Tuesday, 29 May 2012

OOTD - Vintage Sun Dress ♥

This is one of my most recent vintage purchases from my local charity shop, I felt compelled to go in this shop as they had lots of gorgeous pretty dresses in the window - Sadly not in my size.

But I did come across this pretty floral print style tea dress,
Its a Dorothy Perkins, thin cotton dress sundress, with a cut out back which adds a classic girlie twist,

I love the bright flowers on it, 
I'm a magpie for bright floral print that always seems to jump out at me,
and best of all, it was only £4.50,

I plan on keeping this pretty dress for Summer Holidays, Tea parties, BBQ's, Weddings,

I really wish it was possible to wear colors this bright all year round.

Do you love it?

Monday, 28 May 2012

My New Read - Katie Piper - Things Get Better ♥

For those who have forgotten - This book had completely slipped my mind as i have 0869 other things to remember these days - 

Images are my own,

Katie Piper has released her new book Things Get Better - It was released on the 24th of May,
So while I was mid shop in Asda just happening to pass the book aisle i saw this and grabbed it,
It was £5, 
I'm attempting to stop buying books, its not going down to well,
I really NEED, to invest in a kindle,

For those of you who don't know Katie Piper from her previous book Beautiful - which you should read first,
She is a truly inspiring girl to me to have gone through what she did and still come out beautiful and full of positivity despite all her heartache.

I read this book whilst I was on holiday last year and I could not put it down, it made me cry, and i felt every little bit of heartache she felt through her words.

For a short synopsis of the "Beautiful" book i copied and pasted from Amazon if anyone would love to read this book - 

  'I heard a horrible screaming sound, like an animal being slaughtered ... then I realized it was me.
'When Katie Piper was 24, her life was near perfect. Young and beautiful, she was well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a model.But then she met Daniel Lynch on Facebook and her world quickly turned into a nightmare ...After being held captive and brutally raped by her new boyfriend, Katie was subjected to a vicious acid attack. Within seconds, this bright and bubbly girl could feel her looks and the life she loved melting away.Since then Katie has gone on to inspire millions with her brave determination, but the journey hasn't been easy.Beautiful is the moving true story of how one young woman had her mind, body and spirit cruelly snatched from her and how she inspired millions with her fight to get them back. 

 Now Katie Pipers New Book - Things Get Better - Even the title inspires me,
 Is the follow up to her courage and positive outlook on life, 
I can not wait to start reading this.

Images Taken From Google 
 Has anyone else bought this book or read her first one?
Did she inspire you?

When I've read this book would anyone be interested in me holding a giveaway to pass it along?
I like to feel like I'm recycling but passing along a good read to another blogger who will enjoy it as much as me.

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

OOTD - Saturday Sunshine ♥

I've been making the most of the gorgeous weather in England like most of you I'm sure, 
Me and my fiance went to a water park which we live 10 minutes away from, 
Some of you may know it - Sale Water Park,
Its a huge lake which you can go swimming in, and they even have jet ski's and boats on there,

Anyway I wanted to share with you an OFTD - 

I bought this pretty geese print dress from OASAP Fashion, I teamed it with a tan waist belt and some gold sandalS for a pretty Summer effortless look,

Sweet Wild Geese Print Drawstring Dress - £19.53 - OASAP Fashion
You can buy this here in 2 other colours, green, and navy
Belt - My Own
Gold Toe Post Sandles - Office
99 Ice Cream Cone Necklace - Millie Pembleton
Flower Ring - Trashy Doll

This is how gorgeous the lake at Sale Water Park looked,

I think we will all be making the most of this gorgeous weather,

I hope your all having a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Giveaway Time ♥

I don't hold giveaway's often as I like to thank my followers come to read my blog because they enjoy reading it, so this is another little thank you for all your lovely comments and for clicking the follow button,

If you've read my post before this one, 
You can read that HERE
The company Trashy Doll sent me some items to show you,
They were more than happy for me to hold a giveaway for my readers,
For one reader, you will win all these goodies below:
Happy Dinosaur Necklace - £6.00 - Courtesy Of Trashy Doll
Kawii Deer Ring - £4.50 - Courtesy Of Trashy Doll
Plus some goodies I picked up in boots yesterday myself,
A Barry Lipgloss Wand in Bubble Gum Pink
Collection 2000 Nail Varnish in Electric Dreams - An on trend teal high gloss nail varnish,
Plus some other goodies thrown in,

Open Worldwide

Ends 8th June 2012 at 12.00am UK time

All entries will be checked - You can only fill out this form once,
To ENTER this competition and win some fab quirky jewelry simply follow fill in the raffle copter form below,

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Introducing The Number One Shop For All Your Jewelry Needs ♥

I've got an exciting new shop to show you girlies today, 

The lovely company sent me some gorgeous pieces of their jewelry to show you lovely lot,

For those of you who haven't heard of this company before, 
Trashy Doll is an online shop that sells some of the most beautiful, unique, quirky,  kitsch & vintage pieces of jewelry and key rings i have ever seen,
You'll be guaranteed to find something to match every persons taste.

