Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Files Four Week Challenge ♥

I paint my nails religiously nearly everyday, i just get bored of the colour I'm wearing or if it doesn't look right with what I'm wearing i change it, or if i get a chip in my colour i have to repair it by starting all over again.
That and the ridiculous amounts of nail polish remover have seriously dried out my nails and I had to resort to cutting them every other day to stop them from splitting, and its actually getting on my nerves despite it being my fault - a girl has to paint her nails,

I eat healthy and take vitamins but I don't reken this is enough for me, so i went out and invested in this polish after reading about it in a beauty mag.

Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle - Salan Strengthener - RRP £9.99 at boots (currently on offer buy one get one half price) -

This is what Sally Hansen claims the product does - Taken from the Sally Hanson website,

Exclusive protein complex supports and protects nails so they can grow longer and stronger.
Soy Protein [binds moisture to nails], helping to strengthen and promote growth without brittleness.
Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and tearing.
Collagen and multi-vitamins help stimulate healthy nail growth.

To see if this product works - I hope it does, my nails only get past a certain point before they break.

I will do a weekly post and keep you updated on how well this product is working for me, so if anyone has the same problems as me can fix there nails too.

To do a start off post, I'll show you how the condition my nails are in at the minute - excuse how horrible they are - I'd just removed my polish so my nails were dry.

This is after one coat of Sally Hansen Nial Growth Miracle,

These are the finished nails - Week 1

You can wear your own nail colour over the top of this, as long as you use it as a base coat,

I will apply it two to three times a week and follow up next Tuesday,

Is this a post that would interest you bloggers?
Has anyone else tried this product too, what did you think of it?

Monday, 30 July 2012

How I Spent My Week #6 ♥

I'm sorry for not doing one of these last week, I was going to do two but I've already shown you a few pictures from my birthday last week so I thought it was pointless repeating them.

| My Summery Outfit | Blink 182 Concert | My Revlon Win | Formby Beach | The Help |

My summery outfit - last week while we had that bit of sunshine, now we are back to that horrible rainy typical English weather.
I wore my pink palm tree print playsuit I got from Primark a few weeks ago in my Liverpool 1 haul which was in my post here, its such a gorgeous and girlie playsuit which was a bargain £6.00.

Blink 182 Concert - To look at me, you wouldn't assume Blink 182 are a band I listen to, but when i was about 16/17 I loved Blink 182 when they were at there biggest, so since they got back together and did a reunion tour I went with my fiance to watch them live, Mark Hoppus even came out to sign a few tickets and i got some fantastic pictures of him - even if my music taste has changed since them somehow, Blink 182 still have a place in my heart.

My Revlon Win - I was really happy when they announced the 100 winners of there lip butters competition and I got an email, a day later it came through my letter box and i have not stopped using it since, I was lucky to receive my favorite colour Sweet Tart.

Formby Beach - On Saturday we headed up to this beach for a picnic with two of our friends only for it to start pouring it down after sitting on the beach for half an hour - what a joke,
We ended up going to South port for an hour or two.
The moral of that story is, don't trust English weather, I went out wearing my playsuit when the sun was shining thinking it was going to be hot, only to spend the day freezing my butt off with no coat.

The Help - I watched this film on Saturday for the first time since its started showing on sky movies and I loved it, not only did it make me blub but it had such a moving story, this picture is one of the phrases from the film that actually got me at the end.
Its a fantastic film worth a watch and Emma Stone plays a fab actress.

Tin "O" Tint Lip Tints ♥

*I got these in the post this weekend, and I'm in love with the girlie gorgeous colours of these lip tints,
I received the following lush scents,
Mango, Pink Grapefruit & Cocoa Bean

They come in a variety of three gorgeous shades, my favorite out of the three has to be the mango tint, 
The Mango Tin "O" Tint is a gorgeous summery coral colour which is guaranteed to suit every skin tone subtly,

I've swatched the following three colours to show you what they look like on the skin, 
They are quite pigmented balms, which I love as most lip balms I've used don't even show up properly on my lips.

They go on really easy and last as long as a standard lip balm would while eating or drinking ect,
You don't need to apply much either to achieve a gradual tint, you can add more depending on how 
subtle you like your lips to be.

From left to right  - Cocoa Bean, Pink Grapefruit, Mango.

Cocoa Bean - A scrummy caramel shade that smells good enough to eat,

Pink Grapefruit - A fresh and zesty shade in a girlie pink shade, perfect if you want a natural pink tint,

Mango - A summery coral shade perfect for on the go this summer,

On my lips - Mango

Not only are they perfect to pop in your bag, they give your lips a glossy colour and keeps them moisturised on the go - what more could you want.

