Friday, 21 September 2012

September Sponsors - A Few Gorgeous Girlies Worth Checking Out ♥

Its time for my September Sponsorship post to mention some fabulous blogs that you might not know about and enjoy,
Discovering new blogs is a way to meet new people, find similar interests and find out about the products you might not know about.
Many a time I've gone out and bought a product or an item just because I've seen it on someone else's blog blog.
& I myself have met 3 lovely girls who I chat to on a weekly basis.

So check out this months sponsors for September - I assure you they are all fabulous blogs, click on there blogs/shop, check them out & give them a follow and say hello.

This lovely lady has her own vintage jewelry shop called Lulu Brandy, where she sells some of the most gorgeous pieces of contemporary jewelry with pieces from the 1900's to the 1990's, they are all one of a kind pieces that you won't find anywhere else.
She's so friendly and helpful so if there's something your after, she'll be more than helpful.
There will a competition coming up soon from Lulu Brandy so you'll have the chance to win a beautiful vintage piece of jewelry.
Have a look at her shop here

Becky from Beauty Becky Blogs about the best purse friendly high street products, she does fab reviews and her posts are the sort that you'll read from beginning to end, she writes honest reviews on items and I've actually found about about lots of fab products through her.
She's a new blogger but her blog is already one of my favorites.
You can find her blog here

Just Joanna's blogs about all different kinds of lovely things, her outfits of the day are well put together and stylish, I wish I could wear some of the outfits she posts, shes a handbag lover at heart like me.
You can follow the lovely Joanna here

Rachel Crawford's Life Of A Sweetaholic blog is an absolutely beautiful blog, if your a lover of all things sweet and yummy, her blog is a go to, shes also a huge one direction fan.
Rachel is a fab friend of mine and she's so friendly, her blogs is one that you will always read on a daily basis.
You can view her blog here,

Fran from The Mummy Diaries is a new blogger and a yummy mummy, shes got great taste in clothes and she's posted some fabulous posts so far on her hauls.
She's got the cutest lil girl called Bella.
Go and have a look at her blog here

Rachel From Island Girl Insights is also one of my favorite bloggers and another blogger I've had the chance to meet up with,
She's a down to earth girl, she posts about lots of lovely things and her outfits of the day make me envious of her long legs.
You can find her blog here

I will be advertising for October sponsors, I have 13 spaces so if sponsoring is something you'd like to try have a look at my EMAIL tabs at the top and have a look at my competitive prices.


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