Thursday, 30 August 2012

How Much Is My Face Worth ♥

I've seen a lot of these floating around and wanted to join in,
My use quite a lot of Rimmel products because I find they work really well with me and my skin and I'm someone who prefers my Rimmel foundations and lipsticks to MAC which is a product I used to swear by,
 I just can't afford to waste my money on products that do the job just as well and maybe even better.
I do favour MAC lipsticks for there staying power, but a quick topcoat of lip -cote and you can make any lipstick just as long.

All these products are bought using my own money.

So this is my average day to day look - I took this picture today and I'm wearing my new H&M purchases - Mint jumper and pearl collar necklace.

My Face:
Foundation - Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - £8.99
Blusher - Barry M - £4.59
Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £3.99
Eyeliner - Rimmel Gel Eyeliner - £6.49
Eyeshadow - Front Cover - Puff Baked Powder Eyeshadow - £4.00
Mascara - Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara Black - £6.99
Eyebrows - Front Cover Cosmetics Eyeshadows - Baked Bronze - £4.00
Lipstick - Rimmel Last Finish Lipstick - £4.99
Lip Top Coat - Lipcote - £3.69 

Total - £47.73

I think that's fairly average and budget friendly for me and this is over two months so roughly i spend about
£25 a month on make up, maybe less when there are 3 for 2 deals on.
I've always been a big fan of Rimmel products and have used them since I was in school.

Whats your face worth - link me to your post I'd love to see yours.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Weekly Mini Hauls #2 H&M; ♥

I like doing these posts as I'm trying to limit myself to shopping weekly within my budget as I'm saving for a wedding, its not all that bad, I'm giving myself that opportunity to splurge weekly without feeling bad as i would if i went out and bought lots in one go.

They are all purse friendly buys and in-store now :)

I loooove, looove, love H&M

I originally went in after seeing the collar necklace on the website and i fell in love, 
there on trend at the minute and add a little something different to any outfit.

I didn't pick up the one i wanted but i saw a nicer one, the one i'd seen was a material one but I think this one is better purely for the reason it'll last longer.

It was a fab £12.99

I was only looking for this necklace but of course this jumper popped its little head out of the rail, I didn't even know it was sale reduced from £19.99 to £10.00 last one in my size, i swiped it, and the necklace just looks pretty with it don't you think.

Then I saw this playsuit, its not exactly summer anymore, leaves are already falling off the trees and i'm having to face the fact that were not going to see the sun much for this year now.
I saw this on the website a few month ago in Spring/Summer and i wanted it but i thought i didn't need it just yet, I'm glad i held that thought cause it was in the sale for £7 from £14.99 - can't get better than that.

I know its over a year away but this will be fab for my holiday/wedding/honeymoon to Cyprus next year, the colours are pretty and blues always suit a deep tan.

Is anybody else loving the pretty collar necklaces now?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

OOTD - Its A Nice Day For A White Wedding ♥ Ax Paris ♥

Yesterday I attended a wedding, I love weddings as they really are the perfect excuse to dress up,
(It got me looking forward even more to mine)

It was my fiance's step sister's wedding day - she looked stunning,
& it was a perfect wedding, the groom had me in tears during his speech because I could see how happy he was.
I won't pop up pictures of the birde and groom as I know some people don't want there day sharing with the entire world

I'd decided to wear this dress
I won this dipped hem dress in a giveaway a few months back on facebook from AX Paris,
Its truly stunning and I think I could possibly only wear it to a wedding.
The sun wasn't exactly shining but hey we are in England.

My shoes are from *SoYouShoes - I love them as they are so comfy and go perfectly with my dress,
They have this big chunky heel which somehow makes these easier to walk in and makes them comfier.
I wore them for about 9 hours and they didn't cut me once or rub me which normally happens with new shoes,
There made of this suede material that's lovely and soft and makes them easy to clean too.

The Bride & Groom had a butterfly themed reception - I was so jealous as I love butterflies.

I had a truly fantastic day and wish them two all the best for the future.
They will be attending our wedding next year hopefully when its our turn :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Girlie Day With Rachel & Gina ♥

This is a scheduled post, so while this goes up I will be at a wedding,
An OOTD and piccies should be up soon,

A few weeks ago I met up with two of my favorite blogger beauties Rachel from Life Of A Sweetaholic and Gina from Through These Brown Eyes,

We spent a day at Meadowhall where we literally shopped till we dropped, my hands we aching from the mass of bags I had, and I somehow spent more than these two despite saying I wasn't going to buy much.

