Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekly Lusts #4 - ♥The Perfect Lambrini Look ♥

I was kindly contacted by the brand and asked to write a piece for them featuring my Lambrini Style,
I always like to write about the brands I love and share with you lovely lot.

So I thought what better way to write a post than to share my weekly wish lists I enjoy creating,
This week I've created an outfit I'd personally, typically wear on a night out, I have been going out more recently and I'm enjoying it so much more - Your only young once.

I absolutely love this out fit,
The polka dot peplum top is a favorite of mine and I think I'm actually going to purchase it from Jane Norman,
Because I have a part time job here, its a nightmare being surrounded by all these clothes and not being able to purchase them.

Lambrini is a brand I love and I'm sure those old enough to drink love it too,
 I'm not a big fan of a lot of alcoholic drinks on night out, I like something I can enjoy drinking.
I have always been a Lambrini girl at heart and I always purchase a bottle or two to share before hitting town.

My Images 

As you can see from above , I have two favorites,
*Cherry & Peach - The Peach is a new flavor added to the brand with a few other different flavors,
I have tried recently and it tastes incredible.
I got these bottles 2 weeks ago before I had a girly night out.

I love that these drinks are never bitter tasting or too bubbly and I always enjoy drinking them,
Even if I fancy a night in relaxing.
Bottles retail at a fabulous £2.50 from most supermarkets.
I personally always go to Asda,

You can see the whole range of  Lambrini on the website here 

Do any other bloggers love Lambrini?


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