Thursday, 28 June 2012

Weekly Lusts #2 - Forever 21 Lingerie & Nightwear ♥

I think I've obviously been living under a rock for the best part of the last year to have never actually took a proper look at what this website sells, I never even knew they sold lingerie or nightwear and such gorgeous sets to.

There's a store currently opening soon in the Trafford Center - whooopie

But I just wanted to show you some of the gorgeous items Forever 21 stocks - I'm in love with all these cute sets and gorgeous colours - which i will be purchasing some off.
and how fab is the price??

View The whole lingerie collection here,

Photo's are stock images taken from the Forever 21 website I do not own them.

1. Scalloped Lace Cheeky - £3.15 or 3 pairs for £8.50 in Mint green
2. Dots & Eyelet PJ Set - £12.90
3.Tie Back PJ Coral Romper - £10.65
4. Ruffled Country Rose PJ Shorts - £5.65
5.Lace & Swiss Dot Chambray Cropped Corset - £12.15
6. Plunge Bra - £6.65
7. Mesh & Lace Bra Mint - £6.65
8. Ruffled Spring Floral PJ Pants - £10.65
9. Live & Love Knit Nightdress - £8.40

Has anyone purchased lingerie or nightwear from this online store??
What is quality like beofre I order?

My Liverpool One Purchases ♥

I got paid yesterday and so did my fiance so we took a 45 minute drive up to Liverpool to go shopping - Its my fiances birthday soon - so I was buying him presents in advance since boys can be so useless to buy for.

We were there for about 3 hours, its such a huge place I could easily get lost.
We took a walk round the Liverpool Mersey, and it actually turned out to be quite a nice day, but so warm.

I didn't buy an awful lot since I'm now saving :) but i treated myself to some cute buys which came to the grand total of £27.50,

First up was Primark - I wish I lived near this one its so much bigger than the Manchester one, a whole three floors - I will be going back for my birthday.

I picked up these pretty playsuits,
This gorgeous blue one was £5.00,

 I love Primarks play suits and dresses - there so affordable and fit perfectly,

& this coral colored playsuit was £7.00 - this one is my favorites

Hopefully I can get some wear out of these this summer,

I was after a new cute bag to go with most outfits and I saw these beauty's reduced from £7.00 to £3.00, 

 I had one of these straw style bags for my holiday last year which i used the hell out of for the whole two weeks as it just went with everything and it's fantastic quality - shame mine snapped cause i overloaded it.

Lastly I picked up this gorgeous Blouse from Jane Norman - Its my first working shift tonight and I don't own anything Jane Norman anymore since I stopped working there - the clothes a few years ago were all the same types of patterns and fit i hated, since its been taken over by a different company i have noticed the designs and prices have gotten much better and i grabbed this as soon as I went in, its actually something I would of purchased myself personally and it was reduced from £30 to £12.50,

Eeeek I'm a little nervous about tonight but excited at the same time.
Wish me luck,

Do any of you girls love Primark playsuits as much as me :)

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

OOTD - * Fairy Floss High Waisted Shorts ♥

I was sent these by *Glamorous a few weeks back - I currently sponsor them as they contacted me - and I loved them straight away, there not a color I would of picked first hand but I love them, not only are they really girlie but they look fab for everyday wear, sunshine or not.

The weather has been a bit overcast today, i got some sneaky pictures out in the garden today to show you my OFTD  before it started to rain - English Weather,

My outfit is my normal day to day wear, the top I'm wearing is a New Look vintage buy that i picked up for £3.50 a few months back, and some H&M tights - I wasn't brave enough to bare my legs, - I've just dyed my hair it a few days ago, for those who have noticed its redder,

I can't wait to team these shorts up with a cute bralet when I'm feeling more daring and the weather maybe gets nicer?

You can buy these shorts still from the Glamorous website here
They come in 3 different colours and are in the sale for £15.59 reduced from £23.99

1. High Waisted Fairy Floss Pink Shorts - BUY HERE
2. High Waisted Petrol Blue Shorts - BUY HERE
3. High Waisted Lemon Meringue Shorts - BUY HERE

Students Currently Get 15% off

Monday, 25 June 2012

How I Spent My Week #2 ♥

|My New Pug Top|Polka Dot Nails|Saving For My Wedding|My Dip Dye Shorts|Keeping Track Of Blogging|

1. My New Pug Top - Anyone who knows me well knows I'm obsessed with pugs so anything with a pug on its mine, I picked up this  top in Asda for £7.00 and I'm a little ashamed to say it was in the kids section, but a 12/13 years does fit me and I'm a 8/10 so it wasn't to bad - I'm keeping it for wear as PJ's as people will think I'm slightly bonkers.

2. Polka Dot Nails - I attempted them for the first time after using a guide for the dots - I always put on far to many - so you start of making a 5 like on a dice then fill in the dots, I used Models Own Peach Fuzz and Rimmel's White Tip Polish.

