Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Project 365: #008 Parrots ♥

This is a picture I've only got round to posting from my holiday, it was one of them ones where they take your pictures with parrots and then charge you a silly amount but you pay for it anyway because your on holiday.
My scanner has had a mind its own recently so its took over two weeks to post this.
My fiance seems to have a grin thats far to cheesy!lol!

Valentines Inspiration ♥ Boux Avenue ♥

Boux Avenue is a new love of mine,
Not only do they have a huge range of gorgeous underwear, but theres something to suit every girl out there,
Its full of pretty and unique pieces that would flatter every bra size and body shape,
As some of us are aware, Valentines day is only around the corner, 
While some may be dreading the idea and hiding under the duvet, its not all about having someone to share it with,
Treat yourself to some pretty underwear and you'll feel super sexy either way.

I've picked out some personal favourites from the Boux Avenue's press release to show you what's hot right now and hopefully give you some inspiration, whether or not you want to give your other half a surprise treat or if you just fancy treating yourself, which is most of the time in a girls head.

Some girls may not be as daring as others, and some may want something girlie and feminine that's not to OTT,
This post is to help inspire you & to find something for everyone,

Girlie & Flirty - This is for your more softer side which would be something I would probably go for, i like something that looks sexy but classic, I wouldn't just wear this for valentines day though, it would probably be most days.

Sexy & Sophisticated - For the sophisticated lady in life, theres nothing more sexy than dressing super smart and having something even sexier and smarter underneath, the bold contrasting on the pink and black body and the bra and brief set would look great on any girl and certainly draw your attention to what your wearing. :)

Perfectly Provocative - For the more daring, especially if you plan on treating your other half to a romantic night in this valentines, nothing says valentines like wearing something black and red, a colour men LOVE.

If you've seen something you fancy that has caught your eye on, if you happen to be a guy who has stumbled across this page there are a few offers for Valentines starting from the 6th February:
The Valentines Special offers are-
-If you spend £40 in store, you will receive a free gift worth £15.00
-The online offer is 10% off when you spend £40.

Your night doesn't have to be all about dressing up if thats not your kind of thing, 
Valentines day can be all about pampering you and spoiling yourself,
Boux Avenue have a wide range of Bath & Beauty products on there website so you can truly indulge and have a good soak in a bubble bath, whether your on your own or with that special someone.

You can view Boux Avenues website 

If you've seen something that's caught your eye on you want to buy as a present.

 What do you think of Boux Avenue, have any of you girlie's bought from them before?

I was not paid or endorsed to write this post, all words that are written are my own and images belong to Boux Avenue and were sent to me.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Project 365: #007 Don't Tell The Bride ♥

I could watch re runs of this show all day long, not only do I love the groom totally screwing a wedding up and seeing the bride's face when she hates her dress - a bit mean i know really, but i love it,

Tonight was spent with my long awaited catch up with my bestest and chief bridesmaid, we watched two episodes while we endlessly bitched about the groom.
One thing i would not be letting my fiance plan would be a wedding, he can't even pick me anything out in the right size, 
Maybe we should give men a little bit of credit as some can pull of a pretty good wedding, like Tony did tonight in Tony & Pippa's wedding, although I'd be fuming if i had £150 spent on my hen do in England, when he swanned of to Amsterdam with his mates.
Errrr nope.
They really need to create a show to see what the bride says when she plays back the show after they've got married, now that would be entertainment.

My favourite bit of the show really has to be the actual wedding which ends up with me blubbing when the big days finally here and its actually a really beautiful wedding.

One of my favourite episodes was Jonny & Ayca, if you watch this show you'll remember this one,
it had me blubbing as it was just so beautiful, and how my wedding day would probably go,

fancy a bit of soppiness watch it here :)


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Project 365: #006 The Art Of Quilting & My Geeky Side ♥

This is a guilty pleasure of mine and not many people know I'm into cross stitching, knitting and painting, its my geeky side not all people get to learn about unless your reading this page.
I love being creative and making my own items,

Recently theres been an advert on television advertising this, where you get a magazine weekly, that gives you tips and ideas for things to make, and at the same time you get to create this stunning quilt.
I like to be creative, so while there may be 1000 other people also collecting this, I'll be learning something new, while making this fab quilt below, that will be so unique you won't find one in the shop like it :)

Its pricey at £3.99 a week i suppose, but how may people waste that a week on magazines anyway,
with this you'll have something to show while learning something new,
 I'll keep you updated on this and show you any fab things i do make :)

Just in case anyone sees this and thinks ohhhhhh, here's the site link if you want a browse,

What's your geeky side??

