Thursday, 4 October 2012

Autumn Inspired Look ♥ Featuring Miners ♥

 Yep - Real Autumn leaves I wanted to be creative :)

I thought I'd post about something different today - Rather than your typical swatches you see posted - I wanted to mix it up a little bit and show you what you can create with these eye shadows from *Miners,
I was lucky to be sent all 8 of the newer range to show you lot.
They are all Autumn inspired colours perfect for creating smoky eyes to fit in with this seasons trend.

These pallets I have up used to create the look below are: from top left to right bottom:

This look I've created is subtle enough to be worn during the day and can be made into more of an evening look by building up more colour.

Other Products I have used - Garnier BB Cream in Light
- Front Cover Lipstick In Amaranthine
- Barry M Blusher
Rimmel Water Proof Eyeliner & Scandal Eyes Mascara

To create this look I have used a step by step picture below to help anyone who already has these colours or similar to create this Autumn inspired look.

First you need to sweep colour 1# from the safari palette  this is the bronze with hints of orange colour, covering your whole socket,
Then sweep colour 2# from the goddess pallet - A subtle golden green into the outer corners of your eye, using a different brush to blend the two colours together.
Then lastly place colour 3# Jewel - which is a lovely teal colour on the very outer corners of your eye and sweep a very fine line underneath the bottom of your eye in the inner corners, again blend these colours together by gently blending all the colours together.

You can click both Rimmel products to see past reviews on those if you don't know what they are.

You can view Miners Cosmetics & Products on there website here:

What do you think of this look, are these colours you'd use to create an autumn inspired look?


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