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Vintage Buying - My Tips ♥ & How To's ♥

Lots of my friends, family, people I see always comment on some of the items I own or wear and almost seem shocked when I tell them where I got it/them from or how much it was.

I've always had a good eye for a bargain, this started out in college when i didn't have much to live off so I was turning to alternative sites such as Ebay or sale shopping to keep my look updated and its something I've become a pro at.

These days I refuse to pay certain prices for items I know I can get cheaper, I'm not cheap - I have money,
I just like to get more for it.
People who spend over £100 on one item of clothing I think are a bit crazy, unless its a dress of course for a special occasion then its not that bad.

Only recently when it came to starting my little blog last year that i begin to venture into charity shops, a few of my friends still think this is a no no and I get weird looks, but I always say whats the difference of buying someones else's clothes to borrowing a top off your friend or sister and wearing that?

I used to avoid charity shops, I will be hones and I used to be one of them people  who'd make sure no one was watching me as I came out of one if I ever needed to go into one.

Now to me there like a big treasure chest and you never know what you'll come out with and I always go in weekly to see if there's anything I like.

These three items below are all vintage buys, 
from left to right we have:
A Topshop Scalloped Top - £1.00
A George Mustard Cropped Sleeved Jumper - £2.00
A Topshop Layered Chiffon Top - £2.50

Total - £5.50

These are all key buys and my favourite out all of the vintage items I have owned, these are also the items I've had a few people asking where I got them from.

I do shop on the high street too and regularly - vintage shops are my best friend for key essentials and items i spot on a whim.

My most recent purchases last week were both of these items.

 Primark Crochet Sweater - £1.99
Primark Orange Glitter Off The Shoulder Jumper - £2.00
Both with tags from different shops.

Here are a few of my tips to help you on your way if vintage shopping is something you'd like to try or need more tips on.

* If your visiting a vintage shop, try to have something in mind that your after whether its something small like a new book to read, or a black top - chances are you will find what your looking for if you have your mind set on something specific.

* You have to remember also vintage shops can sell every brand  - I have picked up items from RARE , Topshop, New Look, H&M , Primark, you name it, 
So it really is not about old tat.

* Fashion changes just as much as the weather - so don't automatically assume you can't buy something because its not in fashion, chances are it will be back in again soon and there's many items that are always in fashion, its about dressing for your own style - I never stick to trends.

* Most shops do size order there items, its not like a big jumble sale people make out it to be.
Always look in your size and below or above, many a time I have picked up a size 8 or a 12 as some clothes do tend to be bigger & smaller than others,
I'm an average 8, 10 but I do buy tops and jumpers in bigger sizes as I like things to be bigger sometimes.

* Take your time, if your not patient and can't be bothered going through every item on every rale then how will you ever expect to find anything?
I always go through items individually, as that's usually where the items i find are - hidden away.

* Buying items from vintage shops also does not mean buying a top that has been worn to death - I have expectations and personally will only buy something if it looks like its only been worn a few times, you can tell when an item has been worn loads, the colour will be faded and to be honest you'll know.
A lot of the vintage buys I've bought have either been worn once or twice or have tags and are brand new.

* Always wash before wear - As I've said before wearing something worn by someone else is just the same as borrowing a top - you'd make sure you washed it before someone else wore it right?

* Vintage shops are a great way to pick up a new read - I have bought many books priced at 50p that are pretty new and by my favourite authors, when you've read them, you can simply take them back and buy more.
50p coming out of your pocket will hardly break the bank and its a lot cheaper than paying £6.99 for a book that you'll read only once and then leave sitting on your shelf - it also means your giving back more.

* Search top and bottom - I don't mean literally, all vintage shops I know have little boxes in which they have items of make up, perfume, I once picked up two brand new full sized Soap & Glory goodies for £1.00 for both.
They literally will sell everything and anything.

* Don't buy it just for the price - just like a full priced item you'd buy from H&M or New Look - ask yourself, when will you wear it, what with, what do you already have that will go with it?
I always do this.

* Look in the windows also - vintage shops tend to put the best items in the windows on display to tice people in, just like any shop, don't be afraid to ask if you can try it on or have it.

* Most vintage shops do let you exchange an item if it doesn't fit also so keep this in mind if you can't try on as not all have fitting rooms.

* & lastly take your time - even if you end up in there for half an hour and don't buy a thing as least you know you had a proper look.

* Remember the important thing when purchasing from a charity shop,
Its for a good cause and the money you give will be helping someone else, 
There are so many vintage shops about, maybe visit one that you personally feel close to.

I always visit animal ones such as the RSPCA and Society Of Abandoned Animals as animals are pretty close to my heart.

I hope these tips are helpful to anyone who want to try this,
let me know if you have any yourself?


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