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Holiday Purchases ♥

This post is a little delayed since its been nearly two weeks since i got home,
I bought a few things while I was away,

I'm a huge lover of Chanel, shame I could never afford a real chanel quilted bag, 
(well i could if i saved for a few years)
& i always come home with a Chanel imitation, since there such a great price 10 euros this little quilted number cost me, and i love the grey neutral shade, this will be my Spring/Summer bag :)

I also love earrings, like most of you girls, i love collecting stud earrings, so i got some matching Chanel Diamante ones for 8 euros, they look so classy and they'll never know if they are real or not,

& finally i bought these two gorgeous bracelets, I really want a real Pandora bracelet, sadly my fiance still hasn't got the hint YET!
for now i will have to do with these......
6 euros a piece,

excuse the lighting, the glass beads were purple and baby pink but the colours not quite picked up.

Do any of you bloggers always pick up that certain something when you go away?

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Project 365: #005 Jenny Colgan ♥

Last night i finished the best book I've read in a while, The Good, The Bad, & The Dumped, in fact she may be beating my favourite author Paige Toon with this read I've just read, not only did i know what was coming next, sometimes books are so predicable, but i was actually shedding tears, not a lot of books have had that effect on me,
I suggest if your a true romantic at heart, this book is for you, its a perfect, holiday, bedtime, feel good read and you won't be disappointed.
This was my first Jenny Colgan book and it won't be my last, I've already borrowed operation sunshine from my library, which is the cheaper option to buying,
The kindle version is £4.99 from Amazon,

A short synopsis of the book taken from Amazon:

Now, you obviously, would never, ever look up your exes on Facebook. Nooo. And even if you did, you most certainly wouldn't run off trying to track them down, risking your job, family and happiness in the process. Posy Fairweather, on the other hand . . . Posy is delighted when Matt proposes - on top of a mountain, in a gale, in full-on romantic mode. But a few days later disaster strikes: he backs out of the engagement. Crushed and humiliated, Posy starts thinking. Why has her love life always ended in total disaster? Determined to discover how she got to this point, Posy resolves to get online and track down her exes. Can she learn from past mistakes? And what if she has let Mr Right slip through her fingers on the way?

Has anyone read any other Jenny Colgan books?
could you recommend my next read :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Project 365: #004 Jersey Skirts ♥

I picked up the stripy skirt from H&M the other day for an amazing £3.99 i swear i could buy everything from that shop, i wanted to show you a little OOTD, 
I could possibly be purchasing it in every colour!
its just makes a simple outfit so much classier and girlie.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Blog Birthday Treat ♥ CLOSED

I have a little treat for my followers, from the ones who have been with me from the start, to the new and the who still continue to comment on my posts even after all this time.
on the 02/03/2012 it will have been exactly a year since i posted my first post on blogger,

To reward you loyal people I would love to hold a giveaway for
one lucky follower to win a £15 models own voucher to spend however they wish.
Payed for by me, it will be an electronic voucher so you will need an email to enter.
They are a favourite brand of mine and have a huge and gorgeous range of polishes to choose from, lip, eyes and face products,
If you are unfamiliar with the brand here the link for the website

I have started this comp early and it will be open for a month so everyone gets a chance to enter.
I'll make it quick and easy for you and 100% fair,
I don't want any people who enter competitions for the hell of it to enter as this is for the people who genuinely want to win.
Entries are collected using rafflecopter:
Theres a total of 6 entries to choose from:
You must have a GFC and Email,
Open Internationally,


I just want to thank all of my lovely followers once again, its you lot who have kept me blogging :)

Project 365: #003 Excuse Moi ♥

My new favoutie nail polish of all time from the O.P.I muppets collection :)
I got new clear acylics yesterday as my own nails barely stay long for 1 week, they are always snapping with my job,

 I got this for christmas in The Muppets O.P.I set mini's and i'm that in love with it, i shall be purchasing a full size bottle, 

 I love O.P.I nail polish, the brushes are great and you only need one coat for a good coverage.
Is anyone else a big fan of O.P.I??

