Saturday, 18 August 2012

Week 2 - The Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Files Four Week Challenge ♥

So here we are again, this post is 3 days late as I've just been so busy trying to keep up to date with posts,
But as promised, I'm on a mission to get long strong nails.
So here we are at Week 2 using the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Varnish,

You can keep up to date if you missed the previous posts.

Model's Own - Jade Stone

I am pleased to report my nails are still growing strong and I've actually been able to keep the same nail polish on for nearly 5 days which is good for me since my polish either chips, because my nails are all uneven and brittle.

Here is the shot of my nails so far (minus the broken index finger)

Sorry for the shots of my minging nails 

Any Breakages This Week?

The only downside of working in a clothes shop is breaking nails, I caught one nail on a hanger, different hand, same fingernail as last week, but i filed it down and its not to far ahead from the others growing - I was gutted as I hate breaking nails - but the fact that I've only chipped it accidentally still shows that my nails are getting stronger, day to day activities that would normally end up with chipped nails or chipped nail varnish.

Nail Growth?

Still growing strong and the feel pretty solid when i press them, so my nails have developed some stregth, they are at the length where they would start breaking but there all naturally still intact - minus of course the nail i accidentally broke on a hanger.

I'll be back next week with week 3,

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