Saturday, 18 August 2012

Weekly Lusts #4 ♥

Is it me or can anyone else tell that the mornings are getting darker again?
My fiance does early 6am starts so he tends to get me up with him for five minutes a morning - which I don't enjoy.

All this rain has already got me shopping for new knitwear and A/W clothing and where better than my all time favorite No1 shop in the world H&M - They have some gorgeous pieces at the minute.

I've been eying all all these lovely pieces.

| Swallow Dress - £12.99 | Burgundy Cardigan - £24.99| Heart Loose T -shirt - £7.99 | Mustard Flats- £7.99 | Sparkly Collar - £14.99 | Black Wedge Boots - £29.99 | Burgundy Bag - £24.99 |

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