Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In Wash Out Colour ♥

You may not have heard of this or seen it possibly because you weren't looking for it,
I found it a few weeks ago while browsing the hair colour range in Superdrug - it was 99p which I thought was fab so I snapped it up.

The reason I bought this to try out was because whenever i dye my hair the colour fades quite quick, maybe its my hair, and I do use colour shampoo's and conditioners.
I used to use a hair dye a few years ago which came with a coloured conditioner to pop on your hair once a week to keep your colour looking new and it was a godsend.
I've not seen it since - I think it was discontinued.

 I have been using this twice a week on the top of my hair - as the rest is ombered.
Its a wash in - wash out colour which you leave on for 5 minutes,
Its foams into this big lather making it easy to reach all parts of your hair.
I absolutely love it.
I bought the rich warm brown as my hair has red tones in it, and when i pop a permanent brown on my hair, the red it always seems to pop up after a few weeks so I've been using this to give my hair a warm brown boost - and I have noticed the difference.
The reason I also know its worked was because girls at work were asking me if I'd dyed my hair - it had just had a colour boost.
They do them in all different shades, so if your a redhead/brunette/blonde and you want to give your hair a colour boost for a night out or just in general, or you want to try a new colour out, these are fab for the price to keep on top of your colour - they wash out -
They say there meant to condition your hair too but I don't think there brilliant at that, after washing your hair with shampoo, pop some of this on, wash out and then pop a conditioner on the top for a few minutes, that did the trick for me.

The colour on my hair -

 They aren't on the Superdrug website for some reason - They should have them up on there - but you can buy them in-store for 99p
I'll be buying more of these in future and stocking up.
Have any other girls tried these before?

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