Saturday, 1 December 2012

Xmas Present Inspiration #2 Lily Loves Lola - Perfect Stocking Fillers ♥

Today is officially the 1st December as you all know, I've opened the first door on my Hello Kitty advent calender,
My blog has a new Christmas Theme,
25 days till Christmas day and 31 days to a whole near year 2013 - which I am looking forward to the most.
I'm still clueless as to what I actually want for Christmas this year, I'm working on my list later tonight.

Today I wanted to show you my second post giving you bloggers some inspiration when it comes to
Christmas presents.

Victoria from the blog Lily Loves Lola makes the most prettiest friendship bracelets and jewelry,
Since I joined the blogger world, I always like to get my blogger girlies who I don't see as often because they live far away from me something a little more special, and I think these are perfect gifts to give to a blogger friend or a friend you don't see as much or see everyday, they are just nice little thoughtful gifts,

Victoria asked me what sorts of colours I liked and I said I liked anything pink or with hearts, 
A few days later a cute little parcel and card arrived in the post looking all christmassy.
Inside were these two pretty bracelets

I received a purple bracelet with three silver beads, and a pink bracelet with a heart joining it together.
They also look really pretty stacked together on top of each other.

You can visit Lily Loves Lola's Etsy's shop here and her big cartel shop here to purchase them as a Christmas gift for yourself or for a friend.
They make perfect stocking fillers are are really thoughtful gifts and there lots of different variety depending on what you like.
She packages them up for you together or separately if they are for gifts too.

Use the code EARLYBIRD for a further 15% off.

I love these little bracelets and I will definitely be passing one along to one of my blogger girlies this Christmas.

What do you think of these gorgeous little bracelets?

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