Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Week 1 - The Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Nail Files Four Week Challenge ♥

So as promised i am back again to let you know how the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle is working for my dry, flaky nails which always snap after a certain length,

Part one was in my post last Tuesaday if you missed that - you can read it here

As you can see below, my results after 1 week are on the right, and before on the left as the picture says.
You can already see a noticeable difference in the colour and look of my nails and also the length,

My nails were stained a horrible yellow colour - far to much polish,
But this has somehow got rid of that - bonus

I applied it 4 times this week - more a less every two days,
 I'll be cutting this down to maybe twice a week - last week i just wanted to paint my nails four different colours.
I've found out as well as this being used as base coat, it also works amazingly well as a top coat, my nail polish has lasted much longer with no chips. 

The fact that its removed my yellow stains already means i can wear this as a normal base coat without painting my nails, its been a while since i bared all for a whole day.

Any Breakages This Week?

I can report that not once have my nails chipped, apart from the trapping my hand in the car door incident which broke a tiny bit of the top of my left hand nail - nothing noticeable.

I have kept my nails filed, and my flaking seems to have evened out since i started using this on Tuesday.
My nails do feel more stronger after 1 week also.

Nail Growth?

I can tell you that this is the perfect product to give your nails a running start if your looking to grow them long and quick.
My nail have never got past a certain length because they snap, so it will be interesting to see how long i can grow them.

This weeks nails have been re-varnished with a base coat of Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle and the nail colour Malibu Mojito by Nails Inc with some Saffron gold glitter polish.
My nails remind me of mermaid nails :)


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