Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Week 3 - The Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Files Four Week Challenge ♥

This was meant to be a four week challenge, but I have got to the point where my nails are too long, 
didn't think I'd be saying this.

I've popped my nails up in stages in the pictures below,
My nails in the last picture may not seem long for you, but for me they were pretty long.
and there's only so long I can last when it drives me insane and i have to shorten them.

The whole point of writing this post was to see if this product was any good and i will be completely honest with you.

 I'd give it an 8/10

My nails have gotten stronger and i can bend then without snapping them, so the protein complex in this product has worked well for my nails.

The reason I didn't give this product a 10 was the fact that a few of my nails were still flaking after 3 weeks of this product and I had to keep filing these away so it didn't spread. 
We'll take a trip back and I'll let you now How this product was meant to benefit me 
 "Exclusive protein complex supports and protects nails so they can grow longer and stronger.
Soy Protein [binds moisture to nails], helping to strengthen and promote growth without brittleness.
Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and tearing.
Collagen and multi-vitamins help stimulate healthy nail growth."
The Keratin in this product didn't really work well for me as I still had some splitting which was a shame.
But the Collagen and multi vitamins did make my nails grow very fast, if you see week 2 where i broke my index finger nail, a week later you can see how much it grew in week 3?

I suggest if you are thinking about buying this product for help with splitting or cracked nails then I would maybe give it a go and at least try it, it might work different for each individual person, if you after growing your nails quick, then this is a must for you.
Plus it makes a fab top coat as well as a base coat.
The £9.99 price tags is steep for me cause it didn't work the way I intended it to, the only reason I purchased it was because I had Boots vouchers and wanted to try something new.
I think its got its advantages and disadvantages and its maybe a product I would purchase in the future if it was on offer.

I was suggested OPI Nail Envy, so maybe that the next product on my list to test out.


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