3. Saving For My Wedding - I bought this handy lil counting jar which keeps count of every penny i pop in - I own two - one for silver and one for copper - so anything silver or copper goes straight in here.
We started saving officially last month and already have £300 between us in our savings, plus whatever we saved a month in these jars, its a handy way of saving and you don't even notice your doing it,
I can't wait to book our wedding next year in April :)

4. My Dip Dye Shorts - From my previous post I showed you how i created these :) - I'm proud they turned out as good as I imaged and I now have a pair of shorts I transformed from a pair of jeans I was going to just throw away - RECYCLED.

5. Keeping Track Of Blogging - I bought this cute lil notebook to carry around with me for when I get an idea for a blog post - so far its been useful and the print is so cute, an it was only £1.50 from Asda.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

My D.I.Y Dip Dye Denim Shorts ♥

 I'm not a professional when it comes to D.I.Y and my own clothes, I joined the blogger world last year in February 2011, and I've noticed Blogger has its own way of inspiring you to do things you don't normally do - If you'd of asked me a year ago if I'd consider cutting up a pair of my jeans into shorts and making them into own, I would of looked at you funny and asked "are you were kidding me"

 I've been inspired by the dip dye trend and love all the different varieties of looks that are on the websites, 
So i had my trusty pair of Primark denim skinnies which were going straight in the bin after a painting disaster - why i chose to paint sideboards wearing these i have no idea -

So after some inspiration and seeing past post's i held onto them in hope of turning them into shorts.
but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them yet.

Then i saw an idea on Bows and Belle's Post - She's turned this old denim shirt into this fabulous one of a kind piece - you can view her post here.

So waa laa, my dad had some bleach lying about and I set to work.

These were my jeans before i got cutting - there's so many tutorials on cutting jeans into shorts on YouTube,

These are my jeans after some careful cutting, 

 They looked a bit plain still but i set to work fraying the edges - I later decided i didn't want frayed edges - but for those who want frayed edges - i used an emery board - you can get these from most supermarkets or chemists, you can even use sandpaper to rub against the edges to make it look worn - the finished effect happens after the wash as you'll see.

These are the shorts after some sanding down,

Then I set to work bleaching them, i filled the sink up with hot water as i didn't want my shorts going white - don't forget your rubber gloves when touching bleach - then i poured half the bottle in the sink with the water, its diluted so takes longer but the effect looks better -

These started changing colour within 5 minutes, 

I left them to soak for about an hour and a half, retouching any bits that needed bleaching lighter but taking the shorts out and rubbing bleach into the area's that needed to go lighter, i also used a sponge to get a gradient effect.

After they were rinsed, i popped them on a full wash with plenty of comfort so they were soft, the washer added to the worn frayed look after an hour of whizzing about,

This is them after a wash front and back -

After popping them on the radiator to dry, i decided they still needed a little something else so i went to Dunelm Mill and picked up this gorgeous crocheted edging which i decided to pop round the front and back edges of my shorts, it was 99p a meter, i did orignally go for studs but they didn't have any but I'm glad i went for the more girlie look,

I also picked up a box of pearl beads to add a little something, these are on one of the pockets, i was going to do both sides, but i thought adding something on each pocket would make them different,
I kept the back plain as i didn't want to go OTT.

I sewed all my crocheted edging on and beads by hand,

These are my finished shorts after some ironing - the best part was they only cost me £10.98

My Primark Jeans were - £9.00
The bleach was free and my bits and bobs from Dunelm Mill were £1.98,

Taa Daa - Your very own dip dyed denim style shorts that no one else owns except you,

OFTD's wearing these will be in the future, i look terrible today lol,

 What do you think??
Is D.I.Y something you'd consider since joining the world of blogging, or do you do it as a hobby,

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

OOTD - Coral Chique - Madam Rage ♥

I had a meal coming up from my grandads birthday, it was quite a posh affair with fancy food, 
So of course there was that extra excuse to wear a pretty dress - I was going to wear a different one - but decided on this gorgeous *dress from Madam Rage instead,

I picked this gorgeous Cream Lace 2 in 1 Dress - You can view it here  I love lace and the textured dotty skirt, I think it gives this dress a girlie and sophisticated look to it.

I wore it with my black peep toe court shoes, I always wear black shoes to make an outfit look more formal,

And of course an outfits never complete without matching nails - I used Model's Own Peach Fuzz and Rimmel's White Tip Nail Polish to make cute polka dots.

This dress came perfectly wrapped up quickly in the post and as soon as I got it out the packaging I was in love,
I picked a size 10 as I'm somewhere in the middle of an 8/10 and it fitted me perfectly - there sizes tend to be spot on and true to size so if you place an order, pick the size you feel most comfortable in.

