Monday, 30 April 2012

A Little Haul ♥ & A Comp Win ♥

Hey beauties,
I've been non existent recently, 
I've been blogging less as I'm super busy now these days since I got my car,
So far so good :) two weeks tomorrow I'll have been driving, 
No accidents or bad luck yet so I'm trusting myself that I am a good driver, minus the scraping of the bumper while trying to reverse into a spot and catching a brick wall *ouch* these things happen I've learnt as a new driver and its not the end of the world.
My friends "New Driver" stories have relaxed me a little bit,
Thank you to all your lovely ladies for your positive words :)

Anyway I'm going on AGAIN, lol!

I'm just posting to show you some beauties I've got from Everything 5 pounds again,
Since saving for a wedding, I am choosing to shop on a budget and it is possible,
I'm hooked, even though some of there stuff is hit and miss, you have to be there quick for the good items as they sell out within a few hours sometimes.
I have had to send some items back in the past as it just doesn't fit right or look right, but I'm not faulting them completely as the stuff i received in the post today is perfect.

Here's a cheeky little look at what i purchased.
Model shot taken from Everything 5 pounds Facebook Page

I don't tend to buy things for the sake, I do have a purpose for things i buy or there's no point wasting your money, and its easy to do this since everything is 5 pounds each as well.
This dress fits perfectly, zips up at the pack with straps or without, it may be a little short for some peoples liking but I'm not 5,ft 9 like the model so it covers my legs and bum more, hehe!
I'm going to a wedding reception in June so hopefully a smart blazer and some peep toe heels will make this outfit look perfect, and no one would guess it was only 5 pounds,
Model shot taken from Everything 5 pounds Facebook Page  
Next up is this Coral Top
 I'm into my baggy tops at the minute and think they look so nice teamed with skinny jeans and boots if your planning on having a relaxed day, 
i wish I'd bought this in blue as well now and maybe a black, the colour is lovely, and it fits lovely despite it being one size only (who makes this stuff up)
You can still buy this here - BUY HERE
 Model shot taken from Everything 5 pounds Facebook Page 

 & Lastly I purchased this gorgeous Blue Skater dress, this was one of the items which sold out within a few hours, i purchased straight away as I've heard colbolt blue is big on the catwalk this summer and autumn, 
The colour is gorgeous and will look lovely for everyday wear when the weather gets a bit nicer again so i  can get my pale legs out.

As far as i know, both dresses have sold out and i purchased them Thursday, but this website has a Facebook page which tells you what is going up the next day and what time so you can be at the front of the queue :) their Facebook is HERE

And Lastly Foxy Bingo sent me a DVD in the post I'd won over on twitter, its only a little win but i do enter comps when i can, I'm not as competitive as some people and i got bored entering some quiet quickly, so a win now and again keeps me on my toes and keeps me trying.

 Its only Mamma Mia DVD - I saw this film at the cinema but never purchased it so I'm not going to say no to a freebie :)
And that fox will no longer drive me insane on advert breaks, I'll tolerate him a little bit longer.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend anyway, 
Let me know what you think of my buys and if you buy anything from the website or have done recently, or let me know if your aware of any other bargain websites :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Monarch Butterfly Nail Art Inspiration ♥

These are my nails :) 

I recently came across this tutorial on Youtube while looking for inspiration and i was inspired straight away, 
 I love butterflies and I'm a little bit obsessed.
So when I saw this gorgeous Monarch Butterfly Design i headed straight to Boots,
Out of the 10000 nail polishes i own, i did not own a white but about 5 different oranges!lol!

Let me know if you like it and if i inspire you to too do this gorgeous design.

To do this tutorial you need,
A Orange nail polish, preferably a lighter kind
A Black Nail Polish
A White Nail Polish 
A Clear Top Coat
And A Paintbrush, i use these instead of nail brushes, there so much cheaper.

These are the brands I used proving you don't need pricey polishes to achieve this gorgeous look.

My Images 

I applied  Rimmels, 5 in 1 clear base coat which is a base, top and nail strengthener before applying
Miners Mango Tango,

My Images,

 I then put another clear top coat on to separate the next colour I'd apply.

