Sunday, 5 August 2012

How I Spent My Week #7

| Sally Hanson NailGrowth Miracle | My New Madam Rage Dress | New Thrifty Buy | Wedding Planning | Jimjam & His New Comfy Bed |

Sally Hanson NailGrowth Miracle - I've started a weekly nail files post for a month so you can keep up to date with how this has been working for my flaky nails, so far so good with this product, week 1 will be posted on Tuesday - if you missed my nail files post you can see it here.

My New Madam Rage Dress - Madam Rage kindly sent me another dress to review for you lovely lots in an OFTD post, its a gorgeous dress, so expect a post real soon on that :)

New Thrifty Buy - On Tuesday I picked up this gorgeous white chiffon top which is actually Topshop, for an amazing £2.50 its a lovely fit and looks so flattering on.
I love chiffon material at the minute  - Excuse my birth mark on my neck, incase anyone has ever noticed that from the past, its a part of me which I think is unique,

Wedding Planning - So its started, me and my fiance have decided to move our wedding date to next September 2013, we both wondered why we were leaving it till April 2014 when we could just do it sooner.
We already have a nice deposit saved, so the planning has begun, I've emailed the resort and a photographer I've had my eyes on in Cyprus, and they've both got back to me.
So I'm hoping real soon i can write a post that says I'm getting and married and share with you all when.

Jimjam & His New Comfy Bed - I know some of you love seeing my kitty in posts, this week i treated him again, he's like my spoilt son, he's got this new comfy bed which i wish was the size of my mattress so i could sleep on it too, for hours he kept sleeping next to it cause he's awkward, but when he was all sleepy i put him on there and for the rest of the night he looked like he was in heaven.
his body literally just moulds into it.
I bought it from TK MAX for £9.99 RRP 19.99, and i was pleasantly suprised by how big there pet section is, much cheaper than pets at home for those who didn't know that.
They also had lots of discounted dog products too.


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