Sunday, 16 December 2012

Manchester Christmas Market's Meet Up ♥

Last week I saw my favorite girlies Rachel & Gina, we decided to be all festive and visit the Christmas Markets.
It was all so Christmasy with the carol singers and all the Christmas stalls,
I may be 24 but I am such a kid this time of year at Christmas and I probably always will be.

It was pretty busy, after all we did go on the busiest day of the year and on a Saturday.
We all swapped Christmas pressies, I think we all spoilt each other this year, 
I can't wait to see what they got on Christmas day.
We them posed for some pictures beforehand as we always end up chatting faaar to much to take any and then its all last minute.

We all had a wonder around the stalls - I love all the unique items the German markets sell, they always surprise me every year,
Annnnd the hot dogs are to die for, we stopped off for one of them, it was actually my second that week - oooops!

The only thing I think we ended up spending my money on that day was food,  
 I bought these meter long marshmallow sticks along with a blueberry 1 metre wand, they were incredible.
I also picked up a few belgium chocolate santa's as treats for my dad and fiance.
We all really wanted to stop off for a hot chocolate but we never got round to that, I think we'd stuffed our faces to much.

I took a few pictures of the Christmasy stalls - as you do.

This stall sold all them unique vintage hearts and hanging trinkets, this was so busy though, we couldn't have a decent look, which was a shame.

How cute are the snowman??

We also couldn't resist popping in the santa sleigh for a group picture hehe!

It was a lovely day, and it really got me in the festive mood, and I love that we never stopped nattering,

Were already planning the next meet up.

Me and Rachel also bought this cute festive gingerbread tea light holder, 
Its was only a £1 from poundland can you believe - perfect for Christmas - when you blow the candle out the smoke comes out the chimney,

I actually visited the Christmas markets two days before my meet up with Rachel and Gina with my fiance, We had a bit of a look around and got some food, and I bought this huuuge chocolate log on a lolly, it was so amazing at the time but after getting a third through it it was sickly.
Safe to say i couldn't eat the whole thing :(
and I didn't half get some funny looks when I was carrying it around Manchester haha!

Have any of you girls been to the Christmas Markets this year?


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