Thursday, 9 August 2012

Meadow Hall Haul Primark, New Look ♥

Yesterday was the day I met up with my gorgeous blogger girlies Rachel Crawford from Life Of A Sweetaholic & Gina Balmer from Behind These Brown Eyes,
This is our second meet up and we spent 6 hours, yep 6 hours shopping - including our meal in Frankie & Bennies.

We all had a fab day and bought some gorgeous things, but I'll chat about our day in a separate post - we have a funny story to tell.

I know a few of you love a good nosey at a haul,
Anyway here's some of the lovely things I bought on my shopping trip, I don't think i spent more than £48.00 on clothes,

First stop was New Look, I didn't really see anything I liked in here, something is wrong with fashion at the minute, I'm not loving all this leather and tartan, it seems really gothic.
Although we spent some time round the sale jewelry aisle.

I picked up this pretty daisy chain bracelet which was reduced from £8.99 half price to £3.00 - bargain
While we are on the subject of jewelry, I'll show you my next buys from Primark,

I love the earring sets they have there and always nearly pick up a pair.
I picked up these two, I love the flowers on the left, these look fab on and aren't to heavy :)

I also picked up this little guy for 50 pence in the sale,

Next onto accessories:

I love the Primark skinny waist belts you get - for £2.50 that's a great price for a key wardrobe staple:

I also invested in a new purse - I'd had my old one for over a year - I got this quilted tan one to match my lace bag for £5.00 its got two separate compartments to store cash and cards and gift vouchers ect.

Next onto clothing - I didn't buy a whole lot here - I got the one top, but I will include my buy from Jane Norman this week where I work too.

I bought these cute PJ'S being a crazy cay lady they suit me down to the ground.
These were £5.00 - You get so much wear out of these sets, there good quality.

Next I bought this raspberry red shirt - a colour that's on trend this Autumn and Winter,
This was £7.00

I seem to have an obsession with sheer blouses recently but they are everywhere and look so nice over skinny jeans or leggings.

This mint green (camera does no justice) one was from my work - Jane Norman.

RRP £25 - without my discount.

And Lastly the shoes - I love Primark shoes, i would end buying the about 20 pairs a time if no one stopped me.

I got these Raspberry Red one's to match my shirt - they have these gorgeous little bows on them and are super comfy - these were £8.00 - They had them in black too - wish I'd picked up a black pair now.

The sandals were in the sale also - lucky me

I picked up a pair of the classic flipflop style, they last me ages and are perfect for just shoving on - there were reduced to £1.90 from £2.50
The tan pair were also reduced from £5.00 to £3.00,

I have one cheeky last buy I couldn't resist showing you too, i couldn't help myself but I saw these for my big day and got them, they are Mr and Mrs Champagne glasses for after we get married as I know the hotel won't supply us with these particular one's - little details you have to think off.
These were £5.99 from Card Factory if anyone wants to steal the idea :)


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