Most jewelry is handmade. giving it that unique twist of owning something that is personal.

 They constantly add new items to their shop so its a great idea to check back everyday.

I have picked you out some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that the website stock,

- Images Taken From Trashy Doll's website 
1. My Last Rolo Ring £5.50
2. Strawberry Milkshake Sweet Necklace - £4.95
3. Comedy Moustache Necklace - £7.00
4. Barbie Necklace - £6.00
5. Blue Heart Button Earrings - £3.50
6. Baby Pink Bambi Necklace - £7.00
7. Strawberry Ice Cream Studs - £3.50
8. Dolly Mixture Bracelet - £6.00
9. Quirky Kitten Wooden Studs - £4.00
10. Mini Oreo Biscuit Ring - £5.50
11. Dainty Daisy Earrings - £3.50
12. Vintage Rose Ring - £5.50

Which Ones Do You Love?
Is it me or does the dolly mixture bracelet look edible? 

I love that these are items that you don't normally see everyday when out shopping,
This also makes it ideal for finding that perfect present for someone that has everything or wants something a little more unique,
The prices are amazing and they ship worldwide,

They offer free UK delivery which i think is a great idea as some companies only offer this if your buy a certain amount of items or spend so much.

I was sent 4 items to review for you,

The lovely lady at Trashy Doll kindly let me hold a giveaway for my lovely readers also,
- That will be in a separate post up tonight so keep your eyes peeled -

I had the items sent out them out and they arrived quickly and safely in a jiffy bag individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged inside another bag sealed with a sticker,

You can see how well presented and packaged my items were, 

- My Images 

I always think its important to make sure an items gets to you in the perfect condition.

I was sent four random items, I actually did love everything that was sent to me, and I picked out the items that are ME, the other two are lovely but weren't me,
As I said before, everyone has a unique taste,

- My Images

First up was this beautiful * Flower Ring - £4.95 This can be found in the ring section - Its available in pink and coral and can be found here
I love flowers, and i love the bright colours on this one, they are really eye popping and would add a spot of colour to any outfit, plus it looks really summery, perfect with all the sunshine we've had,
From the close up picture you can see what perfect quality the ring is,

The other item I fell in love with was this ring,

Its called the * Chocoholic Ring and suits me down right to the ground, i can't get enough of it - perfect pressie idea if you know a chocoholic ;)
This retails at a bargain £4.00 and actually looks good enough to eat, - just don't try and eat it,
You can find that here

All rings are adjustable so will fit to each individual,

My personal opinion of these items and Trashy Doll in general  - and I'm not just saying this,
They sell beautiful items that reach you in perfect condition,
You pay a purse friendly price,
Free UK delivery,
You own a piece of unique jewelry,

They offer a service for custom orders so if there is something that you liked but wanted it to be a little different, you can ask them, and they'll see what they can do for you :)  

I will definitely shop from here myself in the future,
The lady who deals with the shop was extremely helpful and lovely and if you have any questions or queries I would not hesitate to contact her,

You can find other links for Trashy Doll below,

Trashy Doll Online Shop
Trashy Doll Facebook Page 
Trashy Doll Twitter Page

What do you think of this shop, did you click on the links and go for a little wander around?

A thank you to Trashy Doll for sending me these lovely items and  giving me the opportunity to express my own opinion.

Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint - Blue ♥

I've been a huge fan of the magnetic nail polishes and i still can't believe it was only till yesterday that i finally got my hands on one,

I'm now officially on a nail varnish ban, my collection has increased to over 80 nail varnish's now, and my fiance keeps shouting at me when i come home with another shade of the colour I already own,
I blame blogger for my increased collection. 

 My Images - 

This nail varnish retails for £4.99 which i think is a average price for one of these polishes, as the normal Barry M Paints are £2.99, Barry M are a brand that never let me down.
17 were charging £5.99 - although i'm not sure how good they are,

I picked the blue as it was the most appealing shade, I'm not a huge fan of metallic's to start off with, but I loved this shade.

