Monday, 10 September 2012

Weekly Mini HaulS #4 Autumn Essential Shoes ♥

I made the most of the offer H&M had on last week, 10% off your order and free delivery, plus a £5 discount code I always use 1304
 I've been eyeing up the pretty ballet pups for a while on H&M becuase there affordbale and in so many different colours.
So i bought 3 pairs in essential colours to match my Autumn wardrobe.

H&M shoes are fantastic quality and I aways find they fit perfectly.
I purchsed a black, mustard, and rusty red colour.
The black pair were £9.99
& the mustard and rusty red pair were £7.99
Total plus P&P - £29.87
Total after free delivery 10% off and £5 off - £18.37
Thats over £10.00 off online.
H&M are known for there fantastic online offers, if you sign up to there emails you'll be the first to knw about offers, sales, discounts.
Right now they have a fab seasonal offer on their jumpers.
£3.99 RRP £7.99 for the one per household in a few different colours.
This nautical black & white one is my favourite.

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