You may not think a wedding abroad needs much planning and work but I was so wrong.

- This will be our reception venue, its called the Thalassa, its always how I pictured a wedding reception to be, outdoors with lots of pretty flowers and the sunlight pouring through onto the table  -

So anyway so far I am pleased to say that I have 15 guest including me and my fiance who have booked Cyprus, there's still a few more family members to book.
Three of my friends including my bridesmaid have also booked which means the world to me because my friends want to spend this special day with me - words can't describe how nice that feels.

In November I went to try on my dress again, I couldn't wait since mine won't be ready till June hopefully, so off I went to another fitting so I could have some photo's to look back on and also so I can keep telling myself I picked the "Right One" I just want to show people so bad.

I also changed the colour scheme since I'm so decisive, turquoise would of looked lovely but I really despise the colour in a dress and a tie and I want my bridesmaids and groom to look stunning, and not in a colour I'm not a big fan off,

So I plan on a gorgeous coral theme including table decor and flowers,

- Our Wedding Rings -

Me and my fiance have also finally got the money together to pay for our wedding, we even bought our wedding rings and I have 50% of my dress deposit payed off, being young and having our own place has made it harder to save but I feel so proud we have worked extra hard to pay for something we both really want.

Me and my fiance will also be celebrating our seven years in June so I'm looking forward to that.
So many exciting things to look forward to this year including our wedding, my hen night in england and abroad - I'm super lucky to be having two.

2013 may sound like an unlucky year but I'm hoping it will be my luckiest yet.

 - Us on New Years Eve, Letting "Our Year" In Together - 

 I think I'm going to wait till at least the 6 month mark before I start buying all the other important bits and bobs but I will share and try and be more consistent with these posts.

I've recently started zumba and pilates weekly just so I can be more toned with my girls and I love it, I've learnt exercise is a great stress buster and has definitely helped me keep the worries and anxiety at bay,

I think the realisation is slowly kicking it, I'm staying quite calm on the outside but really I am freaking out on the inside, not because I'm getting married, its just the whole "hoping the day will go smoothly and everything is perfect kind of worry"

But I'm a worrier at heart and I'm sure everything will be perfect.

Any pre wedding tips would be appreciated,


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