We spent the day amusing ourselves with silly things we came out with.
Rachel could not seem to tell the time, and I just came out with the most ridiculous things.
I think Gina was the only sane one that day :)

First up we went to New Look, we raided the sale section but it was all tat to me, but Gina bought this pretty coral top, I was jealous she snapped that up before me.

Then we went a little bit crazy in Poundland where we'd seen all these Revlon and W7 polishes and make up we'd seen on past blog posts by bloggers, Rachel got to excited and pretty much destroyed the display - poor people who had to clean up after us three.

A quick shop in international before heading of to Primark where we spent the most of our day.
This was where i spent most of my money - I couldn't help it.

After our epic shop in Primark we all wondered into Frankie and Bennies where we took - well we tried,  pictures of us all.

Me & Rachel

Me & Gina

As it had been our birthday recently, Rachel's the week before and mine a few weeks before that Gina had some birthday pressies for us,
While we were busy unwrapping them, she got me all these lovely treats:
Thank you Giiina :)

The waiter took our order for dessert, he seemed a little weird and when asking if it was our birthday, we laughed and said yes,
It was only that his weirdness was actually kindness, 

All of a sudden music started, and the "Congratulation & Celebrations" theme tune music started and the waiter along with some other waiters came out with our waffles with candles on the top and popped them down before singing Happy Birthday to us, we were a little embarrassed,
So glad Rachel was getting sung to also,
Gina captured our embarrassment on camera.

After a good girlie gossip, we carried on our shop and picked up some sweet treats from Millies and Krispie Kreme Doughnuts,

It was a fabulous girlie day :)

I loved that we were just complete fools with each other and it didn't matter,
Were hopefully arranging another meet up soon.

The one amazing thing from Blogger is I've managed to meet 3 gorgeous friends for life including Rachel from Island Girl Insights.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Conditioner's Tried & Tested ♥

I have a very thick head of hair which I've been growing now for a year and a half, its my pride and joy and i probably spend more on my mane than I do on my face.
My ultimate nightmare would be it falling out.

I often get people asking me what I use to get it so shiny and healthy looking and what color dye I use.
My hair is Mahogany, this is brunette with hints of reds in.
I've been this colour for as long as I can remember, its me and I love red hair.
My hair is 100% mine - I used to use extensions when it was shorter.

- Recent Night Out -

As I buy so many products for my hair, I thought it would be perfect to do a tried and tested feature to show you what brands I've used and what I personally thought of them.
There all quite new to the highstreet and they've all been tested over a 3 month period.

From Left To Right - Pantene Repair & Protect, L'Oreal Triple Resist, L'Oreal Sparkling Conditioner, L'Oreal Full Restore.

As you can see a lot of the conditioners I use are for strong hair - I straighten it weekly so I try and keep it in the best condition I can,

Pantene Repair & Protect - RRP £4.69 - The best of the bunch, I actually bought this because I was that impressed with a sample I got in a magazine (samples are perfect to try out if you want to try before you buy, most brand websites, facebook pages offer free samples when they launch a new product) It was a measly portion too, not enough for my hair but it still made an amazing difference.
Not only does it smell lush, the conditioner feels soft as soon as you pour it into your hands and it works on your hair within minutes, I keep my conditioners on for at least 5 minutes,
If you want soft tangle free hair, then this is perfect, it rivals my all time favourite shampoo Herbal Essences beautiful ends conditioner.
I picked mine up in home bargains for £2.99

Rating 10/10

L'oreal Triple Resist - RRP £3.89 - Probably my second favourite of the bunch, its said to make your hair stronger, as a serial hair shedder, I found this did work out of the bunch of the L'Oreal conditioners, I used it with the shampoo too, its got this lovely zesty smell to it which I love, when putting it on my hair I noticed it does give you soft hair, but not completely 100% tangle free which is the whole point of not losing hairs when brushing, so for that reason it was a let down.

Rating 5/10

L'Oreal Nutri Gloss Crystal Conditioner - RRP £3.89 - I found this conditioner to be more of a novelty than an actual trusted brand.
The reason I bought it was because of the crystal particles in it, all it did though was make my hair that little bit shinier, which was faking the whole look really because my hair wasn't at all that soft.
I needed to use loads to even get my hair manageable, and the smells a bit boring after a while, and my hair was a nightmare after using this to detangle.
I would never buy this brand again.

