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Ombre Hair - The L'Oreal Ombre Home Box Dye Edition ♥

Since I wrote this post back last year I have ombered my hair all over again because I was really impressed with this box dye - I have added on a little more about my experience second time round below and popped up a more updated photo.

I purchased the L'Oreal Ombre kit and thought I'd give it a go, I knew the bleach in this wouldn't be as potent as the purple stuff you get in the packets that can make your hair fall out if you apply to much.

Its says to use this product on virgin hair, so really its perfect if you have never coloured your hair before or you naturally have lighter hair

It comes in three shades - I went for the darkest shade as my hairs quite dark and I wanted a subtle ombre effect.

It was easy, but this kit makes it easy to create the perfect ombred look, 
You get a brush to apply the dye with to achieve the desired  look, 
I won't bore you with box contents, it contains pretty much the same thing any hair box dyes come with ect
I purchased mine from ASDA for £6.99

I left it on for 45 minutes - which is the longest you can leave it on for, 
My hair dried quite a brassy orange ginger tone - to me I didn't think this looked right with my hair color so I went out the next day and purchased a light light brown dye - quite near to blonde to neutralize  the colour and I applied this to my ends.

This isn't the case for everyone, I've seen some gorgeous colours achieved using this kit,

But if you have the same problem with red tones in your hair like me, maybe you can do what I did - I used L'oreal Sublime Mousse in Shade 62 - Delicious Light Brown - which is quite a blondy brown.
I left it on for the full 30 minutes and washed it off and the colour below is what I achieved.

My finished result -

My hairs more of a warm brown mixing in with auburn which i think look subtle enough for a darker hair colour and this autumn and winter - I'm hoping the sun will make it lighter naturally in the summer.
Those with lighter hair may want to go lighter but everyone's different.
I didn't want to do too blonde otherwise it wouldn't look as effective.

I am now happy with the result ,
As with any lightening products, they are harse for your hair so use lots of nourishing shampoos and conditioners such as Aussie and Macadamia Oil,

Despite having so much colour on my hair in two weeks, these products have been a god send and I'm extremely lucky that my hairs still quite healthy.

Overall these dyes are pretty good if you want a quick fix for your hair and if you have virgin hair or light colored hair - if you have red tones in your hair beware that you hair may go a more brassy ginger tone compared to the box colour.


I reombered my hair this month (April 2013) I thought rather than writing a new post I wanted to update you on how my hair turned out this time.

I had managed to get rid of the red tones in my hair by dying over it - I've been brunette for a few months now and haven't needed to dye it as much as it my natural colour, I didn't dye my hair for two months so my colour was lighter so decided to try the ombre colour again, I opted for the middle shade (the one for light brown to dark blonde hair) this time rather than the one I used last time.

I applied it to my hair for 45 minutes and the colour turned out much better than last time and it wasn't brassy as last time.

Have anyone else tried these ombere kits themselves or used a different product to create this look?

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