Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wedding Update - My Handmade Invitations ♥

Hello lovelies - I hope you all had a nice weekend,
I've wanted to do this post for a while now but since I didn't want to reveal all before I had handed them out and people saw this I couldn't.
Now there all out I can reveal all.

I decided to hand-make all my invitations to keep costs down and to also make something that everyone can keep as a keepsake to remember our special day, and also to add my own unique touch.
Because I' getting married abroad I have stuck to a beach theme.

I got all my bits and bobs on eBay and spent about £25 plus to make 17 of these.
I purchased the shells, starfish, ribbon, glitter on Ebay,
I got the letter and stickers and card from my local craft shop.

My original plan turned out nothing how these did, I kind of made these as I went along, 
I find this works best with me.

They took time to make but after the first lot I kind of had an order of making them.
And I never realized how crafty I was - I think I needed to find something channel it into.
Its in my blood apparently, my dads amazing at woodwork, my grandad's a brill cartoon drawer and his sister actually make cards for a charity.

I enjoyed making these so much I'm making other unique handmade weddings invites and place cards and bits and bobs with hope of having my own little online business for a little bit of fun.
Its something I'm trailing at the minute to see how it turns out and how much interest I end up getting and how many I can make in so much time ect.
But it could be a lot of fun - watch this space.

My family and friends absolutely loved the and I'm hoping to make my own matching place cards an bits and bobs.

On the terms of wedding updates - I'm trying on wedding dresses for the first time this Saturday then the Wednesday after the next with my mother in law to be,
 I've got a designers address so I'm hoping to get some inspiration of styles and getting my own dress made to fit my budget.

What I would like from you lovelies is your honest opinion.
Do you like my invites??

Some Fab New Reads - October Sponsors ♥

Today I've got two fabulous new blogs to share with you.

Hannah from It's Tidds runs a fashion and beauty blog, I've been a follower of her blog recently and I've found myself reading a lot of her posts.
Her blog is full of beauty posts featuring gorgeous nail art, hauls, and OOTD'S and shes really lovely too.
Her most recent Primark Haul made me want to have a right splurge in Primark, 

These two gorgeous girlies Steph & Laura run a blog together called a Brunette Duet,
A Brunette Duet is a beauty filled blog featuring reviews and swatches of high end make up products such as Mac and Nar's and plenty of others.
You'll love this blog if you love reading beauty reviews,
They also have a Youtube channel.

I hope you visit these girls blogs and give there blogs a follow.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

OOTD Pop Couture - Spiked Collar Shirt ♥

Hey lovelies - I hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday afternoon,
Today I wanted to share with you an OOTD wearing this studded shirt from Pop Couture,
I love the spiked & studded trend at the minute - I love the girly somewhat rocky edge,
There are some lovely bits and pieces out at the minute with this trend, and I think a piece of clothing with spikes or studs on is a wardrobe essential that can be worn in lots of ways.

I got this shirt a few months ago from Pop Couture and it has been one of my favorite wardrobe staples,
I just love how versatile it is and I've worn it lots.
I can wear it with skinny jeans and flats for a more girly casual look during the day, or team it with wet look leggings and boots/wedges for a night out with the girls or to a music gig.

- close up of the studded spikes -

Its made from a soft chiffon material, and has gold spiked studs that have been stitched on the collar.
It retails for £18.00 and is also available in white,

You can buy the black version here.

I picked a 10 in this shirt as I wanted it to be a little loose.
Its a very sheer shirt too, so you will have to wear a vest top underneath depending how daring you are.
I wore mine with a black vest top underneath.
I've recently just bought some studded spiked boots which I think will look fab with this.

Pop Couture have some stunning studded/spiked pieces on there website:
Below are some of my favorite from there website - some which I have added to my Christmas shopping list for my fiance.
They are one of my favorite online stores and I love having a look daily on there website to see what pieces they have in.

1. Zehira Peplum Stud Dress In Black - £25.00
2. Razis Short Jumper With Cross Stud Motiff - £16.00
3. Knitted Cardigan With Stud Detailing - £30.00
4. Aanya Peplum Top With Studs In Wine - £13.00
5. Mel Cross Motif Top - £12.00

What do you think of the studded trend?