Rating 2/10

L'Oreal Full Restore - RRP - £3.89 - Again nothing special whatsoever about this conditioner, to me its just your average conditioner that i think i only used because I was running out of my other.
My hair wasn't stronger and stayed the same really using this, as with a majority of the L'Oreal conditioners, there not at all that great at detangling.

Rating 2/10

With all these conditioners I always make sure I use my Denman head massager, not only is it great for massaging your scalp, but it also encourages healthy blood flow to your scalp, its also a godsend for distributing conditioner and making your hair incredibly soft.

Have you used any of these brands?
What did you think?

I bought all these all using my own money and all opinions are mine.

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Weekly Lusts #4 ♥

Is it me or can anyone else tell that the mornings are getting darker again?
My fiance does early 6am starts so he tends to get me up with him for five minutes a morning - which I don't enjoy.

All this rain has already got me shopping for new knitwear and A/W clothing and where better than my all time favorite No1 shop in the world H&M - They have some gorgeous pieces at the minute.

I've been eying all all these lovely pieces.

| Swallow Dress - £12.99 | Burgundy Cardigan - £24.99| Heart Loose T -shirt - £7.99 | Mustard Flats- £7.99 | Sparkly Collar - £14.99 | Black Wedge Boots - £29.99 | Burgundy Bag - £24.99 |

Week 2 - The Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Files Four Week Challenge ♥

So here we are again, this post is 3 days late as I've just been so busy trying to keep up to date with posts,
But as promised, I'm on a mission to get long strong nails.
So here we are at Week 2 using the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Varnish,

You can keep up to date if you missed the previous posts.
The Sally Hansen Files - Week 1,

Model's Own - Jade Stone

I am pleased to report my nails are still growing strong and I've actually been able to keep the same nail polish on for nearly 5 days which is good for me since my polish either chips, because my nails are all uneven and brittle.

Here is the shot of my nails so far (minus the broken index finger)

Sorry for the shots of my minging nails 

Any Breakages This Week?

The only downside of working in a clothes shop is breaking nails, I caught one nail on a hanger, different hand, same fingernail as last week, but i filed it down and its not to far ahead from the others growing - I was gutted as I hate breaking nails - but the fact that I've only chipped it accidentally still shows that my nails are getting stronger, day to day activities that would normally end up with chipped nails or chipped nail varnish.

Nail Growth?

Still growing strong and the feel pretty solid when i press them, so my nails have developed some stregth, they are at the length where they would start breaking but there all naturally still intact - minus of course the nail i accidentally broke on a hanger.

I'll be back next week with week 3,

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sponsor Just Joanna ♥ #2

So here I am again with my second sponsor of the month,

Joanna from Just Joanna,

A twenty something girl with a love of fashion, beauty & handbags.

Her blog is a mixture all all things beautiful and i definitely recommend you take a look at her lovely blog,

I love her style and she can pull off some of the most gorgeous outfits,
She posted about her Adele inspired outfit and the dress she is wearing is truly stunning.

You can read that post here,

There's always something fresh and new to read on her blog which I love,

One of my favourite posts of hers is her recent bedroom makeover,



You can read more about this post on her blog here

I think her room is just truly stunning - I want to steal her wallpaper.

As I've said before Joanna has a huge love for handbags, and she has some fab posts on some of the one's she owns,
You can read her posts on her Studded Primark Bag Here.

You can follow Just Joanna's blog here - go and visit her blog and give her a follow and say hello.

* This series is to sponsor blogger/businesses - words have been written by the blogger or me to see how you can have a post like this and how to appear on my sponsor sidebar please see my PR and email section on my tabs on my blog*

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Get The Look - Una Healy - OOTD Madam Rage ♥

*Madam Rage, kindly asked if they could send me this dress to wear,
Of course I couldn't say no, this dress was stunning.

This exact dress was spotted on Una not long ago while she was out and about,
Una, is my favorite "Saturday" as she's a naturally gorgeous redhead,
Me and Una have similar hair colours (hers is more gorgeous) so i figured the bright turquoise colours wouldn't clash with my hair.

Pictures from google images,

 Madam Rage seem to popular amongst the celeb world, 
and who can blame them, their dresses are gorgeous and one of a kind.

Straight off Una has accessorized this dress the way I personally would,
Tan is a colour that goes with pretty much every outfit imaginable and a tan belt and shoes are key essentials to have.

I've chosen to team mine with a tan belt to as Una Healy has done,

But rather than wearing tan shoes with mine I have teamed this dress with my nude (which are more of a beige) suede shoes from SOYOUSHOES.
& My gold leaf necklace I bought recently from Dorothy Perkins in the sale for £1.00.

