Thursday, 1 November 2012

MAU Nail Constellations - Pisces & Competition Winner ♥

Disclaimer - This was purchased with my own money.

So today I am here with my weekly feature bringing you my favorite beauty bargains.
I've been wanting to get my hands on the MAU Constellations for a while to try them out, in fact I've been wanting to try this out on my nails for a while, but I'm always late jumping on the bandwagon.

I saw these on my shopping trip to meadow hall with Rachel & Gina,
I picked just the one up to try - I picked Pisces because I loved the coloring, 
The beads are a turquoise, pearl white and pink colour.
There's five in the range altogether and I think I'll be picking a few others up.

They retail at a fab £3.00 which is better than the Ciate £18.00 price tag,
Buy the from the MUA store and they are all on 3 for 2,

I tried these out on my own nails last night using Rimmel's "Sky High" turquoise as my main colour.
I popped the MUA constellations shade Pisces on my middle ringer as I wanted just one accent nail.
It was very messy - I think next time I will be more prepared - my poor fiances will have them stuck to his feet round our flat for a while I reken.
It was easy to apply them just by pouring theses small beads onto the wet nail.

I've had them on for over 12 hours now and you do have to be careful  as a few have popped off already -  I did apply a top coat too.
I think its more of a novelty and something I will use for nights out and special occasions really, not long term.

I love the turquoise one so much I reken I'm going to use it on my nails for my wedding.

I think these are worth a purchase because they are super pretty and it makes a change from just applying your typical nail polish.

Has anyone else tried these?
I'd love to see your links and the other varieties on girls nails.

Picture taken from MUA Website,

Onto the competition winner for my beauty pamper competition - I am so sorry for the delay, a lot of my posts have been scheduled so I've not had time to draw the winner.

The winner is - Entry #31 Fay - From Truly Polished, well done I'll email you now,
You can view who raffle copter picked here,

Congrats an email will be sent to you - thank you for all those who entered :)

I have a new competition up soon to win a Givinchy jewelry set from the lovely Lulu Brandy,
and also an Xmas giveaway of my own which will definitely be worldwide - I'm going to run a poll and see what you lovelies would prefer to have as a giveaway for a change.

So keep your eyes peeled.


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