You need to apply one coat first and then as soon as you paint your second coat you need to hover the magnet over the top, but you do have to be quick, the quicker you are the better the pattern,
(so i learnt, its also a good idea to give the bottle a good shake too)

A few fingers i had to redo as its tricky to start off with, but the handy nail varnish remover i bought that i posted about a few days ago got it off within 2 seconds :)

This was my finished result

 My Images -  
It kind of reminds me of the union jack flag almost,
The fact that the sun is shining enhances the metallic colours more and they look amazing outside, this picture I took is actually an untouched picture, so you can see the effect so well.

I absolutely love the effects of these and can see why they are so popular, the fact that this colour looks better on that in the bottle would temp me to buy the other colours as all the magnetic patterns are unique, they need to bring out some funner shades such as pink ;)

Has anyone else tried the Barry M magnetic nail polishes, or recommend any other brands?
What did you think of them?

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nail Art - Purple Ombe Nails ♥

I absolutely love this look on nails as its unique, and it means you can experiment with all different shades,
I tried it out for the first time last night with one of my favorite shades,
I was really surprised how they came out first time as I'm not a pro or anything, but i think its good for first time,

My Images 
 Excuse the messy edges, i need to properly clean them up.

Its that easy, I think any of you girls can do it :)
I didn't do step by step instructions or anything as it was a little fiddly but there's is a video at the bottom of this post that I used to learn this,
Its easy peasy to learn how to achieve this look.

You can use any colours you want but i think it looks better using the same colour and make sure they'll all match up.

To get this look you'll need.

♥ White Nail Polish
♥ A Dark Chosen Colour,Polish
♥ A Light Medium Colour Polish
♥ A Light Colour Polish
♥ A Top Coat Polish

♥ A sponge - I used the kitchen one's you get really cheap in like packs of 10, 

♥ Nail Varnish Remover (it gets messy)
♥ Cotton Wool to remove polish from round the edges.

If you decided to try this and blog about it, let me know and link me :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

My New Lace Bag & A Treat From Barry M & AX Paris ♥

As promised I wrote a post a few days ago about a bag i ordered online off a website called Humbara,
and i promised a follow up post,

Well my bag arrived yesterday, and I'm in love with it, I still can't believe it was £5.00 technically £10.95 as i payed for postage for next day delivery.

Here's a few pictures of this beauty, it came with a tan strap for wear on my shoulder as a shoulder bag but i like to wear my bags on my elbow so i forgot to photograph the strap, sorry.

Its got 3 reasonable sized pockets and I love how the zip clips closed to fasten at the side,

Overall I'm impressed with the quality, but a little disappointed with the delivery time scale, really i wanted to pay the £3.95 postage but there seemed to be a glitch with the website and it kept saying that i had to check the postage price so i changed it to next day delivery and it worked.

It came on the Thurs so not the next day service i payed for, but I'm not going to complain to them for a few extra pounds,
I got my bag and I'm happy.
They still have their everything five pounds sale on, on everything as well as bags, shoes, & clothing ect.

My order from the other website everything 5 pounds turned up with my lace dresses which are actually ex Primark line, (you can see that post from monday here) i can recognize a label a mile off, there was a glitch with the sizing, the pink one was a 8 on the top label but the inside label stated it was a 14and the 8 was ridiculously tight, I'm sure there's an error with the sizing, to make matters worse both items had these green marks on them, probably the reason why there were ex line, so they shall be going back.
Rather disappointing as they looked gorgeous in the picture,
Everything 5 pounds is a miss this time round,

Finally I had the postman return with good news, another goody bag, today has been like Xmas I've been really lucky this week and won Barry M's competition over on Facebook with AX Paris,
I won a dress which they didn't have in stock anymore :(
I've had to chose an alternative, this lovely dress - I have a few weddings to go to this year now and i love the fashion of these dresses that are about now,

  I'll take a picture in real life, when it arrives :)
Barry M sent me some Barry M goodies, which I was so grateful for as I love there products, its cheered my week up as last week was a nightmare.

I hope all your girlies have a lovely weekend and thank you to everyone who clicks the follow button, it does mean a lot when people come to this corner of my life and read what i write :)

Lots Of Love

Rival Purse Friendly Magic Nail Polish Remover ♥

There's been so much hype about the Bourjois magic nail polish remover, and I was one of the one's who really wanted to try it, but I saw this in my local Home Bargains for a snip at 85p,
Of course i picked up a jar to try as the Bourjois magic nail polish remover retails at £4.99, you could buy 5 jars of this for that price.
So unaware this existed it was only when i saw another fellow blogger telling me she's picked up this same jar I had a look out and got my hands on one,

 For the price you get 50ml, 25ml less than the Bourjois brand, but its 85p??

