Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Weekly Mini Hauls #2 H&M ♥

I like doing these posts as I'm trying to limit myself to shopping weekly within my budget as I'm saving for a wedding, its not all that bad, I'm giving myself that opportunity to splurge weekly without feeling bad as i would if i went out and bought lots in one go.

They are all purse friendly buys and in-store now :)

I loooove, looove, love H&M

I originally went in after seeing the collar necklace on the website and i fell in love, 
there on trend at the minute and add a little something different to any outfit.

I didn't pick up the one i wanted but i saw a nicer one, the one i'd seen was a material one but I think this one is better purely for the reason it'll last longer.

It was a fab £12.99

I was only looking for this necklace but of course this jumper popped its little head out of the rail, I didn't even know it was sale reduced from £19.99 to £10.00 last one in my size, i swiped it, and the necklace just looks pretty with it don't you think.

Then I saw this playsuit, its not exactly summer anymore, leaves are already falling off the trees and i'm having to face the fact that were not going to see the sun much for this year now.
I saw this on the website a few month ago in Spring/Summer and i wanted it but i thought i didn't need it just yet, I'm glad i held that thought cause it was in the sale for £7 from £14.99 - can't get better than that.

I know its over a year away but this will be fab for my holiday/wedding/honeymoon to Cyprus next year, the colours are pretty and blues always suit a deep tan.

Is anybody else loving the pretty collar necklaces now?


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