Monday, 21 January 2013

Warning - Don't Be Fooled By Extension Deal ♥

You will notice that I have taken down my previous giveaway, after reading that hair extension deal were asking bloggers to hold give away's, upping there numbers on Facebook and being warned personally by other bloggers, I did some investigating and found out that's its just been me but a few others who are being scammed.

I decided to take down this giveaway and any links to there page as I don't want to mislead people into liking my page to enter a competition to be let down, I should of know something wasn't right when I was told that 4 winners would only win if this competition got 800 entries - I argued this out via email and said that was misleading and unfair and the lady Cymee who contacted me said she would give one item away if this competition didn't reach 800 entries.

When a company contacts me to hold a giveaway I am more than happy to hold a giveaway if asked but I will not be scammed and let my followers get the same thing done to them.

It's quite scary that companies are doing this and I feel like an idiot for falling  for it, so I just want to apologise if you have entered this competition today, I didn't know that any of this was going on.

Which is why I've written this pos to warn other bloggers, if you get an email from hair extension deal, and a lady called Cymee, ignore it, and don't fall for it.

I'm all for helping a brand but I do not get scammed, I almost fell for it, if you can unlike there page and unfollow on twitter, they don't deserve anything from anyone.

You can read bloggers posts who have had the same thing happen to them.


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