Its got a nice fruity fragrance that is quite strong but it is nail polish remover here, you shouldn't be enjoying the smell anyway so that's not to much of an issue,

 Inside is a sponge with a cross cut inside with enough room to place a finger comfortably,

 I wanted to show you my nails beforehand and after with just one quick finger in and twist? 

Two quick twists and all polish was removed in a flash,
Definitely a brand to watch out for that rivals Bourjois.

I'm always looking for a better alternative if i think something is overpriced, before deciding if i want to spend that amount.

In this case, I think I'm going to stick to the better and more reasonable priced alternative.

I give this product 10/10 overall, as it does the job intended, its formula leaves you with polish free moisturized nails too,
I don't think the bottle would last as long as your average bottle of nail polish remover, but if it gets the job done quicker and mess free its a winner.
Plus it does make removing polish a funner job.

What are your thoughts ladies, has anyone else tried this brand or going to consider it?

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Join The Blog Hop ♥

My lovely friend Rachael from Island Girls Insights has started a blog hop on her blog,
A fab new way to discover new bloggers and leave your own link so people can hop onto your blog and discover you.
The aim to to hop to at least 5 blogs and say hello.
I've joined Rachael's hop and you can to by clicking her link below

P.s don't forget to giver her a follow ;)

Lace Love ♥

I thought I would do a quick post and show you my recent buys off the website that I'm hooked to
Everything 5 pounds,
As I've told you in a few previous posts they have a Facebook page which shows you whats going live on the website the next day and what time so you can be first in line.
I was having a snoop last night and saw they were listing these gorgeous lace skater dress up today.
I've literally just bought them now in both colors as they are absolutely gorgeous and would cost double or even triple the price in a shop, with delivery i paid just under £14.00 for two gorgeous dresses.
Perfect from the spring/summer underneath a cardigan.
A girl can never have to many dresses. 

You can purchase this dress while its still available here but I have a feeling it will sell out quick?
I'll attempt some OOTD'S when they arrive.

Stock Photo's from Everything 5 Pounds 

The bargain hunter I am, i came across this other clothing website last night, and found all these gorgeous items for £5 each, from dresses to bags, obviously I will only buy something i know I will use, so be careful, Its so easy to buy stuff you don't need because of the price, a bit like sale items.

This new discovery is called Humbara,

Image - Stock Photo from Humbara

& I purchased this gorgeous tan & lace bag for a fab £5.00,
I've been looking for a new bag and loved this as soon as I saw it.
As I've never purchased from here before I will wait till it arrives to see what quality is like, 
but if its anything to go by by the picture, it will be lovely.

Button Love ♥

I have finally sussed out how to make a blog button with was a lot of effort,
So if you want to show some love you can copy and paste the HTML code for my blog button to pop in your sidebar,
 If my blog is a favorite of yours :)
I will of course return the favor free of charge if you'd love to swap buttons.
Its a good chance to share your blogs with my readers and vice versa, let me know if you would love to share and send me your HTML codes for your blog buttons to charlotelizabeth@yahoo.co.uk and I'll pop you in my sidebar.

Lots Of Love 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Magic Colour Change Mood Gloss ♥

There's been a few posts on this lip gloss appearing on blogger, 
But I wanted to actually show you what this mood gloss does, as pictures of how it changes colour give the product more justice,

I received these in the post yesterday from Miners Cosmetics and I was a little excited as I knew about the Barry M green lipstick that actually turns to pink on your lips depending on the PH of your lips.

For those who want a quick science lesson - your PH depends on your own body, various organs in your body help to maintain it, so therefore you all have your own unique PH,
So everybody's lip colour colour will be different and unique,

These Lip glosses come in two festival inspired colours -
Glastonberry - Vibrant Pink Shades,
Peace Pout - Pink Shimmer Shades,
They retail at a bargain £2.49

My Images 
These little handy tubes fit perfectly in your handbag, clutch, whichever you use,
"Some Wording Taken From Miners"

As these glosses are festival inspired it makes them perfect for all those festivals or concerts some of you will be going to this summer as it saves you time and money on applying a lipstick then a gloss, when this handy tube does both ,your look will be completely individual and effortless, it will be this seasons MUST HAVE item,
Even if you aren't braving it and not going to any festivals like me, this product is still ideal for everyday wear as its subtle and i like that its different.