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Project 365: #002 Candy King ♥

Who else thinks these tubs are the one of the best thing ever created?
I hate them ridiculous places that make you weigh out sweets so you have to pick the lightest ones so it won't cost you like £10.00 for a few sweets,
I love squashing them all down as far as they will go till the lid never fits on properly (in this case it does since I've already eaten a far few.
For £1.99 you can't go wrong.
I stuff mine with all the sour and fizzy ones's :)
I may be 23 but your never to old for sweeties,

Who else loves a gold old candy king?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Project 365: #001 Pot Of Dreams ♥

Ever since this New Year has started I feel like I've turned into abit of a Bridezilla, this is the year me and my fiance are putting money aside each month together for a wedding hopefully next year in the summer, around July/August, (the saving has started) the cogs in my head have been turning constantly and I'm suddenly really excited, this pot here is one of the most important things to do with our planned wedding, given as an engagement present, it probably has collected about £30 in it so far in £1, or £2 coins, I've decided between me and my fiance to pop £2 each in it a week till its bursting, the good things about these pots is I'll have to smash it to get the money out, something I won't be doing till next year since its meant to help us save,
The honeymoon will be the most important part of our wedding as its going to be somewhere beautiful with a beautiful beach so me and my fiance can renew our vows after our actual wedding in England in a registry office so all friends and family can be there, I'll get my dream beach wedding and a honeymoon to remember :)

The words on the back of the pot read:

When Your Wedding Day Is Over,
You'll Want To Have Some More Fun,
So Here's A Pot To Help You Save,
For A Honeymoon In The Sun,

These pots are fab ways to save, does anyone else have them?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way ♥

A few of my friends, Rachel Crawford from Island Girl Insights have influenced me to start project 365, not only is it really interesting to see a new picture everyday but to find out what is going on in there world just from one picture.

Projects 365 can be seen here

Its all about documenting everyday day of your life for a year so you cant miss out on all them important memories you forget in everyday life, 
We all know a picture can tell a 1000 words, a picture I've taken on holiday or from a night or day out, can turn my memory into the whole days events, from what i was wearing that day, what i did, and what I talked about, and who I met,
Memories are precious so why don't you start this challenge and document your whole life for a year everyday :)

I will be starting my project 365 tomorrow,

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Holiday OOTD'S ♥

I took a few of pretty dresses with me on holiday, and I always think its a waste if you don't take pictures of them, 
Something my fiance can't see the point in when he whinges cause i told him he didn't get all my outfit in the picture, and has to take it all over again,

Ditsy Floral Dress - £4 Primark,
Sandals - H&M - £7.49 In Sale
I love these dresses, they bring out every year, there so cheap and affordable you can get them in all different colours and they flatter you so much, 
I just bought the one tan belt with me as it went with every outfit i owned and i really thought my suitcase would be over the 20 KG limit, could not believe my surprise when it weighed less than my fiances, my grans, grandads and my uncle's suitcase, now that's an achievement.

Floral Shorts - Ebay - £24.99
Bandeau Top - £3.99 - H&M
Sandals - Good Old Primark - £2.50

Fiances Outfit - No Comment lol

Dress - Primark - £4.00
Wedges - H&M (These were my key staple for night time & so comfy) - £7.49

Swallow Print Skater Dress - Triple S Clothing  £24.99
Wedges - H&M - £7.49

Dress - H&M - 3.99 in H&M Sale
Wedges - H&M - £7.49

I wore lots of different outfits, but I have a bad habit of remembering to actually take pictures,
I hope you loved looking at my OFTD'S sorry if there was only five,

Which one's your favourite?