I used George's Midnight Black to apply the black stripes using the paint brush,

Then when these were dry i used Rimmels White Nail Tip Whitener Nail Polish, I used this for the spots as the brush was pretty thin as ideally its for the tips when doing a french manicure.

Finish with the Rimmel's 5 in 1 base and top coat on top,


I've included the Youtube video at the end to give the girl credit who came up with this gorge tutorial.

& Taaa daaaaaa, gorgeous unique nails perfect for the SprIng and Summer,

 My Images :)
I was getting a bit carried away with the flowers in the back garden lol.

Image taken from google images

This is the video I used to achieve this look, so thank you for creating this look, and give her full credit.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Blogger Love ♥ The Posts I've Loved This Week ♥

These are my favourite posts I've loved this week,
 I'm going to leave you with these this weekend and hope that you find some new reads, AND SOME amazing blogs - If your not here, it doesn't mean I don't love reading your blog :) 
I'll try and include everyones each week.

♥ Kirsty from HERE

♥ Frances from HERE

♥ Danielle from Miss Sunshine and Sparkle has created a Topshop wish list with everything I want too -
 She's picked some fab finds including a gorgeous bandeau dipped hem dress - Read that HERE

♥ Rachel Crawford from Life Of A Sweetaholic always buys the most gorgeous clothes and I love the pj's she's bought in this OFTD - This is another blogger girlie I love :) - You can read this HERE
♥ Victoria from HERE

♥ Rachel from HERE

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Week In Pictures ♥

Since Instagram has become more popular now, 
I thought this would be a lovely new insight into my week

Chicago Town Pizza's with pepperoni sauce in the crust,
The next best thing since Takeaway's

My favorite Cadbury's bar in mini bites, 

My competition win from Millie Pembleton, this 99p Cone Ice cream
necklace worth £18.00, is now my new favorite necklace.

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and coco powder,
Currently the drink i can't get enough off.

I bought a Hello Kitty air freshener in preparation for the first ever car i'll be driving on my own for the first time eeeeek

Its not mine and nope I'm not flashing my cash, lol, my fiance won £170 on a bet on the footy this Sunday and won this money, for rooney to score first goal and united to win 4 goals.
I made him treat me :P

Tuesday charity shop buys, 
Tiger H&M Crop Top - Looks fab on - £2
& New full size Soap and Glory scrubs unused for 50p each

Saturday night treats :)
I love Cherry Lambrini,

 I finally picked up the car I'll be driving, 
Yesterdays drive back from the garage went smoothly,
However I went for a evening drive tonight and got myself in a right piddle at a round about at a busy junction, I stalled twice and i was beeped at so much cause i just couldn't get going, 
one woman even got out of her car and yelled at me,
Total panic and i was almost crying.
I'm still getting over the trama :(
Avoiding busy places until i can get the hang of the clutch,
anyone with any new driver tips please give them me :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Blogger Meet Up ♥

 Last Friday that's just gone, I finally met up with Rachael from Island Girl Insights,
We'd been talking for the past year on here, she was one of my few followers when i first started this blog last year along with Rachael Crawford and Gina who I also met last Oct,

Rachael is an absolutely looooovely girl, I was so jealous of her hair when we first met, that girls given me serious hair envy, I want to grow mine as long as hers.
We went for a hot chocolate in Cafe Nero to have a bit of a catch up before the shopping till we dropped started.
& we did shop till we dropped, how me managed to walk about for nearly 5 hours I have no idea, my legs were actually stiff the next morning, felt like I'd ran a marathon. 
You can have a look at my Primark haul here :) if you've missed that.
We chatted like we'd known each other for ever, its crazy as I never always have that connection with everyone and we did not stop giggling all day.

Finally at the end of the day we realised we hadn't taken any picture so managed a few while we had another hot chocolate in Starbucks, 20 attempts later, we even had the fan from the air con contributing to our glamorous photo taking!lol!

Absolutely fab day with this girlie, I've made a friend for life,

  I'd go and give her blog a follow as well, as she's absolutely lovely and you'll love reading her posts and her blog.

