Thursday, 29 November 2012

Good Things Skin Care - 5 Minute Facial Facemask ♥

 I've been wanting to try the Good Things Skincare range for a while since I've heard nothing but good things about them, however the price tag was bit much for me, so I took the opportunity to try their range when Sainsbury's had a half price offer on all The Good Things Skincare range,
So I purchased this " Five Minute Facial Mask " for £2.99,

The reason I wanted to try this range was because I like to use products that contain natural ingredients which is why I'm a huge fan of the Simple Range too,

This face mask I purchased contains Goji Berry and Avocado Oil, and Willow Bark Extract and its smells amazing as soon as you open the lid.

I've been using this product once or twice a week when I have a shower, I pop it on the same time as I leave my conditioner on for, which I think is fantastic for multitasking morning or nights as its a quick 5 minutes.

Green Clay and Kaolin in this product are supposed to draw impurities out of your skin,
I've heard green clay is good for this which is used in most face masks.
The Avocado Oil moisturises your skin, The Goji Berry soothes your skin and the Willow Bark is supposed to give your skin a boost.

My honest thoughts about this product that even with the £5.99 price tag, this tube will last you months if you use it weekly which turns out to be a better investment to the normal £1.00 face masks I purchase monthly.
I can feel it getting to work on my face straight away, it gave my skin a tingling feeling which I've never had before with any other face mask, and after rinsing off which is best using a flannel your have a fresh face which gave me a natural healthy glow.
Plus it also means I don't have to sit down for 20 mins waiting for my other face masks to work.
I love that its simple to use, quick and is perfect for giving your skin a healthy boost.

Good things skincare is designed for young skin and I have very oily combination skin so I'm prone to spots if I don't take care of my skin, and I have noticed less break outs with this product and I also love that it contains different ingredients to most face masks.
If you want a quick fix face mask I would recommend this product especially if you have sensitive skin like me.

I will purchase more of the range now in the future now that I have tried this.
You can see the full range here and where to buy them.
Have you girlies tried any products from this range?

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Coloured Hair Treats ♥ Clynol Shampoo & Conditioner ♥

Hairtrade are a well known hair and beauty online store that sell luxary products and are one of the UK'S
   leading online retailers of hair care and beauty products as well as hair extensions 

I was kindly sent me this shampoo and conditioner to try on my hair, as my hair is coloured I opted for a colour shampoo as I find with most colour care shampoo's my colour still fades.

As with most shampoo's and conditioners I like to use the full product up before I give my final opinion on a product because sometimes you don't notice if it works until you've been using it a week or too.

I got a 300ml bottle of Clynol Colour & Care Enrich Shampoo, 
and a 250ml bottle of Clynol Colour & Care Restore Conditioner 

The Clynol shampoo contains jewel extracts that is meant to boost the shine in your hair and keep your colour enriched for 30 washes thanks to a products called Keratin which is great for strengthening hair.
It also contains UV filters that stop the sun from fading your colour which I found happened a lot with my previous hair colour red.

- The first thing I've noticed about using this shampoo was that in makes my hair so soft after just one wash and not many shampoo's can do that to my hair as its pretty thick anyway,
I recently dyed my hair about three weeks ago a dark brown colour covering my red and ombre hair as I got a bit fed up and I'm quite impressed my how much the colour has held in my hair for, its still holding the brown colour that seems to fade on my previously red hair and I have noticed that it does have an extra shine about it which I love - its a shame there hasn't been more sunshine -

The Clynol Conditioner also contains the jewel extract to seal the hair with that extra shine after washing it with this shampoo.
Apricot Kernel oil nourishes your hair and enriches it for super healthy glossy locks helping repair your hair after all that colouring - which my hair has needed a lot.
Perfect for smoothing each individual strand for soft healthy colour treated hair,

- I loved the smell of this conditioner, and I loved the fact is also contained the jewel extract too, it did make my hair super soft and shiny and my hair has gotten stronger after using this products, I've noticed less breakage when it comes to straightening, the only downside is ow much product I need for my hair as its really thick, this bottle didn't last as long as the shampoo - so you'd defiantly need to purchase a bigger bottle if you've got over the shoulder length thick hair -

I think this product is one of the colour shampoo's I have tried that do actually do look after coloured hair.
My colour has lasted longer and my hair has gotten stronger which I've needed after my harsh few months bleaching.