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Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo Review ♥

The Batiste range was given a fresh new look for 2011. 
The new cans retain the slightly retro designs and colourways that Batiste is loved for, but now have a much more contemporary vibe. 
Can size has increased from 150ml to 200ml – that extra 50ml means you can spritz every day if you want with your new Batiste.

No wonder Batiste is the UK’s Number 1 dry shampoo brand, the beauty “must have” loved by millions.  Use in the morning before work, if you oversleep, when heading out for happy hour or after a workout – Batiste is perfect for women on the go!

I was recently sent the New Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo to review,
My hairs really flat because its so thick so the weight just weighs it down,

XXL Volume for the ultimate volume boost

Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo is the latest addition to the Batiste family.  
It blends the legendary benefits of Batiste Dry Shampoo with ultimate volumising power.  
A quick burst of XXL Volume will provide a volumising makeover to help transform dull or limp hair into big and bouncy locks.  
 No backcombing or water needed!  
And, because this is Batiste, you will also be able to refresh your hair instantly and banish oily roots – all in one easy jjush!

How it works:

Batiste XXL Volumes’ unique instant body boosting formulation includes micro-fine particles that work to coat and lift each hair, helping increase thickness and fullness and adding texture without weighing down your locks.

I tested the product on one day old washed hair, i wash it every two days as i have really oily roots,

                                         BEFORE                                                AFTER

The Result:

You can tell straight off my hair magically has more volume than before, and that was simply achieved my massaging the dry shampoo into the top of my hair like it shows you on the back of the can,
and it did actually stay like that all day long,
The only downside is if you have pretty dark hair like me, it leaves a slight residue behind, even after spraying 30 cms away from the hair, so i did have to massage it into my hair to get rid of that,
You can feel the product in your hair, it kind of reminds me of hairspray so i wouldn't advise trying to brush it out, I'd brush your hair before using it,
Overall this is a great product for anyone with fine hair who wants a boost of volume to the hair, you even get an extra 15 minutes in bed, who wouldn't want to say no to that.

Q:  How do I use XXL Volume?
A: Just like the other Batiste Dry Shampoos, shake vigorously before use. Keeping nozzle about 30cm from hair, spray into roots. Massage through with fingertips. Brush and style.

Q:  Why is XXL Volume better than other volumising products I have tried?
A:  XXL Volume is able to give hair a truly instant volumising makeover! It’s so easy to use, even when you are ‘on the go’ with no water needed. And, because it’s Batiste, you will also be able to refresh your hair instantly and banish oily roots – with just a few quick sprays!  

Q: Will the product be sticky?  Does it wash out easily?
A:  XXL Volume has a unique non-sticky formulation, and will wash out very easily.

Q:  Will the product add weight to my hair?
A:  XXL Volume has a unique body building formulation with micro-fine particles that will not weigh your hair down, whilst providing immediate body and bounce and a great ‘plumped up’ look. 

What do you think?
Would you try this product out?
If you have, what do you think of it?

See the full range of Batiste products at www.batistehair.co.uk

RRP:  £3.99 (200ml)

Stockists: Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury’s and Independent Pharmacies. Stockist info: 01303 858700

All press release except my own words has been written by 
 Geri at JWPR

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I'm Baaaack ♥

From my lovely week away in Tenerife, the weather all week was lovely with our last day reaching 25 degree's which was a great end to my holiday, 
I really didn't want to come home, in fact we loved it that much, me and my fiance are already looking for September deals,
I'd recommend anyone going to the canary islands for a holiday, its sunny all year round, affordable and your guaranteed an amazing holiday :)

As we only were there a week, we spent most of our days by the pool sunbathing, at that's what its all about isn't it, coming home looking with a tan to prove you've been on holiday,

We went to a monkey park, I love monkeys, but I was really horrified the size of the cages these chimps were kept in, it made me that sad i had to delete the pictures,

We also went to the Whale & Dolphin Park at Loro Parque,
Has anyone been?
It was my second time and i loved it just as much as the first :)

Here's a few holiday snaps to highlight my holiday :)

