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What I Got For Christmas ♥

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I can't believe it has come and gone so soon, Xmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day went faaaar to quick, and then I ended up with the flu on Friday, I'm just about recovering and I'm occupying myself and you lot by writing a post about what I go for Christmas.
I love a good nosey and seeing what people got so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.
I was extremely grateful because so many people put effort into there presents this year to me and I loved everything I got.
My fiance spoilt me so much - we have this rule where we spend an exact amount on one another, I stick to this, whereas he has to go one better than me.
This year I thought he'd agreed to our promise and I unwrapped my presents as usual and he completely surprised me.
I have two jobs at the minute working over 40 hour weeks to save for our wedding next year and put extra aside in our saving for our dream home for after we get married, Christmas has been manic and I've been getting home at stupid times doing 13 hour days - can I just say (I hate retail)
My fiance knew how hard I'd been working and he himself worked overtime just so he could treat me to a Kindle Fire HD - I was so happy when I unwrapped this, completely unexpected as I'd mentioned how much I wanted a kindle but he said I didn't need one (his little ploy to throw me off guard) - this was one of my best presents.

I also got lots of beauty treats, there was a time when I hated getting bath treats as presents, but since getting my own place I seem to love them all over again and my bathroom looks like one of Boot's beauty aisle's.

I got a LUSH Candy Cane gift set from my uncle - Snow Fairy and the Popcorn lip scrub are amazing - I just want to eat the lot.

I got some gorgeous bath goodies and matching perfume from my fiances best mates mum and a Katie Price perfume - Besotted - off my mother in law to be.

 Rachel Crawford & Georgina Balmer (My favourite Blogging Beauts) also spoilt me this year and got me some gorgeous goodies - Thank you girls.
The only thing that isn't pictured is my gorgeous smelling Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake air freshener for my car.

My fiance also got me a Seksy watch I'd asked for, I wanted a pretty watch I can wear for every occasion and this one is perfect he picked out - I just need to get a few links removed so it fits me.
My Mother in Law to be bought me this pretty necklace with birds and butterflies on too.

This picture was also another one of my favourite and thoughtful presents I got given.
I saw this picture a few months ago in NEXT and I showed my Grandad a picture of it a few weeks back, he must have an amazing memory because he got it me and its now standing pride of place on my wall in our bedroom - in case you didn't know I have an obsession with butterflies, they are so beautiful and if you walk into our flat you will notice I have a liittttle obsession.

 My Grandad also bought me this pretty bone china mug from John Lewis, it has pictures of all different butterflies on it and what kind they are, something to look at and memorise when I'm drinking my brew from it.

While I'm on the subject of mugs me and my fiance also got this set off his grandad, I bloody love these so much - I spotted them in a little quaint shop up in Holmfirth near Huddersfield and pointed them out because they were so us and I even tried to search fro them online but I couldn't find them, they are a one of a kind set, so imagine our amazement when he actually bought them for us.
These are our daily morning brew mugs.

You can't go wrong with a few comedy DVD'S - Micheal McIntyre and Sarah Millican who I'm off to see in 2014 live - ages yet,

And lastly my other cute presents,
My fiance bought me a new butterfly purse and a cute little pug phone case I was after for my Samsung Galaxy S3.
My mother in law to be also go me this cute little puppy pugs cosmetics bag from NEXT.
Next year I want a real pug.

I can't not include my pretty branch lights my friend Steph got me with a warm fluffy teal throw for our settee.
We got lots of other pretty things and lots of chocolate which I will be consuming before New Year so I can start my diet lol.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post - what was your favourite gift you received for Christmas?

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