What I love most about this outfit is that its the perfect ladylike dress to pop out in, while out with the girlies for lunch, or if your meeting that special someone for a date, its figure flattering chain print, pulls you in at the waist, it doesn't show to much on top so you can make the most of your legs,

Shop the look below:
These are some of the items I have worn in my OOTD

1.Madam Rage Chain Printed Dress - £15.00 - Exact Dress
2. SoYouSoes - High Heel Platform Suede Court Shoes - £30.00 - Exact Shoes
3. Dorothy Perkins Leaf Necklace - £1.00 -SOLD OUT - You can find a similar one here from Mango,
4.New Look Skinny Belt - £2.99 - My belts are a set of two from Primark for £2.50 which I bought recently,

What do you think, is this a dress you would buy?

A Mini Dorothy Perkins Haul ♥

Yesterday I was in the Trafford Center - where I seem to spend most of my life again,
 I've had a £20 gift voucher I've been trying to get rid off for a while so I stopped in the sales to see what I could find.
I ended coming out with some fab bargains.
and I didn't spend a penny.

First up, my best bargain of the night was this jewelry,
 I got these 4 key pieces - I bought another lot of the rings to include in giveaway at a later date.
Which were worth roughly just under £30.00 - I got them for £4.00

Rings - Were £10.00 - Now £1.00
Swallow Earrings - Were £4.00 - Now £1.00
Teal Feather Necklace - Was £10.00 - Now £1.00
Leaf Necklace - Was £5.00 - Now £1.00

Total  - £4.00

I seriously recommend checking out there jewelry clearance.

As Autumn & Winter is round the corner too, I needed something to go with lots of my outfits and I found this pretty silver/gold glitter lurex cardigan reduced from £26.00 to £15.00
I'm in love with it already.

Has anyone else been buying any gorge stuff in the sales from Dorothy Perkins?

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I'm Getting Married ♥

I am beyond happy to be writing this post and I'm so happy I can finally share it with you all.

Last night me and my fiance made one of our biggest steps yet and booked our wedding.
We went into Thomas Cook to arrange it all, we did email the hotel to try and price it up best we could.
But it seemed more ideal booking it with a travel operator, that way if we need anything, they are on hand to help.
After all it is one of the biggest days of my life and we want it to be stress free.
We are getting married next September 2013, we don't have a confirmed date yet as they need to sort it directly with the hotel, but either way we'll be married while we are there for the 2 weeks.

Some f you may be wondering where we are tying the knot.
Cyprus of course the hotel is beyond beautiful and the gazebo we will be saying our vows under overlooks the sea,

(The view I'd always had in mind)
I knew since April this year where I wanted to get married straight away without even having to look through the whole wedding brochure.

The hotel is beyond helpful and have helped us with every little question, so I have complete trust in them that they will make this the best day of our lives :)

I really can't wait to start making it seem even more real,
I've got the next part to look forward to,
Wedding dress shopping - eeeeeek
If anyone knows any amazing websites too they used for there wedding please link me below,

September 2013 ♥

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sponsor Beauty Becky ♥ #1

Welcome to a new addition to my blog, these posts are to promote new bloggers and sponsors.


My name is Becky and I am a 16 year old living in England! 

This month I am advertising with the lovely Charlotte Elizabeth (who's blog you are on now!)

I started reading beauty blogs a couple of years ago when I first started wearing make up. I found them incredibly helpful because I really didn't have a clue where to start when it came to make up, so beauty blogs helped me decide which products were worth spending my pennies on. 

After about a year of reading blogs I decided that I wanted to start my own, so Beauty Becky popped into the world! (That makes it sound like I gave birth to it! I didn't.)

I have now been writing my blog for just over 4 months and I love it! I love everything from taking the photos - I get seriously carried away taking photos. I once took 67 photos of a cleanser! 
Writing the posts and reading through all the lovely comments I receive.
 I absolutely love reading through comments and I reply to every single one of them!

I have met some lovely people through blogging as well which is the cherry on top of the cake!

On my blog I mainly post reviews on individual products with Korres Lip Butter being the most popular! 

I have also started posting my monthly favorites which I will post every month - here is July! These posts are so much fun to write!

Occasionally I will also post outfit of the days. I have a couple which you can see here! River Island and Topshop Outfit! 

I am currently studying my A Levels at college and afterwards I want to go into make up (SURPRISE!). I am thinking either on a make up counter or as a freelance make up artist!

If you would like to you can read my blog here:

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like my blog!

Becky x

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