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Primark Haul ♥

On Friday, I had the opportunity to meet up with Rachael from Island Girl Insights,
It was her Easter Holidays and since she doesn't live too far away from me we both decided to meet up after a year of chatting on Blogger, I'll save that for another post though as we do have some pictures but she has the camera hehe!
We must of spent 6 hours shopping, how we did it without purchasing the whole of Manchester I have no idea!lol!

We went to do a spot of shopping in Primark, my favourite shop in the whole world, I really need to shop here more every month.
I didn't buy a lot as I've bought quite a bit this month online already,
Saving up for a wedding has already begun :)

The pug pj's were soo cute, it was Rachael who spotted them actually, and I've got this weird obsession with Pugs so of course for £5.00 I was sold.

I've not booked a holiday yet, but I plan on going away this Summer either late August/September, 
Me and my fiance want a late deal, I'd seen this bikini on a girls blog and I fell in love the blue is a gorgeous Cornflower colour and will look great with a Tan, 
So even more of an incentive to get away this year now.

Top - £5.00
Bottoms - £3.00

Me and Rachael both picked these up, I love the earrings by Primark, they are always so cute and girlie,
My favourites are the pink roses, butterflies and the swallows,
Earrings - £2.00

I'd seen this playsuit on a girls blog and I looooved it straight away, even if the weather has turned pretty rubbish again, I can't wait to get in this, its so Summery with the sunflower print and comes with removable straps.
There was only one size 8 left so i think it was fate.
Playsuit - £5.00

I've been after a long plain light cardigan for a while just to wear over short dresses this Spring/Summer, 
So i picked this up for £12.00

I absolutely love these blue skinny jeans, I bought some not long ago and wore them all the time but I stupidly wore them while painting and spilt white paint on the bottoms so i plan on turning them into shorts and adding some lace (post to follow on that)
So i decided to purchase a new pair, I love the fit of Primark jeans.
These were £9.00

And lastly, there's a duty free Make up shop in Manchester which sells lots of nail polishes, I would of bought every single colour I liked if I knew I could.
The bottles remind me of O.P.I bottles, these were all £1.99 each, i got two pastel colours, a glittery purple and this spring green.

That's it for my mini shopping haul, I know I didn't buy loads but i know these posts are the most popular amongst my readers, and I love finding out off other people what they've bought.

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Easter OOTD ♥

Hi, Happy Easter to all my lovely followers :)
This is my Easter OOTD, its nothing special, but while my fiance was handy with the camera I let him take a picture for me,
Me and my fiance went to a local pub of ours for a lovely three course sunday meal, the food was AMAZING!! 

Cropped Top - Lowry Outlet (Is also on Missguided)
Skinny Jeans - Primark
Tan Flats - Primark
Rose Bracelet - Primark
Owl Necklace - Ebay 

Hope you've all got lots of yummy easter treats,
I've seen lots of easter egg pictures all over twitter, facebook and Instagram and you've all made me really hungry.

I'm one of the very few that actually waits till Easter to actually eat my eggs, 
I've consumed 4 this month including a giant one.
Luckily I got given this one on thursday off my grandad with some mini Lindt eggs so I still had one in time for Easter.

I also made these yummy mini eggs nests on Thursday, as you really can't not make these this time of year, I've eaten ridiculous amounts of mini eggs this month.

If your not already following me on Instagram on your iphone or Android give me a follow, and I'll follow you back :) 

My username is xxcharlottxx

How many Easter Eggs did you all get??

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Rimmel - Lastin Finish 1000 Kisses - Endless Blossom ♥

This was one of the products that I purchased yesterday in the 3 for offer on at Boots in the Rimmel Section for £5.99

You've probably seen the advert floating around on the television with Georgia May Jagger adverting the product, one of the reasons I went out and bought it.
I was far from impressed.