Our Hotel We Stayed At, Las Dalias

Me & My Fiance <3

Me & My Gorgeous Nan, I can see who i inherited my legs from, my nan has amazing legs and she's 69, hopefully its in the genes,

 The Beach, Costa Adeje,

Our Warmest Day,

Whales At Loro Parque

Dolphins :)

I have a few gorge products I have been kindly sent to review, 
So I'll have posts on them coming up, that will interest you all :)

I've also got some exciting news, as of today, 
One of my new years resolutions is now completed, I'm now officially a volunteer at my local animal sanctuary working with cats and rabbits that need re homing my job one day a week will be cuddling and looking after these gorgeous furry animals, although it already broke my heart when they were telling me some of the stories about how some of the animals have ended up here, including one cat that was dumped in a build a bear workshop box that was that cramped it crushed his poor lungs and has now left him with a lifetime problem, people can be so horrible to animals, 


Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Glitter Tips ♥

I thought a bit of nail therapy would be good for my mood and give me abit of a boost since Christmas is now and truly over and my bank balance is nearing zero all over again,
and of course for the perfect reason, I've not had acrylics since March last year,
I should not have been spending any money but ended up doing that anyway, never mind,
I go away in 2 days now so wanted something pretty that sparkled so i chose pink glitter originally but they'd ran out, so i resorted to my second favourite colour, purple,
I love them, there so sparkly and pretty,

There nothing better to make a girl happy than sparkly nails :)
What do you think?
Is anyone else a fan of glitter tips like mine?

This will be my last post before I go away so i won't be here for over a week, so if anyone new clicks the follow button, say hello and pop your blog address below so i can follow you back :)
I've got some exciting new things to show you when I'm back and its almost my blog birthday so giveaway time, keep your eyes peeled.

Lots Of Love

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Thursday, 5 January 2012

More Shopping & Sales ♥

To Even out the rather depressing post below, sorry if i made you a little sad, it just had to be wrote, 
On a lighter note i went and did a little bit of retail therapy yesterday and today, i met up with an old friend of mine who I'd not spoken to in a while, 
I decided i really needed to take my ever so tiny skinny jeans my fiance got me for Xmas back to New Look,
"New Looks" sizing is ridiculous as I'm sure a 34 inch waist is classed as an 8 in the UK - am I right - I couldn't get these past my thighs, talk about making a girl feel fat.

So I went to New look, exchanged my jeans and came out with another two tops, i should not be allowed to go in anywhere atm,

Here are my purchases:

Skinny Jeans - Left £9.99 - Right £19.99

 I could not resist buying this gorgeous chiffon top, 
I love the fact this material does not crease or need ironing, and the colour means it will go with most things and it was a bargain £9.99

I also thought it was a good idea to buy a top that would go underneath since my chiffon top is a little to see through for my liking - £2.49

Today I came across the coat i had my eye on yesterday, its a good job i checked as it was in the sale yesterday from £44.99 to £20.00, today it had been reduced further to £12.00, not bad for a coat from New Look,
I love the colour mustard and it will do for next year as well when it gets cold.

In the past week or so I've also had my online purchases come through the post, my bargain RARE dress which i got for £7.00,

My Swallow Print Skater Dress which I could not wait to get my hands on, from Triple S Clothing,

& a sneaky purchase from Motel - I've been obsessed with playsuits this month - whats that all about, its bloody winter still,

5 days till my week break so at least I'll get a days worth of use out of them :)

I also bought a book today from HMV reduced from £7.99 to £1, it looks pretty good,

"After years of struggle, Elena Michaels - journalist, investigator, werewolf - has finally come to terms with her strange fate, and learned how to control her wild side. At least, that's what she believes when she sets off to Alaska with her partner Clay. A series of gruesome maulings and murders outside Anchorage seem to implicate a rogue band of werewolves. But the truth is more complicated. Trapped in a frozen, unforgiving terrain, they are forced to confront a deadly secret, and their own, untamed nature... Gripping, intense and deeply satisfying, Frostbitten is a brilliant novel of suspense with a supernatural twist."

