Tuesday, 5 February 2013

25 Random Facts About Moi ♥

I've loved reading lots of these amongst my favourite blogs, whether it was 50 or 25 fact or even 100,
So I've joined in, and your most likely reading this if you love reading these too.
I don't want to keep you reading for too long or these can get extremely boooooring,

Please leave your link to yours if you've done your own,

♥ I'm terribly short sighted and can't see much without my contact lenses, 

♥ I'm terrified of sleeping in the dark, even at 24, I always turn the light on super quick when I walk into my flat when its pitch black just in case something is lurking,

♥ I've kissed a dolphin twice, once in Turkey and once in Florida,

♥ I have two pet house rabbits called Bunny and Jessica who are about three, they make just as great house pets as cats and dogs.

♥ I like to eat gherkins and jalapenos by the jar full, my fiance thinks I'm disgusting for this.

♥ I always wanted to go to the Maldives so I saved up for nearly a year just so i could go - you only live once.

♥ I'm hate vertical roller coasters and practically cried on tower of terror in Florida and the oblivion at Alton Towers,

♥ Me and my fiance met on Myspace when he messaged me randomly, almost seven years later were getting hitched in Cyprus this September,

♥ I really want to go to Iceland so I can see the Northern Lights,

♥ My favourite food ever is cheese,

♥ Since I joined blogger I've bought over 100 nail varnishes and I can't stop,

♥ I'm incredibly shy when you first meet me, then after that you can't shut me up,

♥ I have a qualification in hairdressing, a BTECH diploma in Media and a Veterinary Assistant qualification,

♥ I have the shortest fuse but only those close to me will ever witness it,

 ♥  I have serious OCD when it comes to cleaning my flat and constantly compare my place to others,

♥ I never used to wear lipstick until 2 years ago,

♥ I've watched every single episode of One Tree Hill since the day it started showing on our TV over here,

♥ When I was younger Mary Kate & Ashley were my idols - I think I still love them,

♥ I'm obsessed with horoscopes and read my weekly/daily and tend to get on best with Cancers,

♥ I worry about everything that much I get anxious all the time - I hate it,

♥ I would love more than anything to go to Italy or France at least once,

♥ I have a birthmark in the shape of a love heart on my back,

♥ When I was 6 I almost died of gastroenteritis and had to stay in hospital for three days,

♥ I have an unhealthy obsession with butterflies and will buy something just because it has a butterfly on it,

♥ I've had a phobia of taking off in a plane ever since I watched Final Destination and always think back to that film when I'm taking off, I can't help it.

There we go, some may be a bit random or weird but I hope you've got to know me better in some way or another,

Lots Of Love


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