Monday, 24 December 2012

Little Black Bag ♥

Hello lovelies, in case you didn't know:

I know you know that really, I probably won't be posting till after Christmas now, I'll be so busy I can imagine like the rest of you, so I hope you all have a good one.

My Christmas Eve will be spent going down to Cannock - which is where I will probably be on my way now - we're off to see my fiance's best mate and "Best Man" to exchange Christmas presents and go for a pub lunch, then later on, I'm meeting with my uncle and a few friends for a few festive drinks the night before Christmas.
I can not wait till tomorrow, ekkkkk!

Anyway enough of my rambling I'll get on with the post.

Today I wanted to show you my pretty new bag from Brand Village

I got it through the post recently, and it came just in time as I've been dying for a new bag that's perfect for every occasion and one I can take this anywhere,

I think it really smartens up any outfit and goes with the majority of items I wear and own.

I've only heard of Brand Village recently but they already have me addicted to bags again,
I'm a bit of a bag hoarder - they stock all kinds of different bags to suit every ones taste.
So you will find something for everyone,

And they really are excellent quality, I was quite impressed with mine when I got it and I know its going to last me a long time,

A few girls at work have already asked where its from so I know its a keeper.

You can browse Brand Villages handbags here and have a little splurge or window shop.

I took some closer up pictures so you can have a look what mine looks like inside.

My bag has a 3 zip compartments which I love because it means I'm not digging in my bag for ages trying to look for my car keys or phone, I keep my important pieces in the middle zip pocket, my purse in one compartments and my make up bag in the other - it has made my life so much easier,

It has a gold clasp which shuts the bag which I prefer rather than a zip as I'm a nightmare for not zipping up my bag, ooops,

My bag also came with a long strap so I can wear it on my shoulders instead of on my arm, but I do prefer it on my arm at the minute.
You can purchase this bag here its available in a few different colours, the cream version is gorgeous.
What do you think of my bag from Brand Village - do you like it?
P.S The winner for my Christmas Giveaway has been annouced, the winner is - Anastasia Soldatos
I've already sent you an email hun.

In the mean time my giveaway for than chance to win some leggings from "Oh My Love" is still open till the 29th.


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