It states on the lip tint pen that its a transfer-proof lip tint, 
and Rimmel say The Non transfer, kiss proof formula gives lips a royal flush of intense, vibrant colour that stays on duty for up to 12 hours leaving no trace, so your kisses never tell

 The truth be told, I applied it and within an hour the colour had completely vanished, 
11 more hours it should of lasted for.
This is the colour below of the lip tint on my lips, you can tell that there's a hint of colour, 
I opted for a pale colour as i wanted something subtle but noticeable,
I will add that the balm you get on the other end of the lip-tint makes your lips gorgeous and glossy and completely moisturized, I'm just a little disappointed how long the lip tint lasts for, 
I reckon you would have to apply it at least every couple of hours for it to go anywhere.

Endless Blossom Lip Tint 

Luckily this was the item i got free in the 3 for 2 offer as I also purchased the Wake Me Up Foundation, which is really good, so i suppose no money was wasted but if you are purchasing this be careful.

This product for me gets a 3/10 - the fact that the is actually a rather lovely shade of pink and the balm is pretty good, but the amount of time it lasts is pretty disappointing.

Wether or not any of the other colours are more transfer proof I'm not sure as I haven't tried them,

Has anyone else tried this lip tint pen?
What did you think of it??

As much as I love Rimmel products I do hate the efforts that advertising go to to promote an item which means photoshopping something to make it look better than it actually is which I think is misleading.

Picture Taken From The Rimmel Website

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What I've Purchased This Month ♥

This month has been a good one, I got a little bit extra as it was a 5 week month and since the weather WAS nicer at one point, now its snowing again, I did get a bit carried away and started purchasing Spring/Summer clothes.

Mostly was online as I have a good hunt around for discount codes and free delivery!!

Some cheeky discount for you girls here I found - 
25% off most expensive item item (will only work on the one item) - 9690
£5.00 off - 1304 
You can use these codes together so basically you get free delivery and 25% off an item,

1. H&M Orange T-shirt - £3.99 - I have a striped bodycon skirt from H&M and can not think of anything go with it, so I bought exactly the same top the model was wearing with the striped skirt just so i could have a reason to wear it, its a lovely orange colour and will go with quite a few items :)

2. Nautical Print Vest Top - £7.99 - I love anything thats nautical so as soon as i saw this i had to buy it, will be so cute with shorts in the summer,

3. Pink Chiffon Blouse - £2.99 originally £12.99 - H&M have an offer on where you get this blouse for £2.99 in 5 other colours, but its limited to one per household so i go the pink one which is a gorgeous shade in real life, more vibrant than the picture, delivered to my flat and i purchased the cream one separately and got it delivered to my dads, a great idea for anyone else wanting to purchase multiple items with this offer on, 

4. Spotty Print Heart Vest - £7.99 - I love this vest so much its so cute with the polka dots and the heart shape, definitely another one to team with my shorts for a nice girlie laid back look, i managed a wear out of this last Wednesday to Alton Towers when the weather was gorge.

5. Cream Chiffon Blouse - £2.99 - originally £12.99

6. & 7. Peep Toe Shoes - £9.99 - As the weather is warmer but not to warm for sandals, peep toes are the perfect way to get your toes out, i couldn't resist the snake print pair, and they are so comfy.

This next online shop in a favourite of mine - Everything 5 pounds,

The name of the shop pretty much says what it means,

I purchased 8, 9, 10 for £15.00 all £5.00 each minus the £3.95 postage,

8. Is a gorgeous dress floral peplum style dress, no idea when I'm going to wear this yet but it will do for any special occasions in the summer and for the £5.00 price tag you can't go wrong can you?

9 . Are blue jeggings, I do prefer my jeggings to jeans and theses come in some lovely colours but the blue pair are perfect under long tops for normal everyday wear.

10 . How cute is this polka dot bra set?? I love all the three colours and the good thing is it doesn't look tacky as some cheap underwear does, it comes in Pink, Mint Blue and Blue.

Lastly is this Aztec Print top, i fell in love with this on - its £12.99 on there, but i picked it up from the Lowry Outlet Mall near me for £6.00 over half the price.
So i'd have a good look in your local shopping center, most shops do stock the same stuff you can get online for half the price.
I love all the pastel colours, although i may have to purchase these shorts also.

These are my purchases from this month, although I'll be visiting Primark at long last in Manchester this friday when I finally meet the gorgeous Rachel Cocking, so expect a haul if i find anything nice :)

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