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♥ Christmas Time ♥

Less than a week till Christmas now eeek, 
I wanted to join in on a little tag I've seen about on other blogs - feel free to steal - and add a few of my own Christmassy photo's I've taken over the past weeks because I had to share them with someone.

I always get my little kitty involved in Christmas, because he's mine and my fiance's baby, he's always spoilt rotten every year, so we always make sure he has a stocking up every Christmas with lots of treat inside.
Although he has been a little naughty and been playing with the baubles on the tree, he's been quite a good kitty this year, and the best bit - he's left our tree alone.
I wanted to take a few pictures in his festive Santa collar which he tolerated well, he even kept it on for about half an hour before he decided it made a better toy.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Christmas?

To me Christmas always makes me feel like a little kid and I get so excited every year, I still wish I got the butterfly feeling I always got when I was younger though,
My favorite thing of all time is spending it with all the one's I love the most.
My mum passed away three years ago so I always feel like a part of me is missing at Christmas but I have my amazing close knit family and fiance to keep me smiling all day,
 I love spending Christmas morning opening presents, then eating my whole body weight in quality street, mince pies, wine and Christmas dinner and watching all the Christmas films and programmes they have on.
I really couldn't think of a more perfect way to spend a day.

What Is Your Favorite Make Up Look For The Festive Season?

I always try to wear something festive colored ever year make up wise, this year its red nail polish with glitter, which is what I have on my nails now, or red lipstick, which I will be wearing on Christmas day without a doubt, I try not to go to over the top as my day is pretty much spent lazing about anyway.
But I do always make that extra effort on Christmas day.

Real Or Fake Tree?

Fake without a doubt, I love real Christmas tree's, I think they look amazing but I always remember when I was younger how messy they were, plus I have a cat and I wouldn't want to risk him swallowing any needles or hurting his paws, 
I always think artificial tree's are more pretty looking and you can get them in so many different colours,
 I love colored tree's and I don't think I'd ever have a green traditional one.
My tree is a plum colour and I think it looks so pretty in our living room as we have a plum, black and teal theme.
My fiances mum has a white one up with teal decorations and it just looks beautiful.

Giving or Receiving Presents?

I would have to say giving, I love shopping for presents every year and I always try and get thoughtful presents for my fiance and family and close friends, I like to go that extra mile, and I think Christmas is one of them times when you can really spoil someone and show them how much they mean to you.
I love the smile someone gets on there face when you've got them a present they really want or given them something they weren't expecting - to me that's priceless.
I love wrapping presents to, this has to be one of the best things about Christmas, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping presents and I probably spent to many hours this year wrapping prsents hehe,

Do You Open Your Presents In The Morning Or Evening?

Always the morning, what normally happen now because I live with my fiance, we get up really early, we open everyone else's presents first, we take it in turns to open one and we pick them out for each other.
Then we take it in turns opening our presents we've got each other and we pick them out ourselves which one's we want to open first.
Then I normally go to my nans and grandads which is where I've been going since I was a baby - I can't break a tradition - and I give them there presents to open and I open there's ect,
 Then usually the rest of the family comes round in the evening,

Handmade Or Bought Christmas Cards?

I am quite creative and I was going to make my own Christmas cards this year but I've just had no time at all, so I've bought all my important family and friends personal Christmas cards this year,
The one think I love about being with some at Christmas is getting cards like the one above, its my last Christmas as a fiancee this year as I will be a wifey next Christmas - eeek!

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Film?

I honestly can't say I have a favorite, I have so many films I love watching at Christmas,
My most watched Christmas films do have to be Home Alone 1 & 2 (2 is my favorite), The Grinch, Elf, Santa Clause The Movie, Miracle on 34th Street, Deck The Halls & Christmas With The Cranks.

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Food?

This is a really hard question but my top to favorites do have to be Quality Street and mince pies,
They seem to be the most eaten things in my household.
I love all the party food platters you can get too, like the mini pork pies and sausage rolls but the again you can get them all year round,
 I don't think its officially Christmas until you've had your first mince pie.

I hope you enjoyed reading how I spend my Christmas,let me know if you join in on this post and leave your link so I can have a read.

"I also want to wish all my followers a Merry Christmas,
And I hope you all get the pressies you asked for and you have a lovely day,"

I ask for a pug every year, I'm still waiting for one 3 Christmases on, I know I'm not being realistic because ideally we need a bigger place first, but there's not harm dreaming right.
There's still next Christmas.

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