The material was lovely and soft, and fantastic quality, I was not disappointed.
I got so many lovely comments when I wore this dress, people commented on how pretty it was.

For those who haven't heard of Madam Rage - I've been aware of them for roughly half a year now after joining there Facebook page,
They are a brand that sells the loveliest unique pieces such as dresses, tops, playsuits, and denims at a purse friendly price.
Their one of a kind styles that have been seen on celebrities such as Carly Rae Jepson below,

 I'm actually after this dress at the minute, its on my wishlist - The tropical print on this dress is stunning making it perfect for those summer holidays with a gorgeous glowing tan - 

You can actually win this dress at the minute with Madam Rage over on there Facebook page  by liking there page, and sharing with this competition with your friends- you should enter - you have to be in it to win it.
 There sales are a steal at the minute too they have a 75% off sale with pretty dresses starting from £5.00,
They also have an offer on at the minute of 15% off there online holiday shop valid till the 29/06/12, 
So take a peek while they are still running.

View There Sale 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

90's Child - My Favourite Toys ♥

I thought todays post should be a little different and that I would take you all on a lil trip down memory lane, 
I love thinking about all the great toys I had as a il girl growing up in the 90's,
I definitely think the toys back then were better than they are now.
I never always got what I wanted all the time, usually it was only at Christmas's or Birthdays but the toys I did get I played with all the time.
Lets see who can remember any of these favourites of mine.

1 - Sindy Ballerina - I was always a Sindy girl rather than a Barbie, I think i owned one Barbie but I never played with her that much, she was always a loner on her own - I got her for Christmas off my parents, I loved Sindy Ballerina, she was the first Sindy doll I had who could stretch her toes downwards, and she was also the prettiest Sindy I had, she was always the lead girl in my Sindy romances with prince charming, I loved her little tutu dress and she had the loveliest blonde hair.

2. Scamp - Who remembers this adorable pup who squeaked every time you took him/her on a walk?
He was on a lead connected to a roller that you velcroed him onto, although i think the continuous squeaking got annoying after a while.
I had the boy version with the blue lead, although I wanted the pink girl one :(
He was the cuddliest dog I owned as a lil girl and I always went to bed with him.

3. Operation - This game they have now comes without the money - wheres the fun in that, my boyfriend got it me a few Xmases ago as a fun present, I wanted to relive my childhood, we were both disappointed when it contained no toy money - I used to pretend the money was real and i was rich haha - I remember the heart was the trickiest piece to get out in this game, I know i spent months playing with this with my friends and never getting bored.

4. My Sindy 4x4 Jeep - I have this still in my loft in a rather broken state - with all the pieces missing - I never looked after anything as a child i was terrible -
It had a driving seat bit at the front with seat belts, bunk beds in the middle and a kitchen connected at the back - the back opened up with a sink and everything, it had matching tables and chairs, tiny knives and forks, the lot, and even a roof that converted into a jet ski, and a ski for water sports, I loved this jeep so much.

5. Pocahontas - The old classic version of the doll, with the dress that got a leaf pattern on it when you took it out in the sun, I loved Pocahontas cause she had the longest hair out of all my Sindy's, I used to think she was so beautiful.
I don't think mine came with a raccoon, I don't remember that - but i know she came with flick the hummingbird, you could wear on your finger as a ring, or attached to Pocahontas's arm.

Do you rmemeber any of these as a child?
What was your favourit toy growing up?

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand In Toffee ♥

This isn't normally a color I would of picked up myself personally as I'm more a fan of pink shades,
But i recently got this shade in a goodie bag set I won from the Barry M Facebook Page,

My Images

I was actually surprised by what a nice color this was when applied on my lips, 
and its now the number 1 lip gloss that has been coming everywhere with me.

It retails at £4.49 from Superdrug/Boots and these come in a range of gorgeous shades,

My Images

 I'd say this is a lipgloss that you can use everyday as its quite a neutral shade and at the same time you can tell your wearing it as its got a slight shimmer in it,

It is the shade to try if you want noticeable but natural glossy lips,

The consistency isn't to thick or gloppy when applied and it smells like vanilla - you'll keep licking your lips,

Its also quite moisturizing so it won't dry out your lips and its last for about an hour, as with most glosses they come off when your drinking or eating ect, 

You get a reasonable sized amount in the tube, which has lasted me over a month now. 
Overall I'm impressed with these glosses - I love them,

They come in a range of pretty shades to match your own personal taste,

Images - google images
Have any of you girls ever tried the Barry M Lipgloss Wands?

