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My Experience With Hair Extensions & Hair Trade Hair Extensions ♥

Hi beauts,
I've been a bit absent from my blog this past week or so, my start to the year has felt like a it of a roller coaster, I have been so busy and I feel the next few months will be a bit the same since I have my wedding coming up in almost 8 months.

Talking of weddings today I wanted to show you a post on some hair extensions I received from Hairtrade just before Christmas last year,
I love having long locks and these will definitely be coming with me for my big day in September for adding extra volume and length to my hair.

Hair Trade Extensions in Dark Brown

I've used extensions for the past 6 years on and off, when I had my hair cut really short after a bleaching incident, hair extensions were a 100% must have beauty item in my life and I loved them and still do.
My hairs at a length now where I feel quite comfortable on a daily basis but on nights out of special occasions I like to look a bit more glamorous, like we all do and this is where these extensions are fab.
I chose the 22" length because I absolutely love long hair and I'd grow it this long if I never had to have it cut.

My hairs quite thick anyway but extensions always give me that extra opphhh and of course add length.

I received these 100% human hair I&K clip in straight hair extensions from Hair Trade - in 22" - They are also available in 14" 18" I chose the darkest brown shade, but they do a huge variety of different shades, even dip dye.

They came beautifully packaged and tangle free inside this plastic packaging.

The one good thing about clip in extensions is that you don't have to spend hours sewing clips on, I used to hate this part and I'd rather now pay the extra.
You can buy wefts without clips, these are a cheaper alternative for some, but the choice is yours.

I received 10 different pieces of hair, 4 to add to the nape of my hair, the middle and the top and single strands to blend in my layers round the front.

I loved how soft and tangle free they were once they were in my hair.
and they were the perfect shade of brown for my hair colour.

They are 100% natural looking at half the time people won't be able to tell the difference - when I wore extensions for years no one ever knew the difference :)

I took a picture of them in my hair so you can see how well blended in and how natural they look  - my natural hairs a little bit past my shoulders.

You can view Hairtrade's Clip In Extensions HERE to see there full range of extensions.
They do dip dyed - perfect if you don't want to reach for the bleach yet.
Curly Extensions, if your natural hair is wavy,
Single wefts to add thickness and human hair weft weaves where you can cut them to the size you wish to either glue in, weave in or to add clips too, there are so many options to suit everyone's taste.

A little bit above I did mention that I have used extensions for 6 years or more,
I used to use the glue in variety but these didn't work well with my hair as I needed to wash it too often,
It was after then I started using the clip in variety.

I have been all sorts of different shades and because human hair extension are real hair you can dye them, I used to get my hair dresser to do this for me, but you can do it yourself.

They always last quite a long time for me too, I could easily make a set last me about 3 - 4 months or more even when I straightened them daily.
Its worth investing in a good hair extension conditioner if you ever want to give them a wash as they can sometimes loose there softness.

Have you ever tried clip in extensions before bloggers?


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