The tubes packaging is nice and girly and is 60's themed,
making this product on trend :)

To let you see what colours these glosses went on my lips i took some pictures,

My Images
When applying the Glastenberry shade, the gloss was clear, and reacted to my lips and changed to a nice shade of pink on my lips within minutes, 
Glastenberry is my favorite shade as this shade of pink is perfect for me, without it looking to OOT and natural and it smells lush, 
I will be getting a lot of use out of this tube.
The lip gloss also leaves a tint of pink behind even when the gloss eventually rubs off which gives your lips a nice colour which will last you a few hours between touch ups, this was one of the things i loved most about this product :)
My Images

The second Shade Peace Pout, is more of a shimmery colour, but I did love the girlie pink colour it went on my lips, its slightly lighter than the Glastenberry shade, so girls who like to wear light colours will suit this shade more, I like the little shimmer it has in it, when applying this, this came out the tube a shimmery clear colour and again it changed within minutes on my lips.

They are so clever :)

To purchase these Mood Glosses you can go straight to their website here - Miners Cosmetics
They do stock them in some local pharmacies, so keep your peepers out for them,   
Like them on Facebook and Follow them on twitter to stay updated,

Has anyone else tried any products like this or would you love to try these out?
Let me know below I love reading your comments,


*Pr Sample,
This item was sent to me by Miners, my review is purely my 100% opinion and i was sot payed or told what to write in any way, my opinions are my own and if i do not like a product I will be honest.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Yey or Ney ♥

I'm all yay for this particular eyeliner, I picked it up in the 3 for 2 offer on Rimmel products as parts of Superdrugs exclusive online deal, so as with any free product i like trying something new,

For £3.99 you get a reasonable sized pot with a concealed brush in the lid.
which you can affix to the lid to use when applying the eyeliner.

 My Images -

 I love the shape of the brush you use to apply the gel eyeliner with as its capable of achieving a heavy or subtle look depending on how heavy you want your eye make up.
The formula is a gel which i think it great as its glides on your eyelids perfectly and makes applying eyeliner easier even for people who have trouble applying it in a straight line,

Close up -

My everyday eye make up -

The results?

I always wear eyeliner everyday without fail and if I'm going out my eye make up tends to be a little bit heavier, 
It has perfect staying power, however a little bit of sudging did occur, I applied it at about 11.00am yesterday morning and it was still there at 11.00pm at night - as with some eyeliners, they tend to flake away after a few hours and a few pencils one's fade after a while also.

Is it really waterproof?

Well there are only a few faults I had with the product, it was a bit windy yesterday and my eyes tend to water in the wind, so it did wear off at the corner of my eyes, also any wear longer than 12 hours underneath the eye area did see some smudging throughout the day, so it didn't have amazing staying power - touch ups were needed.
 It was pretty easy to get off whilst using a standard face-wash to take my make up off, however it does take an extra wash round the eyes to remove all traces completely,

Is It Worth Buying?

Over all this is an eyeliner worth investing in if you want a decent eyeliner in your make up bag for a fraction of the price of some of the more expensive gel eyeliners out there.
Despite it not being as waterproof as it says it is, its still a really good eyeliner and for the price you can't actually complain, I'd say its ideal for a night out, but if you want something that last all day I would look further, I haven't repurcahsed.

Has anyone used or got this eyeliner??

What did you think of it?

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Friday, 4 May 2012

My 'Pug'icure ♥

See what i did there??hehe - Yeah I know it wasn't a very good joke,

 I just wanted to share with you, these cute pug nail art stickers i picked up off Ebay,
I'm a little obsessed as some of you know, anything with a pug on, its mine.
for those who say they are ugly - there really not, ugly is beautiful :)
While I'm yet to finally get a real life size Pug, I'll have to make do.
I got the idea off a lady I have on Instagram, as she had some similar, she chose the portrait ones which I'll show you, and she told me where to get them from - so if your reading this and that lady was you and put your hand up.
Thank you :)

I used Nail Inc's Basil Street for the undercoat and Rimmel 5 in 1 for the top coat ,
You can buy these nail stickers from this seller HERE 
They were only £2.20 plus p&P for 24 nail stickers which come with instructions and how to maintain them and make them last, she even sent me some other samples which i thought was lovely.
She has lots of gorge nail stickers so go and take a peek.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend girlies :)
Hopefully I'll get to see the New American Pie film this weekend or Avengers, which ever the fiance wants to see first.

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