Monday, 8 October 2012

The Magical World Of Harry Potter ♥

So I've finally got round to sorting through all the photo's we took when me and my fiance visited the Magical world of Harry Potter at the Harry Potter Studio Tour,

We went on the 12th July and stayed the night up in London, 
The fact it was my fiances birthday and he spent it here shows how much that boy must love me, he's not the No1 Harry Potter fan I am and he really didn't get my squeaks of excitement when I was recognizing props and places from the film.
It was a fantastic day out, I have been into Harry potter ever since I received the first ever book as a christmas present,  
I was hooked, I will put my hand up and say yes I do own every single book and I have watched every single film.

I even had the magical experience of visiting the Harry Potter castle in Universal Studio's in Florida and getting to fly a real broomstick on the simulator  Harry Potter ride in the castle  - my god sad moment but I had the most amazing time and its up there with one of my top experiences.

My photo's from Florida 2010 - Had to sneak those in.

The tour is self guided which I love, the only guided bit was in the Great Hall, it was a little crazy because I used to be obsessed with the great hall, I loved the floating candles and seeing how they did everything did destroy the magic a little bit - even though I knew it wasn't real.
I won't go into to much detail because I don't like ruining things for others.
But it really was a magical tour and a must see for any Harry Potter fan,

One of the most amazing parts of the tours - as well as getting to stand at number 4 Privet Drive and knock on the door - was seeing the real life castle they use for scenes in the film which is a lot smaller in real life than I ever expected, all the fine details and hard work were amazing that went into creating such an amazing piece of work of art that really was spell bounding.

I also had a go of the broomstick, you can't miss that part of the tour, you have your picture taken on a green screen - the pictures quite horrendous so I won't share that to the world, but it was lots of fun.

I know this is a geeky post for some but I am a big fan and probably always will be, and if i ever have children of my own I will probably get them into this, there really is nothing wrong in letting a bit of magic into your life :)

I'll share a few picture with you, only a few cause I don't want to ruin the tour for those who haven't been.

Trying on the sorting hat 

"The great hall"

"Finding out about the floating candles"

Dumbledore's Office

"On the knight bus"

"Is anybody in?"

The full size scale of the castle.

Have any of you wanted to visit/or have visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour?


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