These little pots retail for a fab £2.99 from www.minerscosmetics.co.uk and qulaity pharmacies.

They also come in 3 other scents.

Cherry, Vanilla & Watermelon

Friday, 27 July 2012

Forget-Me-Not ♥

I said I would share with you my new master piece which is on my foot,

My fiance treated me to this for my birthday and it has a really important meaning to me.

Those of you who know me well will know my mum passed away 2 and a half years ago so I was intending on getting a tattoo at some point.

My mum was the most important person in my life and i wanted to make that known personally and forever.

I was really stuck on the idea I wanted, I was going to get a lily at first as those were my mums favourite flowers, but I just didn't like the designs, until I went in to get it done.

I was looking through the pictures and it came to me.

This was my finished result. 

Not everyone will know what flowers they are straight away but they are,

"Forget Me Nots" 

 I thought this fitted perfectly as a theme for my mum, as I won't ever forget her,

This is a full foot view, i think it looks really classy and not to much.

I added the butterflies as they are my favourite animals in the whole world, so there's a part of me and a part of my mum in one picture. 

What do you think?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

How I Spent My Birthday ♥

The reason for my disappearance has been mainly to do with he fact that its been mine and my fiances birthday 10 days within each other so we've been busy planning days out and nights out to celebrate the time we actually have had off together.

Together At Rudyard Lake <3

I turned 24 last Saturday - Although I don't feel that age.
Its scary to think I'll be married by the time I'm 25 going onto 26 and then what??
Children? A Morgage?
Really don't think I'm ready to grow up just yet.

So onto the pictures, stolen of my Instagram page - those who follow me may have had a peek at these already.

Rachel Crawford from Life Of A Sweetaholic bought me some lovely things and popped them in the post - isn't she lovely , she even remembered my crunchie - its a little thing we invented called "Crunchie Friday" :)

My favorite has to be the butterfly scarf, she knows me too well and my favorite face mask :)

I got a big surprise of my grandparents who have given me and daz a nice lump sum to get us moving with our wedding savings which means that we can book our wedding maybe in Dec this year.
That was probably the best birthday present and most appreciated as I never get anything like that and its nice to know they care enough about us to help make our dreams come true.

Daz paid towards getting my new foot tattoo, I'll pop that in a separate post,

I asked mainly for money as I'm awkward and prefer to buy my own things, but its always a bonus to get lovely surprises.

My other Grandad and Step Grandma got me this gorgeous butterfly keepsakes box, 
Its got a vintage design on it and i knew as soon as I got it what I wanted to turn it into.
I've needed somewhere to put all my special letters and photo's, 
Inside was yummy treats and some butterfly mugs and matching coasters for our little apartment,

He also put in this table cloth which I love, 
Its nice knowing that he knows me so well - and our cat is family

Even Jimjam snuck in my paper bag as a present.

For my birthday me and Daz went for a drive up-to Rudyard Lake in Buxton, it was a lovely day and the sun was shining which I was happy about.
It was quite busy but a lovely day out, the views from the lake where breath taking.

We went for a lovely meal at a place called the Knot Inn, which was gorgeous outside, there wasn't even any phone signal so we actually had a good hour or so to chat without facebook - were so unsocialable sometimes with each other.

It was a perfect birthday, and it also means I have meadow hall to look forward to with Rachel & Gina so I can spend my birthday money :) 

Thank you for the lovely people who wished me a happy birthday on twitter and here

And The Winner Is ♥

Sorry its taken so long to announce a winner,
Raffle copter picked the winning entry for me out of the 181 entries there were,

The Winner is entry 78 - Rachel L

Well Done,
I'll be sending you a winning email on how to claim your prize :)

To the people who did enter, thank you for clicking the follow button and hopefully I'll be running a giveaway soon if I manage to reach the 1000 follower mark.
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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Today Is My Birthday ♥

Happy Birthday To Me
I'm now officially 24 - gosh that sounds old but I don't feel a day over 18,
Seriously where does time go?

Hopefully the sun is shining - this is another scheduled post, so most likely it is raining, this is England.
I'm hoping to spend the day out somewhere and with the fam - as you do!

How awesome is this cake?
Something like this on my birthday would suit me down to the ground.
I'll be back next week hopefully with more surprises.
 Hope your all having a lovely weekend.

Lots Of Love

Friday, 20 July 2012

Nail Files With A Difference ♥

This is a scheduled post, so i hope it goes up.
These popped through my letter box last week and as soon as I took them out of the envelope I loved them.

