Friday, 28 September 2012

Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick Shade 22 ♥

I've been lusting over these since they came out last year, I love how pretty the and simple the packaging is to, and the "Kate Moss Signature" trademark gives this lipstick a girlie edge,

 I've seen this shade on a few blogs recently and I just love it,
Its quite a bright red, with a hint of pink in it - a bit daring for some.
But I love something vibrant that stands out, for everyday wear,
My everyday make ups quite minimal so i like to make the most of one feature.

I only started wearing lipstick after last year after joining the blogger world and I've got a huge obsession with it now and i think I own over 20 different shades - candy pinks being my favourite.
This shade cost £5.49 from Boots which i think is a fairly good price to pay for a lipstick.
Its got good consistency and glides on perfectly giving a bold colour.
I had it on for a full day yesterday with a coat of lipcote and it lasted roughly 8 hours - the colour still looks nice as it fades making it that perfect day long lipstick.
As some of you know Rimmel is my top go to band because of there budget purse friendly value and excellent products.

There are 5 colours in this new spring collection - I'm already eyeing up shade 20 - its such a gorgeous pink.

Have any of your blogger girlies tried this shade or any others? 

You may have noticed I have also got rid of the gadget I was using for comments, it seems its not compatible for everyone's internet browser and it was to much hassle signing in, so I have the old html blogger comment box back where you can leave comments and some love.


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