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Coloured Hair Treats ♥ Clynol Shampoo & Conditioner ♥

Hairtrade are a well known hair and beauty online store that sell luxary products and are one of the UK'S
   leading online retailers of hair care and beauty products as well as hair extensions 

I was kindly sent me this shampoo and conditioner to try on my hair, as my hair is coloured I opted for a colour shampoo as I find with most colour care shampoo's my colour still fades.

As with most shampoo's and conditioners I like to use the full product up before I give my final opinion on a product because sometimes you don't notice if it works until you've been using it a week or too.

I got a 300ml bottle of Clynol Colour & Care Enrich Shampoo
and a 250ml bottle of Clynol Colour & Care Restore Conditioner 

The Clynol shampoo contains jewel extracts that is meant to boost the shine in your hair and keep your colour enriched for 30 washes thanks to a products called Keratin which is great for strengthening hair.
It also contains UV filters that stop the sun from fading your colour which I found happened a lot with my previous hair colour red.

- The first thing I've noticed about using this shampoo was that in makes my hair so soft after just one wash and not many shampoo's can do that to my hair as its pretty thick anyway,
I recently dyed my hair about three weeks ago a dark brown colour covering my red and ombre hair as I got a bit fed up and I'm quite impressed my how much the colour has held in my hair for, its still holding the brown colour that seems to fade on my previously red hair and I have noticed that it does have an extra shine about it which I love - its a shame there hasn't been more sunshine -

The Clynol Conditioner also contains the jewel extract to seal the hair with that extra shine after washing it with this shampoo.
Apricot Kernel oil nourishes your hair and enriches it for super healthy glossy locks helping repair your hair after all that colouring - which my hair has needed a lot.
Perfect for smoothing each individual strand for soft healthy colour treated hair,

- I loved the smell of this conditioner, and I loved the fact is also contained the jewel extract too, it did make my hair super soft and shiny and my hair has gotten stronger after using this products, I've noticed less breakage when it comes to straightening, the only downside is ow much product I need for my hair as its really thick, this bottle didn't last as long as the shampoo - so you'd defiantly need to purchase a bigger bottle if you've got over the shoulder length thick hair -

I think this product is one of the colour shampoo's I have tried that do actually do look after coloured hair.
My colour has lasted longer and my hair has gotten stronger which I've needed after my harsh few months bleaching.

- Super shiny hair using this product on a night out -

Have you heard of this shampoo before or tried any Clynol brands?


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