Friday, 14 September 2012

I'm Back For Good Now ♥ Blogger Love ♥

 I'm not officially back now after the mishap with my mac dying,
So there should be more regular posts again and i can get back to reading my favorite blogs.

I realised life without a laptop was not a happy one, so me and my fiance went halves on one and bought a brand new one, of course it does not replace my mac but its just as good.

 I wanted to give you a heads up on a new tab which will be on my blog soon after the lady designing it has finished it for me - called My Cyprus Wedding,

 I don't want to bore my bloggers with wedding posts if its something that does not interest you,
there will be the occasional post but I won't bore you all - I promise.

However for the people who want to keep tab on my big day and see how my planning is going, they will be able to keep up to date with me - I'm dress shopping next month and I know exactly what I want already eeeek.

I'm hoping this page will help with anyone getting married abroad/or in Cyprus and give them inspiration.

 My September sponsors page is coming soon too with some fabulous bloggers to follow.
 I will be advertising for October slots soon so if you'd love me to sponsor you next month, have a look at my sponsors sidebar and email me.

I hope to have some lovely posts coming your way.

I'd love it by the way if your a regular reader,
Could you could pop your blog link below if I'm not following.
I hate not being able to visit the people who leave me comments.

Also if your on instagram have a look at my previous post.


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