Friday, 23 November 2012

Xmas Present Inspiration ♥ Me & Zena - 5 Gold Rings Collection #1

Two posts in one day is pretty good for me, but while I have some free time this Friday I am trying to catch up with blogging and my favorite blogs :)

I know that we aren't in December yet but I know that everyone has already started there Xmas shopping
- me included in that -
I wanted to do a series of posts featuring some fabulous Xmas ideas and gift inspiration.
So I shall do them over a few weeks heading up towards Christmas - sometimes you need inspiration -

I couldn't resist featuring a post on Me and Zena's 5 gold rings collection when I got there press release through my inbox,

I'm familiar by the 12 days of Christmas song so I absolutely love the "5 gold rings inspired Christmas theme" that are so unique so I wanted to do a post featuring there new collection.

I'll start with my favorite ring of them all.

- Snowed In House Ring - £32.00 - How adorable.....
- Bright Eyes Rabbit Ring - £25.00 - I looove Bunnies,

 - Love Heart Ring - £15.00 -

I know jewelry is a girls best friend, jewelry is normally the second gift I request on my Christmas wish list after nail varnish of course and these sparkly Xmas rings are perfect little somethings and stocking fillers to treat your friend, sister, ect with.

Me and Zena have some gorgeous pieces of jewelry and its worth taking a look at there website here

Which is your favorite out of the collection?

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