*The N Case Files,

Since I grow my nails, nail files are a necessity, and i hate the cheap versions you get in nail sets but these gorgeous little colorful ones look amazing, I love the ombered florescent colors
 and the fact there on trend
As well as being eye catching and unique there also perfect to spot when your rummaging through your bag to look for them.

The fact you also get 5 in this little handy pack means you can have one lying about whenever you need them and the handy size means that you can pop one in the smallest of bags.

They only retail for £3.99 and are available for purchase on the Click Health And Beauty

Do you like them, I think they are so pretty?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Blog Of The Week #3 ♥

Georgina has been a blog I have followed since i started blogging in Feb last year and she's one of the three bloggers I have met in person, she's simply such a lovely girl and I've got to know her so well on here and in real life.

She's only recently got back into blogging as we all need a break and it can be so time consuming.
Her blog Through These Brown Eyes is an insight into her world, she takes lovely pictures and her blog is full of lovely quotes, pictures, reviews, OFTD'S and hauls.

You can find Gina's blog by clicking the link below,

How I Spent My Week #5 ♥

| Train Tickets | Birthday Cake | Trip To London | Nights Out | My Macbook |

I'm finally back after nearly a week without blogging, my Mac just suddenly died on my for no reason, so I had to pay for him to get a whole new bottom part, i was devastated as i thought I'd lost all my pictures and video's and of course I could not blog :(
He's fixed now and I'm so happy again.

Train Tickets - I'm meeting up with my gorgeous blogger girlies Rachel Crawford & Gerogina Balmer again on the 8th Aug at Meadow Hall, I've not seen them since Oct last year so it will be nice to meet them again and have a proper good catch up :)

Birthday Cake - It was my fiances birthday on Thursday, he's such a big kid at heart to i got him a Haribo birthday cake from Sainsbury's, its actually pretty yummy, its a bit weird eating a cake with jelly sweets on.

Trip To London - On Thursday, me and my fiance also drove up to London, we arranged to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which I really enjoyed :) - I'll do a post on that soon.
We were also meeting my fiances brother at Heathrow airport as he was coming home from Australia for two weeks.

Nights Out - We had a night out on Saturday night to celebrate mine and my fiances birthday, we went out at 10 and i didn't roll in till 5 in the morning, it was actually daylight when we got home.
Safe to say we all had a very good night!lol!

My Macbook - I'm so glad to have him back - enough said :)

All my pictures were taken using Instragram you can add me searching the name xxcharlottxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

So...? Sinful ♥

* A few months ago, So...? were asking for testers on twitter so i popped my name down to be a tester for a new upcoming product.
The lady who dealt with my application also kindly sent me this perfume after I told her what a huge fan of the brand I was, my favorite all time scent is So...? Kiss Me, 
I've bought it since I was 16 in school so I've been a fan for a while,

This scent has to be my second favorite, is a lovely fruity scent with a hint of strawberries and pineapple as well as Violet, Water Lily, Jasmine, with a rich Creamy Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Base.

Its quite strong smelling, so its one for you if you like stronger musky scents, i think it makes it perfect for nights on holiday and makes the perfect summer fragrance for me.
I also love the small handy size it comes in which makes it perfect to drop in your handbag and carry around with you.

Most perfume sets come with identical smelling body spray if you want a little refresher without having to use a perfume base.

My favorite thing about this perfume is that for the price, it is a scent that you can smell for quite a wile when you've applied it.

So...? have lots of gorgeous smelling perfumes, 

I've only tried,
So...? Kiss Me
So...? Sinful
So...? Eternal -  which reminds me a little of Ralph Lauren in the blue bottle.

But they are all gorgeous smelling scents at a budget friendly price which means you can buy them all :)

You can Purchase So..? products and gift sets through there website below
Like So...? On Facebook

Is anyone else a fan of this brand like me?

Monday, 9 July 2012

Blog Of The Week #2 ♥

I've been a follow of this blog for a year or so now I think,
Her names Abby and I'm so jealous because she lives in Cape Town and it just looks gorgeous there all the time,
She's such a lovely girl and she's got a figure to die for.
Her blogs quite fashion related and she posts some amazing 
OFTD'S often with what she's been upto also.
I want a majority of her wardrobe.

 Go and visit her and say hi and give her a follow, 

 I'll be back again next week with another fab blog to follow.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

How I Spent My Week #4 ♥

|Treating My Spoilt Cat|Painting|My New Love|Retail Therapy|My Gel Bath|

Treating My Spoilt Cat - A few of you may have seen my cat is forever in my bathroom sink or the bath getting a drink cause he thinks he's some sort of royalty puss and refuses to drink out of his water bowl.
My fiancee bought him a water fountain so we could stop him drinking out of there - I didn't think it was safe since were always putting cleaning products down there.
And the silly cat is still refusing point blank to drink from this water fountain which does the same thing as a tap, frustrating!!!

