Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cocktail Kiss - Gorgeous Glossy Lips ♥

I was super excited when these "Cocktail Kiss Lip glosses" came through my letter box a few weeks ago from Miners
They are the new range of glossy lip glosses that have there own unique personality,
I received these three gorgeous shades to try and i must admit I do love them because of there cocktail inspired names. 
Manhattan - This is for the more sophisticated girl, with vibrant coral and pink shimmers with a gorgeous cherry smell.
Mudslide - This shade is more of a caramel with glittery vanilla shades smelling of chocolate - this one didn't stay on my lips for long.
Flirtini - This shade is a light glittery pink shade with a peach and strawberry scent, which smells ammmazing!
They are only a fabulous £2.99 from the Miners website here.

I think the colours are so pretty the way they are layered on top of one another to create a unique glittery shade.
These are the perfect lip glosses for you girls for your cocktail nights out as cliche as that sounds, I think they'd really set a cocktail the night out,

They are perfect as Christmas stocking fillers too :) - "idea's"

What do you think of these cocktail inspired lip glosses girlies?
Are they something you would purchase?


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