Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Perfect Nudes - Rimmel's Kate Moss Collection Matte Lipstick

Hi again lovelies, today I wanted to share with you a new lipstick I've finally bought while on a quest to buy some new Garnier BB cream, is it me but when you go in to buy something, you always end up coming out with something else too, I just can't handle my spending sometimes.

 I've been lusting over this shade for a few months and while telling myself I didn't need anymore lipsticks I decided you only live once so i bought it.
I've got lots of lipsticks, but no nude shades.

Nudes are the perfect shades to wear everyday for a more natural look,
I've been trying to tone my make up down but still love wearing lipstick everyday so this shade seemed ideal for me,

This particular lipstick a matte lipstick so the texture isn't as shiny as most lipsticks I own

I own so many Rimmel lipsticks because I love there texture and colours and they last so long on my lips,  I'm also a huge fan of Kate Moss's collections - I just love the girlie packagaing - I blogged about a gorgeous red I also own from her newer collection here which is lush - the colours are so beautiful - this one was £5·49

This is the colour on, no effects have been added,
The colour glides on smoothly but as I've noticed with matte lipsticks, you have to have moisturised lips to pull of this look without your lips looking too dry, the weather has played havoc with my lips recently and they have been so dry and chapped, although a little help using my LUSH lips scrub has done the trick for me.
I love how subtle the colour is and with all Rimmel's lipsticks the pigmentation in the colours are lovely,
These are the other colours available in this particular collections, the coral shade looks perfect for Spring/Summer.
Have you tried any colours from this collection?
Which were your favourites?


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