Thursday, 2 August 2012

Gelicity Spa Gel Bath Soak ♥

*Gelicity were asking for bloggers to test out there products on twitter a few months ago, after reading up about them on there website, i was more than intrigued to sample one of there products from there Gelicity Spa Range, and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever when it came to using the product.

They sent me a full size sample of there unique G-Spa 'Relax' Bath Gel which retails at £9.99 on there website.

In the box below i received 
Step 1 - A gel infused bath product with Lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot,
Step 2 - A sachet to turn the creamy gel back to water again.

A few of you may be thinking creamy Gel?
Yep you were right, as soon as i ran my bath for the night after a loong day at work, i was in the mood to relax in this bath.
I poured in the contents of sachet 1 under the tap.

In less than 2 minutes, the powder just stated forming into this gel like texture, with all these wonderful colours, the gel formed really quick and at one point I did think it was going to keep growing.

After running my bath for a while, the gel did even out into the water, and it began to form a bath in the from of tiny gel particles.
To look at, you would think this was just a normal bath of purple water.

But taking a closer look, you can see the it is actually a bath of gel,
I was a little excited about getting in it.

Even my cat was a little mystified by it and its not like him to walk around any edge of a bath.

When I got in the bath, it was pretty ticklish, I'm quite a ticklish person anyway,
But as soon as i lay down in it, it was a weird - but good sensation.
I felt like i was being wrapped up in a hot blanket which felt so relaxing and refreshing.
I could feel it getting to work straight away on my achy legs.
I relaxed in it for 20 minutes, the heat held brilliantly and stayed really hot - I love my baths hot.

I poured the contents of Sachet 2 in which gradually dissolved the gel in about 10 minutes, so the my bath turned back to water.
I relaxed in this for a further 10 minutes before finally getting out.

What I thought of this product - Two word - Amazing & Unique - I've never used such a unique product before and its certainly different from slipping into your average LUSH bath.
Retailing at the price its at, its a bath you should probably experience once a month when you just need time to unwind but as its similar so something you would experience in a spa, its totally worth it.

Any Bad Points - None, the only downside to this product is you will need to clean your bath afterwards, but to be honest it gives you the excuse to give your bath a good clean anyway after a soak.

For those wanting to know a little bit more about this product, you can access there website below,

It explains what the product does and how it works :)

I know I will be using these as gift for my friends and family in the future instead of buying boring bubble bath sets, as its a little treat with a little bit of something extra.

What do you think of this product?
Does it sound like something you would love to try?

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