Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wedding Update - My Handmade Invitations ♥

Hello lovelies - I hope you all had a nice weekend,
I've wanted to do this post for a while now but since I didn't want to reveal all before I had handed them out and people saw this I couldn't.
Now there all out I can reveal all.

I decided to hand-make all my invitations to keep costs down and to also make something that everyone can keep as a keepsake to remember our special day, and also to add my own unique touch.
Because I' getting married abroad I have stuck to a beach theme.

I got all my bits and bobs on eBay and spent about £25 plus to make 17 of these.
I purchased the shells, starfish, ribbon, glitter on Ebay,
I got the letter and stickers and card from my local craft shop.

My original plan turned out nothing how these did, I kind of made these as I went along, 
I find this works best with me.

They took time to make but after the first lot I kind of had an order of making them.
And I never realized how crafty I was - I think I needed to find something channel it into.
Its in my blood apparently, my dads amazing at woodwork, my grandad's a brill cartoon drawer and his sister actually make cards for a charity.

I enjoyed making these so much I'm making other unique handmade weddings invites and place cards and bits and bobs with hope of having my own little online business for a little bit of fun.
Its something I'm trailing at the minute to see how it turns out and how much interest I end up getting and how many I can make in so much time ect.
But it could be a lot of fun - watch this space.

My family and friends absolutely loved the and I'm hoping to make my own matching place cards an bits and bobs.

On the terms of wedding updates - I'm trying on wedding dresses for the first time this Saturday then the Wednesday after the next with my mother in law to be,
 I've got a designers address so I'm hoping to get some inspiration of styles and getting my own dress made to fit my budget.

What I would like from you lovelies is your honest opinion.
Do you like my invites??


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