Saturday, 25 August 2012

Girlie Day With Rachel & Gina ♥

This is a scheduled post, so while this goes up I will be at a wedding,
An OOTD and piccies should be up soon,

A few weeks ago I met up with two of my favorite blogger beauties Rachel from Life Of A Sweetaholic and Gina from Through These Brown Eyes,

We spent a day at Meadowhall where we literally shopped till we dropped, my hands we aching from the mass of bags I had, and I somehow spent more than these two despite saying I wasn't going to buy much.

We spent the day amusing ourselves with silly things we came out with.
Rachel could not seem to tell the time, and I just came out with the most ridiculous things.
I think Gina was the only sane one that day :)

First up we went to New Look, we raided the sale section but it was all tat to me, but Gina bought this pretty coral top, I was jealous she snapped that up before me.

Then we went a little bit crazy in Poundland where we'd seen all these Revlon and W7 polishes and make up we'd seen on past blog posts by bloggers, Rachel got to excited and pretty much destroyed the display - poor people who had to clean up after us three.

A quick shop in international before heading of to Primark where we spent the most of our day.
This was where i spent most of my money - I couldn't help it.

After our epic shop in Primark we all wondered into Frankie and Bennies where we took - well we tried,  pictures of us all.

Me & Rachel

Me & Gina

As it had been our birthday recently, Rachel's the week before and mine a few weeks before that Gina had some birthday pressies for us,
While we were busy unwrapping them, she got me all these lovely treats:
Thank you Giiina :)

The waiter took our order for dessert, he seemed a little weird and when asking if it was our birthday, we laughed and said yes,
It was only that his weirdness was actually kindness, 

All of a sudden music started, and the "Congratulation & Celebrations" theme tune music started and the waiter along with some other waiters came out with our waffles with candles on the top and popped them down before singing Happy Birthday to us, we were a little embarrassed,
So glad Rachel was getting sung to also,
Gina captured our embarrassment on camera.

After a good girlie gossip, we carried on our shop and picked up some sweet treats from Millies and Krispie Kreme Doughnuts,

It was a fabulous girlie day :)

I loved that we were just complete fools with each other and it didn't matter,
Were hopefully arranging another meet up soon.

The one amazing thing from Blogger is I've managed to meet 3 gorgeous friends for life including Rachel from Island Girl Insights.

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