- Super shiny hair using this product on a night out -

Have you heard of this shampoo before or tried any Clynol brands?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping & Finding "The One" - My Journey Of A Bride To Be #1 ♥

First all of while writing this I finally reached 1000 followers on my blog, this is a big achievement for me, while some can naturally gain 100 followers overnight, I am just really proud of my blog and that you lovelies do like reading my blurbs.
So thank you so much for reading and keeping be blogging - I love you all 

- Anyway back to my post -

"Shopping for a wedding dress is the BEST and most magical things about about getting married, 
I could try dresses on all day and everyday"

I didn't think I'd be writing this so soon, or did I think I'd be saying by now
"I've paid the 50% deposit on my dream wedding dress"
I've been on two dress visits, visited 4 bridal boutiques and tried 27 wedding dress of every variety I could think of.

The first visit wasn't a success, I realized most places you had to book appointments to fully get the experience of trying on lots of gowns and seeing what looks right for you.

On my first visit I found a dress which maybe I thought was the one, but them thoughts turned to doubts when I started to wanted to change things on the dress that I had tried, it was a truly beautiful dress but I've since realized the perfect dress means not changing a single thing except the size of course.

This was the dress I'd fallen in love with, I loved the detail on the top half and the lace netted skirt on the bottom half but I just wanted to remove all the roses - they look gorgeous on the model but roses aren't me on a dress.

Its a beautiful gown, but another thing that also made me hesitate was the puffiness of it,
I'm getting married abroad so I wanted "the princess dress" but without to much skirt,

My next visit was at an appointment only boutique a few weeks later,
It was an absolutely stunning boutique with a vintage contemporary theme to it, 
Picture Audrey Hepburn style, the dresses she put me in were all stunning but not me,

- A Selection I Tried -

I tried 7 in total and I did take a liking to one which also happened to be twice my budget amount.
It was a ruffle A line dress with a sweetheart neckline with ruffles going down - on the hanger it didn't look all that but one it was beautiful but I will admit I didn't really love it when I first tried it on,
That is the important thing about picking a dress, you have to love it straight away which happened when I found "the one"
But there was still something missing - I loved it but it didn't blow me away.

"The ruffle dress"

I then went into another boutique who had a sale on but all the dresses were sample sizes, I tried 3 gowns but they were beautiful but all to traditional and just not me, I wanted a brand new dream dress - not a sample size that lots of people had tried on.

The last shop I went into was called Blush Boutique, I had a feeling I would find something as soon as I walked past the window into the shop, one dress caught my eye which I asked to try.
This shop was full of sparkly princess gowns with gorgeous shiny accessories I was spoilt for choice.

The first dress I picked was "the one" and I knew within seconds that I loved it, it was a close tie between the dress in the window and the one i picked.
The picture above is one of the dresses I tried but didn't pick, but I did love this dress, it was my third favorite.

 I am of course keeping the dress I picked a huge secret :)

I know some people describe picking the dress as being an emotional moment,
I didn't cry I however on the other hand I knew I loved it, I could not stop smiling from ear to ear when I saw myself it, and I remember saying to the lady when she put it on me and started tying me up "I love this"
I'd been so critical of every dress I tried and this was the only one I said I loved ,

I loved every little detail on the dress and it was everything I had picked off other dresses but in one gown - It was perfect.
I spent about half an hour in it, sitting in it and walking up and down in it,
 I tried it on twice after trying a few more before going back to "The One"
I didn't pay for it straight away, I had a think about it and talk about it with Daz just to be sure, 

But I spent the night dreaming about trying it on again proved more to the point it was "The One"
 I didn't wait 5 minutes after I woke up to ring the shop and pay my deposit.

The store and staff were so amazing - They knew I had a set budget and they did everything they could to stick to that even it went over a tiny bit.

Over week later I'm more excited than ever to go and try it on again so I can get a picture in it to look at.
I've already picked a day in December to go with my mother in law to be.

I love that it was my mother in law who helped me pick my dress and patiently sat and waited for 6 hours - my heart really did ache about the fact my mum couldn't be there to see my try them on as she passed away three years ago, but I'm extra lucky that I have such an amazing mother in law to be.

Its A Maggie Sotterro gown if any girls know there designers,
She is one of the most sought after gown designers and I can see why, her designs are beautiful and romantic,

You can see her website and gowns here if your a girl who loves looking at wedding dresses.

I am so excited to have finally bought my dress and it all feels even more real now, if also a little scary - not getting married just the realness of the whole day.

I still have 10 months to go before the big day, the dress will be ready by June - I don't know how I'm going to wait so long but these past few months after booking our wedding has flown by, so I know September is going to come by so quick.

