Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hello - An October Update ♥

I've been a little absent from my blog lately and I am missing it alot,
I've not been well recently which hasn't gone down too well with my busy work life - I have two jobs now,
Also mixed in with a bit of wedding planning,
I have finally made all my handmade invites which I have almost finished handing out, then I can share them with you.
So here's part of  My October in pictures:

Watching my favorite show One Tree Hill - My fiance is always saying I never watch the box-sets he buys me every xmas, so I've shut him up this week and I've been re-watching my favourite all time episodes.
Them being Lucas & Peytons wedding and the finale where Peyton & Lucas finally have there baby.

I had a lovely catch up with two of my fave girlies, we went to Frankies and Bennies and ordered the big sharing platter with southern fried chick, BBQ legs, garlic bread and cheese filled jackets and bread sticks.
I also went ordered the spag bol and the cookies & cream explosion ice cream.

Another reason I haven't been blogging as much is because I've not been to well, I keep feeling poorly for no reason so blogging hasn't been really on my rador, when all I've wanted to do is go home to bed.
Its not life threatening, but its an inconvenience because it means I can't function all the time - nothing worse than feeling sick all the time - Nope I'm not pregnant either by the way.
I'm having tests to get to the bottom of it, so I'm hoping to have answers soon, 
In the meantime I've had this lil guy looking after me and cuddling me in bed when I'm not well.
He's got his paw on my arm.

Urggh a few hours in hospital for tests, but i got tea and toast and the nurses were lovely, one was showing me pictures from her son's wedding and Michelle Keegan out of corrie was one of the bridesmaids - small world.

One of  the books I've read recently by Cecelia Ahern - I loved it from start to finish.
Its about childhood sweethearts who are meant to be together but fate keeps getting in the way.
Its quite a different book because its just emails and letters telling the story but I loved it all the same.

My most recent charity shop haul -
More books that were on  3 for 2 to keep myself busy this Autumn/Winter,
Topshop loose knit jumper - £3.00,
H&M Pumps - £1.00
I also purchased this Good Things Skincare 5 Minute Facemask  £2.99 was £5.99, which smells lush - Sainsburys currently have a half price offer on all the Good Things Skincare range.

That's part of my October in a nutshell,
I've got a few posts planned so hopefully I'll be back to blogging more soon.


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