Are stud/spikes your kind of thing?
* Disclaimer - This item was sent to me to review and my opinion and comments are my own honest opinion.
All picture except the ones of me are owned my Pop Couture.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Meadowhall Primark Haul & Bloggers Meet Up ♥

Yesterday was my long awaited meet up with two of my favorite blogger girlies Georgina Balmer - 3rd time meet up - I can imagine my life without these two now, I'm so glad I joined the blogging world.

We met up again at Meadowhall, since its halfway for both of us, and we spent about 7 hours there, I have no idea where time goes with us, it always goes far to fast.
We must have gone to like 4 shops only again, because we spent all of our time chatting and catching up.
We went to Frankie & Bennies again and had some lunch which nearly resulted in the girl serving us, charging 850.00 to my card rather than £8.50.
No dodgy waiters this time though for a change.

I had a absolutely lovely day with these two and managed to get a majority of all my Autumn and Winter staples for the upcoming months before all my money goes towards Xmas and my wedding savings,

So I wanted to share with you my haul - mostly from Primark - Everything I needed i intended on buying from here since I'd seen a few things on other bloggers blogs I wanted.

My poor debit card felt the burn but I enjoyed treating myself for a change.

Here's what I purchased -

I definitely needed boots for this year - I did want a tan pair but there were no nice ones, then I saw these, I don't normally wear black but I love these boots - They were £18.00 - They are a made out a of a black suede sort of material with spikes on the back - perfect for this years studded trend.
They also have a small heel on the bottom -  I hate heels being to high on shoes, this length is perfect.
I also picked up these black quilted studded flats for £8.00 - these are perfect for every day wear with a bit of glam,

This Autumn & Winter is complete without warm knitted slipper boots - These were £6.00,
They are a girly pink with cold thread knitted in with the knit.
They are so comfy with a nice warm fleece inside.

 I was after a burgundy or teal peplum dress as I'm going out for a meal and a night out mid November for one of my friends birthdays and we are going to a posh restaurant in Manchester so I wanted something sophisticated but flattering and I absolutely love the peplum style, this dress is my best friend and flatters me better than any dress I've owned, I love it.
This cost £15.00 - I seem to be going a little crazy with this colour recently - I just love it.
OFTD coming up in a few weeks wearing this beauty.

 This is the warmest jumper I own, its so fluffy and snugly.
It was £14.00,
Its long enough to be worn over leggings with boots for a laid back everyday look.

This was my bargain of the day:
I love my chiffon shirts because they always dress up skinny jeans and leggings for everyday wear - 
It was reduced form £12.00 to £5.00, I love the sequin collar detail and the cut out top and the navy blue colour.

More of my everyday essentials - I love the fit of Primark skinny jeans and the £9.00 price tag,
Charcoal and Black leggings £3.00 each - Only bad thing about these leggings are there ridiculously small fit - I had to get a 12 and I'm an 8/10.
Cute Primark Socks - £2.00,

Not really fashion related but how cute is this shower curtain I picked up at Primark - It was only £5.00 and has a Cath Kidson theme to it, I know my fiance wouldn't be pleased with a pink shower curtain, 
He actually liked this.
My kitty thought he'd jump in on the picture whilst I was taking it - I'm sure he just loves getting his picture taken.

I did get a gorgeous wine red bra set from Primark too - pictured in the first picture above - I didn't take photo's of that as I'm sure your not really interested in whats in my underwear drawer,

I got some other little bits too while I was shopping In Meadowhall.

Hair Doughnut - £1.00 Primark,
Miss Sporty Bronzer - £2.99 - Free Dr Balm Included - Similar to the Revlon Lip Butters - Maybe A Future Post,
MAU - Nail Constellations in Pisces - £3.00 - In A Future Post,
Revlon Nail Polish in Tuscan Sun - £1.00 - Poundland,
Wash In Wash Out Hair Colour From Previous Beauty Post - £1.29 - Superdrug,

(If any of you would love to see future posts on these let me know)

I also bought an Xmas eve Yankee Candle which smells amazing.