Next mission is looking for the perfect accessories and hair up do.
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Whats Your #Partypose ♥

I couldn't resist this fab opportunity to pick my favorite outfit for £100.00 for the #Partypose bloggers competition - You can join in here to win and create your own post,
Up for grabs is a £100.00 Boohoo Voucher and a £250.00 voucher for your readers too.
Fabulous and just in time for Christmas & New Year,

For this competition post I picked an outfit I would wear for my upcoming works do and night out/New Years Eve party.

If there's anything I love this time of year its glitter and anything that sparkles, 
That's what drew me to this gorgeous Boutique Chelsea Sequin Peplum Bandeau Dress I love the peplum trend at the minute as it flatters every body shape especially boyish figures and girl with curves, this style of dress is my best friend, the sequin detail adds glam to the dress while keeping the top half formal, 
I picked these Dolly Multi All Over Glitter Platform Heels because there's nothing more prettier than a glitter pair of heels, I love that the glitter is pink and sparkly and fits in with all the colors on the bottom of the dress.
Teamed with this Teal Kelsey Ruched Sleeve Woven Blazer, I love the colour teal this Autumn and Winter and I think this would really mix the colours up in the dress rather than your typical black jacket I would normally opt for.
To finish the outfit I would wear these Ava Gold Bracelt Multipack less is more and I'd only want to wear subtle jewelry so I don't take the attention away from the dress.
I can't wait for Christmas and New Years celebrations.

Do you like the outfit I picked?

Let me know if you take part in the competition :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Xmas Present Inspiration ♥ Me & Zena - 5 Gold Rings Collection #1

Two posts in one day is pretty good for me, but while I have some free time this Friday I am trying to catch up with blogging and my favorite blogs :)

I know that we aren't in December yet but I know that everyone has already started there Xmas shopping
- me included in that -
I wanted to do a series of posts featuring some fabulous Xmas ideas and gift inspiration.
So I shall do them over a few weeks heading up towards Christmas - sometimes you need inspiration -

I couldn't resist featuring a post on Me and Zena's 5 gold rings collection when I got there press release through my inbox,

I'm familiar by the 12 days of Christmas song so I absolutely love the "5 gold rings inspired Christmas theme" that are so unique so I wanted to do a post featuring there new collection.

I'll start with my favorite ring of them all.

- Snowed In House Ring - £32.00 - How adorable.....
- Bright Eyes Rabbit Ring - £25.00 - I looove Bunnies,

- Jesus Loves You Cross Ring - £15.00
 - Love Heart Ring - £15.00 -

- Pentagon Three Star Finger Pentagram Ring - £30.00 -

I know jewelry is a girls best friend, jewelry is normally the second gift I request on my Christmas wish list after nail varnish of course and these sparkly Xmas rings are perfect little somethings and stocking fillers to treat your friend, sister, ect with.

Me and Zena have some gorgeous pieces of jewelry and its worth taking a look at there website here

Which is your favorite out of the collection?

I was not paid or endorsed to write this post.

OOTD Featuring Ravi Famous - Knitted Skull Jumper ♥

I've not stopped wearing this jumper since I received it from Ravi Famous,
I wore it to a gig a few weeks ago with some wet look leggings and my studded boots from Primark and some red lipstick for an edgy rock chick look.
and I've also worn it casually with leggings and skinny jeans when I was wedding dress shopping a few weeks ago with flats for a more dressed down look, 

I love clothing that I can feel comfortable in and that's what I love about this jumper.
It has a loose but nice slouchy fit to it, which is how i prefer my knitwear.
Its made of a fine knit cream acrylic with lace skull detail and embroidery.
You can purchase it here for only £20.00 and its one of them jumpers you can always thrown on it will look fab dressed up or down.

For this particular casual OOTD I wore my favorite fashion staple of all - my H&M black leggings and my studded Primark boots - But you can't see them,

Ravi Famous are a new online clothing brand that I've recently found about about, and I love so many items from there website.
 They offer gorgeous and affordable pieces to suit every taste, meaning anyone can keep up to date on trend with there look from this online store.
Click here and have a little browse and see if anything takes your fancy.

Have any of you bloggers heard of Ravi Famous before?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cocktail Kiss - Gorgeous Glossy Lips ♥

I was super excited when these "Cocktail Kiss Lip glosses" came through my letter box a few weeks ago from Miners
They are the new range of glossy lip glosses that have there own unique personality,
I received these three gorgeous shades to try and i must admit I do love them because of there cocktail inspired names. 
Manhattan - This is for the more sophisticated girl, with vibrant coral and pink shimmers with a gorgeous cherry smell.
Mudslide - This shade is more of a caramel with glittery vanilla shades smelling of chocolate - this one didn't stay on my lips for long.
- This shade is a light glittery pink shade with a peach and strawberry scent, which smells ammmazing!
They are only a fabulous £2.99 from the Miners website here.

