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Wedding Dress Shopping & Finding "The One" - My Journey Of A Bride To Be #1 ♥

First all of while writing this I finally reached 1000 followers on my blog, this is a big achievement for me, while some can naturally gain 100 followers overnight, I am just really proud of my blog and that you lovelies do like reading my blurbs.
So thank you so much for reading and keeping be blogging - I love you all 

- Anyway back to my post -

"Shopping for a wedding dress is the BEST and most magical things about about getting married, 
I could try dresses on all day and everyday"

I didn't think I'd be writing this so soon, or did I think I'd be saying by now
"I've paid the 50% deposit on my dream wedding dress"
I've been on two dress visits, visited 4 bridal boutiques and tried 27 wedding dress of every variety I could think of.

The first visit wasn't a success, I realized most places you had to book appointments to fully get the experience of trying on lots of gowns and seeing what looks right for you.

On my first visit I found a dress which maybe I thought was the one, but them thoughts turned to doubts when I started to wanted to change things on the dress that I had tried, it was a truly beautiful dress but I've since realized the perfect dress means not changing a single thing except the size of course.

This was the dress I'd fallen in love with, I loved the detail on the top half and the lace netted skirt on the bottom half but I just wanted to remove all the roses - they look gorgeous on the model but roses aren't me on a dress.

Its a beautiful gown, but another thing that also made me hesitate was the puffiness of it,
I'm getting married abroad so I wanted "the princess dress" but without to much skirt,

My next visit was at an appointment only boutique a few weeks later,
It was an absolutely stunning boutique with a vintage contemporary theme to it, 
Picture Audrey Hepburn style, the dresses she put me in were all stunning but not me,

- A Selection I Tried -

I tried 7 in total and I did take a liking to one which also happened to be twice my budget amount.
It was a ruffle A line dress with a sweetheart neckline with ruffles going down - on the hanger it didn't look all that but one it was beautiful but I will admit I didn't really love it when I first tried it on,
That is the important thing about picking a dress, you have to love it straight away which happened when I found "the one"
But there was still something missing - I loved it but it didn't blow me away.

"The ruffle dress"

I then went into another boutique who had a sale on but all the dresses were sample sizes, I tried 3 gowns but they were beautiful but all to traditional and just not me, I wanted a brand new dream dress - not a sample size that lots of people had tried on.

The last shop I went into was called Blush Boutique, I had a feeling I would find something as soon as I walked past the window into the shop, one dress caught my eye which I asked to try.
This shop was full of sparkly princess gowns with gorgeous shiny accessories I was spoilt for choice.

The first dress I picked was "the one" and I knew within seconds that I loved it, it was a close tie between the dress in the window and the one i picked.
The picture above is one of the dresses I tried but didn't pick, but I did love this dress, it was my third favorite.

 I am of course keeping the dress I picked a huge secret :)

I know some people describe picking the dress as being an emotional moment,
I didn't cry I however on the other hand I knew I loved it, I could not stop smiling from ear to ear when I saw myself it, and I remember saying to the lady when she put it on me and started tying me up "I love this"
I'd been so critical of every dress I tried and this was the only one I said I loved ,

I loved every little detail on the dress and it was everything I had picked off other dresses but in one gown - It was perfect.
I spent about half an hour in it, sitting in it and walking up and down in it,
 I tried it on twice after trying a few more before going back to "The One"
I didn't pay for it straight away, I had a think about it and talk about it with Daz just to be sure, 

But I spent the night dreaming about trying it on again proved more to the point it was "The One"
 I didn't wait 5 minutes after I woke up to ring the shop and pay my deposit.

The store and staff were so amazing - They knew I had a set budget and they did everything they could to stick to that even it went over a tiny bit.

Over week later I'm more excited than ever to go and try it on again so I can get a picture in it to look at.
I've already picked a day in December to go with my mother in law to be.

I love that it was my mother in law who helped me pick my dress and patiently sat and waited for 6 hours - my heart really did ache about the fact my mum couldn't be there to see my try them on as she passed away three years ago, but I'm extra lucky that I have such an amazing mother in law to be.

Its A Maggie Sotterro gown if any girls know there designers,
She is one of the most sought after gown designers and I can see why, her designs are beautiful and romantic,

You can see her website and gowns here if your a girl who loves looking at wedding dresses.

I am so excited to have finally bought my dress and it all feels even more real now, if also a little scary - not getting married just the realness of the whole day.

I still have 10 months to go before the big day, the dress will be ready by June - I don't know how I'm going to wait so long but these past few months after booking our wedding has flown by, so I know September is going to come by so quick.

Next mission is looking for the perfect accessories and hair up do.

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