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

How I Spent My Week #1 ♥

|Magazine Freebies|My Cat|Lovely Letters & Gifts In The Post|My Crackle Effect Nails|My New Dress From Madam Rage|

 1 - Magazine Freebies - Its always a bonus when the magazine I actually enjoy reading comes with a decent free gift, in this case - cosmopolitan came with some free aviators - shame we have no sunshine so I can actually wear them,
On the bright side the free Mentos gum I could use,

2 - My Cat - my Instagram and Facebook friend have to put up with a zillion pictures of this fella but I'm always like a proud mum snapping away when he's sleeping, eating or just looking cute cause in my opinion he's cut 101% of the time - even after he's just attacked my arm for no absolute reason.

3 - Lovely Letters And Gifts In The Post - I won a giveaway a few weeks ago on Etienne's blog and she sent me these lush goodies with the most lovliest letter I have ever had from a blogger - she is a truly a lovely girl inside an out and so is her blog, and my bathroom now smells like part of the LUSH store, 

4 - My Crackle Effect Nails - Its the small things that excite me and this case it was this new OPI nail varnish i got in the post off the lovely Tanya - I'm still constantly amazed when it dries and the crackle effect appears.

5 - My New Dress From Madam Rage - An OFTD will be up on this gorgeous dress very soon, its the first time I've ever got anything from this online shop and my first impressions of this brand are fab - The size's are perfect - I'm hoping I can wear this on my birthday night out next month since I love it more in real life

I'm attempting to write more regular posts on here and not the same old boring reviews cause even i get bored of reading them sometimes, I want to write posts that you lot will enjoy reading and also get an insight into my little world.
So I hope this regular post is here to stay, 
Feel write a post like this too if you feel inspired.

Friday, 15 June 2012

I Have A New Job ♥

So I have some exciting news and a more personal post for my followers - it might make some of you smile,

 I have a new part time job, well when i say new I mean i kind of have my old job back.
I used to work at Jane Norman 2 years ago, it was actually 3 years ago this month i started my full time job back then there, but unfortunately i had to leave when my mum passed away.

I was kindly offered a chance to reapply for my job - i had to fill out an application form and give them my CV  like anyone applying for any job,

But it means more exciting new changes in my life, new people, new responsibilities,
 and more pennies for mine and my fiances wedding fund.

So I'm ready to start this new next chapter of my life, and work on making my wishes become achievable,

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Weekly Lusts #1 ♥

We're girls and lets face it, window shopping is in our nature, I could look at pictures of clothes all day and lust over these all,
I'm just contemplating WHICH one to buy payday??

5. Mint Dress - H&M - £24.99

Which one is your favourite?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Blog Design By Bonjour Belle Designs ♥

Thank you to the lovely Steph at,

Click HERE to view her packages,

For creating my lovely blog,
She designs your blog the way you like them and offers different kinds of packages,
She also works super quick, she did this layout in less than a night.
You tell her what you'd like and how you want it,
I purchased her full package 2 for £8.00,
Its my first time I've payed someone to create a blog design for me,
but  I spend a lot of time on here, so its worth every penny and she did a great job,
Click her link above if you'd love her to do your blog for you.

Thank you Steph :)

What do you think, do you like it??
I think its definitely a keeper.

Monday, 11 June 2012

My FD Avenue Haul ♥

I made an order the other day as a big shopping trip was needed after clearing out yet more space in my wardrobe - Its amazing how much space you have when you buy thinner hangers, I've had the thick IKEA wooden ones for a while,

Rachel Crawford  told me about the 50% off all items from FD Avenue offer they had on as part of their one year birthday treat.
I'd been looking at a few things on there so i jumped at the chance to buy some lovely new clothes.
I spent £98.93 and got all this for £49.46 - What a fantastic deal - 

The only downside to this order was 3 items I ordered weren't in stock but they quickly sorted this out for me and let me order a different 3 items despite the 50% off offer expiring,

I'll show you my purchases and hopefully temp you to go and take a look at there site,
They have lots of gorgeous items at a great price,

You can visit the site here - FD Avenue,

At the minute they are offering a 25% off discount code - ENTER FD25 at the checkout.

These are the items I purchased:

Scallop Edge Coral Vest Top - £8.99 - £4.49

Scallop Edge Vest Top In Black - £8.99 - £4.49

Daisy Floral Peace Print Vest - £10.99 - £5.49

Tail Back Maxi In Coral - £14.99 - £7.49

Cropped Waterfall Jacket - £17.99 - £9.00

 Plain Jersey Maxi Dress In Royal Blue - £12.99 - £6.49

 Coral Cardigan - £11.00 - £5.49

Dark Blue Jeggings - £12.99 - 6.49

This jeggings by far are the best pair I have owned, they have so much stretch in them and fit perfectly,
I'm really impressed with my order from Funkydivaa, this isn't the first time I've ordered with them and won't be the last, they stock affordable fashion at a great price and all the items are great quality.

I'll have a few OFTD'S coming up in future posts with these items,

Did anyone grab this fantastic offer while it was on, or has anyone purchased from FD Avenue before??
What did you think of their clothing?

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