Painting - I dug out my picture I began painting last year, its been that long - I like to paint when I'm feeling creative which isn't often these days as I'm so busy.
I'm hoping to get this finished soon.

My New Love - I'm pug obsessed these days but since a dog is a huge responsibility I'm considering getting another cat in the future - I'm a crazy cat lady - I'm after an exotic short hair, i love ugly animals, there beautiful in my eyes but how cute is the squished up face.

Retail Therapy - I love a good sale and I love the two tops I've purchased this week, you can catch that in my previous post of what I bought.

My Gel Bath - My review for this product is coming up next week hopefully.
I was sent a sample to try by a company called Gelicity when they were asking for bloggers on twitter.
I don't think I've had a better bath in my whole 23 years.
I was a little shocked when i poured it in and it started to resemble something out of ghost busters lol!
Even the cat was intrigued - hence the picture!

Friday, 6 July 2012

This Weeks Cheeky Sale Purchases ♥

I only bought two pretty things but I wanted to share with you how pretty they were,
I have this lovely shop in my little town called Six and they stock lots of gorgeous dresses such as the likes of Glamorous

They let me know they were having a sale on so I popped in and treated myself.
It was my first time taking a trip with a Sat Nav to Manchester, going on the scary Mancunian way motorway on my own and I survived there and back without getting lost - I've proved I can do anything, I'm just a big scardy cat when it comes to motorways.

So i think i deserved to treat myself to two well done presents :) 

 I love Broderie Anglais tops and this one has such pretty detail on the bottom,
this will look so cute with a skinny waist belt.
was £12 - now £9.00

This is my favorite of the two I love anything coral or peach and this is a mixture of the two, I'd probably wear this over a white or black vest top or maybe a coral colored one.
This was £20 now £12.00

Do you like them??

dresses for women white dresses for women party dresses for women

Weekly Lusts #3 - Pandora Bracelet Collection ♥

I'm probably still one of the only people who don't own a Pandora bracelet, I'd love to add one to my collection of jewelry
 I was inspired when House Of Frasier got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to write a piece for them,
Of course I said yes, there's nothing I love more than a good old wishlist, which is just as good as window shopping. and I love writing these wishlist posts weekly.
Its my birthday in two weeks so lets hope the other half maybe spots this post and takes note :)

What I love about Pandora is there quirky charms and uniqueness and how you can make your very own bracelet to mark special occasions, an interest or something you love in the form of a charm.
I think there a fab idea to get as you can get the charms for your birthday, christmas, and anniversaries ect.

I've picked my favorite pieces and charms and what kind of bracelet I'd create if I had all the money in the world and a rich boyfriend of course:

All of are available to buy on the House Of Frasier Website 

1. 14ct Gold Dangle Butterfly Clip - £100.00
2. Sterling Silver Stiletto Dangle Charm - £35.00
3. Murano Glass And Sterling Silver Flower Charm - £30.00
4. Sterling Silver Dog Charm - £25.00
5. Sterling Silver Enamel Heart Charm - £40.00
6. Pandora Moments Bracelet £99.00
7. Cubic Zicornia open work heart charm - £30.00 
8. Sterling Silver Cat Charm - £25.00
9. Murano Glass And Sterling Silver Spot Charm - £30.00  
10. Sterling Silver 14ct Gold Rhinestone & Pink Cu -£235.00 
11. Sterling Silver Camera Charm - £30.00

What would be your favorites if you had all the money in the world??

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Giveaway - Win This Dress From Madam Rage's Website ♥

The lovely people over at Madam Rage have kindly picked a dress to give away to my followers.

You can see the dress i wore from there range a few weeks back featured on there blog here 

This dress up for grabs is a gorgeous colour making it perfect for weddings, christening or any other special occasion you will have coming up this summer.
 You can view the original dress here and the sizes they stock before entering

This giveaway will run for 2 weeks and will end on the 19th July 2012 at midnight
 The steps for entering are really easy and will take you one minute.
Just fill out the form below.
Some options are mandatory but others you can gain extra entries for.

You have to be a GFC follower - I will be checking all entries and you do need a blog I'm afraid.

UK Entries Only.

All entries will be checked and no entries will be accepted if you have a blog solely for comping, I want everyone to be in with a chance,
As well as Madam Rage kindly giving this dress away i also want to thank you for clicking the follow button and your lovely  comments on my posts.

Good Luck.

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