Has anyone bought anything good in the sales recently?
If so link me I'd love to read your posts :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shining High So Bright, Spreading Precious Light ♥

This is a rather depressing post to some, but i just wanted to take 5 minutes to write this, 
Thank you for all your lovely comments, it means so much when people are so thoughtful,

 Today is the second year anniversary of the day i lost my mum and my whole world changed forever,
My dad who's on holiday at the minute in Gran Canaria (somewhere my parents always loved going over Christmas & New Year) threw a rose in the sea in memory of my mum,
Since this place was where I lost my mum, its nice that she can be remembered in a place where she loved to be, 
In memory of my mum, who I love from the bottom of my heart,
She gave birth to me, looked after me, and always loved me no matter what, 
I always hope that even if i do make a few wrong turns she's looking down on me and I'm making her proud in some way,
I love you mum, and one day we will meet again

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Realistic New Years Resolutions ♥

I wanted to split this post up and my last one since i know people hate reading essays and i have such a bad habit of writing to much,

So lets get realistic, 

12 Goals I Hope To Achieve This Year,

♥ Tone Up, you'll read in my last post I've lost weight over a space of a year, this year will be all about toning up the tops of my legs, my tummy, and my arms, I've realised I'm going to be 25 next year, that's scary and I'm not even 24 yet, arrrgh!!!
I'd love a body like this girl, I am not interested in being any smaller than i am, i like having curves in all the right places like this gorgeous lady does,

♥ Volunteering - I have a day in the week and a whole weekend free so I really want to do some volunteering somewhere, preferably an animal shelter, I've already applied at a local one and I'm awaiting a reply, damn these bank holidays, and since I'm studying to be a veterinary nurse this would be a fab opportunity,

♥ Pass my driving test, its no big secret I'm booked in for the 4th resit of my driving test, 2012 will be the year I pass, I can feel it, its just literly in finger reach and I will not give up

♥ Meet more of you lovely bloggers in the future, one gorgeous girl i have met last year, Rachel Cocking, I still really want to meet, so this year will be the year, we finally have a good old natter in person, and of course re meet with my other favourite girlie's,

♥ Open that savings account that my fiance actually said he was going to open for us when we get back from our holiday this month, "his words not mine" We've been engaged for over a year now and a wedding next year will most possibly 80% be on the cards if we save together :)

♥ Try on a wedding dress, my god, i can not wait to do this, its never been a huge dream of mine but as soon as that ring was popped on my finger I've already decided what dress i want, now i need to get a feel of an actual dress and try one on and who knows even buy it,
I'll work on my dad to help with this purchase ;)

♥ Move to a bigger place, me and my fiance live in a flat at the minute, and we've never had the opportunity to look about properly, the first time we got a place we wanted to get in somewhere before Xmas, and the second time round we had a month to find somewhere new, so a two bedroom house with a pretty garden would be perfect,

♥ Have a perfect smile, one of my biggest hang ups as i got bullied in school for it and the reason you never see me smile properly on pictures, i refused to wear a brace in school, my fault, but i am working on getting work done this month to get that perfect smile, and straighter teeth without the need of a brace, after all I do want to look perfect for my big day :D
(I'll show you this when my transformation is complete)

♥ Visit lots of new places, I always regret not making the most of all the nice weather and when its all dreary like this i always think i should of gone more places in the summer, so this year will be all about more road trips with the fiance,
I really want to visit Scotland, 
(If anyone can recommend anywhere nice, that would be lovely)

♥ Complete my Veterinary Home Learning Course & get that qualification - quite achievable since I've got about 4 modules to go over, but once i have that qualification there's no stopping me,

♥ Have more nights out and spend more time with my friends, I'm quite a solitary person and love my own space, some people hate being on my own, i love it, probably the good thing that came from being an only child, i need to stop being as selfish and offer more of my time to the people who need it,

♥ Finally of course to make this year of blogging better than last year, its almost been a year - end of next month to be precise, and I've gained nearly 600 lovely people who actually read my blog, who would of thought people actually read what i waffle on about lol,

So there are my realistic goals i hope to achieve some of this year, if you have any of your own please link me I'd love to read yours :)

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