I think the colours are so pretty the way they are layered on top of one another to create a unique glittery shade.
These are the perfect lip glosses for you girls for your cocktail nights out as cliche as that sounds, I think they'd really set a cocktail the night out,

They are perfect as Christmas stocking fillers too :) - "idea's"

What do you think of these cocktail inspired lip glosses girlies?
Are they something you would purchase?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beauty On A Budget - 17 Peep Show Mascara ♥

 I purchased up this mascara when I was in Boots a few weeks ago and they had a buy one get one half price offer, 
 I purchased this 9ml tube for half price so it was reduced from £6.29 to £3.15 (around that mark)
I wanted to try something new and I've seen this mascara on a few blogs so I thought I'd give it a go.
 I purchased the brown black colour by accident but it turns out this is the perfect colour for everyday wear,
 I always normally purchase black, but you'd be surprised how natural brown looks.

What I love most about this products is the girlie packaging, 
I'm sold by anything pink and pretty and this ticked all my boxes, 
This wand is quite thin with small bristles (perfect for combing through those individual lashes) and it does the perfect job of making your lashes look longer and more flirty.

I took some pictures of what this mascara looks like from the front and side to see the difference.

"It says on the bottle that it contains lengthening fibres to make your lashes look longer to give voluptuous volume for a full flirty flutter"

The best results are achieved with 2 coats I personally think by taking pictures that you can see what works best for your eyes.

I found this look really went with smoky brown eyes for a natural everyday made up look.
This is the first time I've ever tried a 17 product and I'm really  impressed, this mascara has replaced my scandal eyes mascara which I think is more suitable for nights out.

You don't get that clumped effect you can sometimes get with thicker formula's and it feels really light on your eyelashes even after 3 coats.
I've been after a mascara like this for a while that gives me that wide awake fluttery look everyday, and this is perfect if your looking for a mascara that does that.
This mascara is definitely my new favorite.

Have any of you girlies tried this?

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Monday, 12 November 2012

OOTD & A Girlie Night Out ♥

Hey lovelies, I hope you all had a great weekend,
Mine's been a good one, I spent Saturday day relaxing with the fiance while I tried to show an interest in the footy, before spending a night out with my girlies - it was my friend Jenns' birthday night out so we went for a nice meal at the Jamie Oliver Restaurant in Manchester.
Sunday was spent being lazy before having a nice Sunday roast followed by apple pie and custard.

This was my outfit of the night - I wore this burgundy peplum dress from Primark, - it was my best friend that night and hid my hips which I hate because I not naturally blessed with perfect curves like some girls I kind of out in, then out again, its a nightmare wearing tight fitting dresses.

Some girlies on instargram will have already seen this picture you can follow me  - xxmrschaddertobexx

I purchased this dress a few weeks ago at Meadowhall when I had my meet up with Rachel & Gina, they also stocked it in black - I wish I'd bought that one too.
& best of all it was a fab £15.00.

It was a great night, we drank a few cocktails I had a Mojito (which I adore) and a strawberry Daiquiri
I'd love to share a few picture but I know not everyone wants there photo's being shared.

- The gorgeous Strawberry  Daiquiri - I could live like a posh person everyday -

This was the burger I ordered from the Jamie Oliver restaurant - it was nice till i discovered it had cooked onions on it, then that ruined it for me - since I absolutely hate cooked onions.
Safe to say despite it looking amazing I was a lil put off - next time I'll have to try something different and read what it comes with - I did like the seeded bun though I thought that was different,

All in all it was a fab night and I had a great night - This week I have wedding dress shopping again on Wednesday and this Weekend I have Breaking Dawn Part 2 to look forward too - eeeek

I hope you've all had a nice weekend too.

Friday, 9 November 2012

OPI Dupes - Rainbow Connection & Gone Gonzo - Technic Nail Polishes

Hello lovlies, its that time again - Friday....
I'm working tonight so i hope it won't be to ridiculously busy at the Trafford Center - I'm off out tomorrow night with a few of fave girlies for my friend Jenns birthday in Manchester.
I'll be posting an OOTD wearing the pretty dress I got from Primark this weekend too hoepfully.

Anyway onto today's post.

Last year the Muppet's collection was number one on my Xmas list, my fiance didn't get the hint and get me my all time favorite shade - rainbow connection,

I was lucky to get the mini's which I used a lot of but I still refuse to pay the expensive price tag for some of the polishes - despite OPI being a really good brand - I have 2 polishes by them.
I'm a saver so I like to find something I want or similar at a better price.

