Friday, 9 November 2012

OPI Dupes - Rainbow Connection & Gone Gonzo - Technic Nail Polishes

Hello lovlies, its that time again - Friday....
I'm working tonight so i hope it won't be to ridiculously busy at the Trafford Center - I'm off out tomorrow night with a few of fave girlies for my friend Jenns birthday in Manchester.
I'll be posting an OOTD wearing the pretty dress I got from Primark this weekend too hoepfully.

Anyway onto today's post.

Last year the Muppet's collection was number one on my Xmas list, my fiance didn't get the hint and get me my all time favorite shade - rainbow connection,

I was lucky to get the mini's which I used a lot of but I still refuse to pay the expensive price tag for some of the polishes - despite OPI being a really good brand - I have 2 polishes by them.
I'm a saver so I like to find something I want or similar at a better price.

I'd seen the dupes for Rainbow Connection about on blogs from a brand called "TECHNIC" but I just could not find them anywhere.

So last week while wedding dress shopping, 
I nipped into the best shop in the world "The duty free shop in Manchester" 
and spotted this colour for £1.99 sat next a gorgeous stunning blue shade which closely resembled the Go Gonzo shade I also wanted last year, the blues are so pretty inside this bottle.
I think I was more mesmerized by the glitter.

I happily purchased both of these pretty shades.
For £1.99  bottle.

- Perfect xmas shade -

I applied the the shade "Carnival" - Rainbow Connection Dupe - its got a mix of Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Pink glitters inside making it perfect for this Christmas - I get carried away with glitter this time of year.

I've had it on for a full week almost and its not chipped once which I love - glitters tend to last longer on my nails.

I've not had chance to test the other shade yet, but its next on my list.
The Blue Glitter shade I picked up was called "Mermaid" - Go Gonzo Dupe - which is a really pretty name for a polish i think.
This colours are a mix of different Blue Glitters with hints holographic glitter.

You can buy both shades on Ebay by clicking the links and names below.

All items were purchased using my own money.

Have any of you girlies tried these pretty shades?


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