That's mostly everything I bought from yesterdays haul.
I'm catching up with 90210 tonight and hopefully having a cosy night in with hot chocolate and a good girlie film - who said Saturday nights in weren't fun.

Have a nice weekend lovelies.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In Wash Out Colour ♥

You may not have heard of this or seen it possibly because you weren't looking for it,
I found it a few weeks ago while browsing the hair colour range in Superdrug - it was 99p which I thought was fab so I snapped it up.

The reason I bought this to try out was because whenever i dye my hair the colour fades quite quick, maybe its my hair, and I do use colour shampoo's and conditioners.
I used to use a hair dye a few years ago which came with a coloured conditioner to pop on your hair once a week to keep your colour looking new and it was a godsend.
I've not seen it since - I think it was discontinued.

 I have been using this twice a week on the top of my hair - as the rest is ombered.
Its a wash in - wash out colour which you leave on for 5 minutes,
Its foams into this big lather making it easy to reach all parts of your hair.
I absolutely love it.
I bought the rich warm brown as my hair has red tones in it, and when i pop a permanent brown on my hair, the red it always seems to pop up after a few weeks so I've been using this to give my hair a warm brown boost - and I have noticed the difference.
The reason I also know its worked was because girls at work were asking me if I'd dyed my hair - it had just had a colour boost.
They do them in all different shades, so if your a redhead/brunette/blonde and you want to give your hair a colour boost for a night out or just in general, or you want to try a new colour out, these are fab for the price to keep on top of your colour - they wash out -
They say there meant to condition your hair too but I don't think there brilliant at that, after washing your hair with shampoo, pop some of this on, wash out and then pop a conditioner on the top for a few minutes, that did the trick for me.

The colour on my hair -

 They aren't on the Superdrug website for some reason - They should have them up on there - but you can buy them in-store for 99p
I'll be buying more of these in future and stocking up.
Have any other girls tried these before?
birthday dresses for women silver dress shoes for women dress patterns for women

Steph & Laura - A Brunette Duet ♥

I'd like to introduce you to this months Blogging Beauts on Confessions Of A Small Town Girl -
 Steph & Laura,
Hello, we are Stephanie and Laura, two friends who enjoy writing our beauty blog A Brunette Duet, and making YouTube beauty videos.
We have been friends for years, and have decided to put our love for makeup and products, into written form.
You will find reviews, tutorials, and some how-to posts, so we hope you'll take some time to stop by our site and say Hello!

Stephanie and Laura
A Brunette Duet Beauty and Style Blog
Blog: http://www.abrunetteduet.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/abrunetteduet


I'd head over to there blog and give them a follow and say hello.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mr & Mrs Inspiration ♥

Since I am now a bride to be or should I say a Mrs Chadderton To Be,
You will probably see more wedding related posts now and again.
I'm off to try on wedding dresses with two of my lovely friends next week for the very first time,
I can not wait to feel like a princess for a few hours, and hopefully I'll find the one this month.
Almost 11 months and counting till the big day

I love the whole Mr & Mrs Theme and I've already purchased some Mr & Mrs champagne glasses for our toast after we've made it all official eeek.

Here's some inspiration of some gifts I'd love in our new home as a newly married couple,
I'm quite a homely girl so I love traditional & vintage decor with a twist.
We are hoping to have our own house, which will be our next step after getting married - renting or mortgage, we haven't quite crossed that bridge yet.

All pictures taken from google.

Monday, 22 October 2012

My Beautiful Pup ♥

Sasha is 3 today,
How the years fly by, it only feels like we got her as a puppy 5 minutes ago.
Yet she still acts like she's a puppy and drives me endlessly insane with her attention seeking personality - meaning I'm never on my own.
But I wouldn't have her any other way,
She brightens up my day with her gorgeous orange eyes, and makes me laugh when she brings her latest favourite squeaky toy and puts it in my lap and begs me for food no matter how many times a day I tell her she can't have any.
She's a very special pup because she was the first to put that smile back my face a month or so after my mum passed away 3 years ago.
I think she was sent  to us as a guardian angel in doggy form.

This is her as a 12 week old pup, the second day we had her, I love her little pink and black nose.
She's such a cutie pie.
& I love her to the moon and back.
Happy Birthday Sasha.


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