Monday, 22 October 2012

My Beautiful Pup ♥

Sasha is 3 today,
How the years fly by, it only feels like we got her as a puppy 5 minutes ago.
Yet she still acts like she's a puppy and drives me endlessly insane with her attention seeking personality - meaning I'm never on my own.
But I wouldn't have her any other way,
She brightens up my day with her gorgeous orange eyes, and makes me laugh when she brings her latest favourite squeaky toy and puts it in my lap and begs me for food no matter how many times a day I tell her she can't have any.
She's a very special pup because she was the first to put that smile back my face a month or so after my mum passed away 3 years ago.
I think she was sent  to us as a guardian angel in doggy form.

This is her as a 12 week old pup, the second day we had her, I love her little pink and black nose.
She's such a cutie pie.
& I love her to the moon and back.
Happy Birthday Sasha.


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