I'd seen the dupes for Rainbow Connection about on blogs from a brand called "TECHNIC" but I just could not find them anywhere.

So last week while wedding dress shopping, 
I nipped into the best shop in the world "The duty free shop in Manchester" 
and spotted this colour for £1.99 sat next a gorgeous stunning blue shade which closely resembled the Go Gonzo shade I also wanted last year, the blues are so pretty inside this bottle.
I think I was more mesmerized by the glitter.

I happily purchased both of these pretty shades.
For £1.99  bottle.

- Perfect xmas shade -

I applied the the shade "Carnival" - Rainbow Connection Dupe - its got a mix of Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Pink glitters inside making it perfect for this Christmas - I get carried away with glitter this time of year.

I've had it on for a full week almost and its not chipped once which I love - glitters tend to last longer on my nails.

I've not had chance to test the other shade yet, but its next on my list.
The Blue Glitter shade I picked up was called "Mermaid" - Go Gonzo Dupe - which is a really pretty name for a polish i think.
This colours are a mix of different Blue Glitters with hints holographic glitter.

You can buy both shades on Ebay by clicking the links and names below.
Technic - Carnival 
Technic - Mermaid

All items were purchased using my own money.

Have any of you girlies tried these pretty shades?

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Elegant Touch - Nail Polish Remover Pads & Beauty Pamper Night COmpetition ♥

This week's beauty on a budget product is 
Elegant Touch's Nail Polish Remover Pads,
Something I didn't think i'd end up blogging about.

I picked these up on a whim in Sainsburys when I needed nail polish remover and they had no bottles,
It was the last shop I was in so I grabbed them and thought they'd do.

I'm normally a saver and opt for my 99p nail polish remover from Quality Save because it does the job.
But I've almost got through all of these and this brand is now a firm favorite of mine.

Not only are the really moisturizing for my nails but one small pad goes a very long way, 
I choose to use one pad per hand, so you'd get 10 lots of removal with these.

They retail at £2 which is a super cheap price and isn't really breaking the budget, these must of been on offer as they only cost me £1.00.

What makes these different is the handy purse size 

I know some of you may be thinking, its just nail varnish remover??
It may be nail polish remover but they are fantastic at keeping your nails in tiptop condition as well as removing polish in one quick rub - they've certainly made a huge different to mine - plus it gives you an excuse to change your nail color on the go.
I may not have been tempted to buy these in the past because I love a bargain but they are an essential in my life now.

Have anybody else tried these nail polish remover pads?

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Limited Edition Giant Lip Balm - Burts Bee's 21st Anniversary ♥

Nope your not seeing things,
This is really the a giant limited edition lip balm "tube" by Burts Bee's,
They are celebrating their 21st Anniversary and to celebrate, they have released this giant limited edition tube filled with lots of Burts Bee's lip goodies, enough to keep your lips looked after for a year.
Retailing at £24.00 with £34.51 worth of goodies, this is a massive saving and makes a unique Christmas present idea for this year.
You can view it here,

I love Burt's Bee's products for there natural ingredients and the no sticky texture they leave on your lips, they are fab for popping in your bag, and love that they are not tested on animals.
They have a range for lips, face, body and hair, that even I didn't know about.

This amazing tube contains the following varieties below:

| Honey Lip Balm | Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil | Original Beeswax Lip Balm Tube |NEW Ultra Moisturising Lip Treatment| Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Açaí Berry | Nourishing Lip | Balm with Mango Butter | NEW Refreshing Lip Balm with Grapefruit | NEW Ultra Conditioning Lip | Balm with Kokum Butter | Original Beeswax Lip Balm Tin |

My favourite has to be the lip balm with grapefruit in, it really reminds me of starburst sweets and smells amaaaazing.
The ultra moisturising lip treatment that also comes in this tube will be handy for the extra cold months as the cold weather is always harsher on your lips.

I will be honest I'm not one for carrying a lip balm around with my everyday but a week after using these, I'm leaving one in my bag.

Plus the storage tube comes in super handy for storing all my lipbalms/lipsticks and liglosses.
If you've never tried this brand before its worth picking up a lip balm next time your out and about because they are fab.

You can watch the video for Burt's Bee's Lip balms 21st Anniversary below.

Are there any other Burt's Bee's fans out there who love there lip balms?
* Disclaimer - I was sent this item to promote but all words and oppinion are my own and 100% honest, I love blogging about items I love & Burts Bee's are a firm favourite brand of mine.

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