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I have a very thick head of hair which I've been growing now for a year and a half, its my pride and joy and i probably spend more on my mane than I do on my face.
My ultimate nightmare would be it falling out.

I often get people asking me what I use to get it so shiny and healthy looking and what color dye I use.
My hair is Mahogany, this is brunette with hints of reds in.
I've been this colour for as long as I can remember, its me and I love red hair.
My hair is 100% mine - I used to use extensions when it was shorter.

- Recent Night Out -

As I buy so many products for my hair, I thought it would be perfect to do a tried and tested feature to show you what brands I've used and what I personally thought of them.
There all quite new to the highstreet and they've all been tested over a 3 month period.

From Left To Right - Pantene Repair & Protect, L'Oreal Triple Resist, L'Oreal Sparkling Conditioner, L'Oreal Full Restore.

As you can see a lot of the conditioners I use are for strong hair - I straighten it weekly so I try and keep it in the best condition I can,

Pantene Repair & Protect - RRP £4.69 - The best of the bunch, I actually bought this because I was that impressed with a sample I got in a magazine (samples are perfect to try out if you want to try before you buy, most brand websites, facebook pages offer free samples when they launch a new product) It was a measly portion too, not enough for my hair but it still made an amazing difference.
Not only does it smell lush, the conditioner feels soft as soon as you pour it into your hands and it works on your hair within minutes, I keep my conditioners on for at least 5 minutes,
If you want soft tangle free hair, then this is perfect, it rivals my all time favourite shampoo Herbal Essences beautiful ends conditioner.
I picked mine up in home bargains for £2.99

Rating 10/10

L'oreal Triple Resist - RRP £3.89 - Probably my second favourite of the bunch, its said to make your hair stronger, as a serial hair shedder, I found this did work out of the bunch of the L'Oreal conditioners, I used it with the shampoo too, its got this lovely zesty smell to it which I love, when putting it on my hair I noticed it does give you soft hair, but not completely 100% tangle free which is the whole point of not losing hairs when brushing, so for that reason it was a let down.

Rating 5/10

L'Oreal Nutri Gloss Crystal Conditioner - RRP £3.89 - I found this conditioner to be more of a novelty than an actual trusted brand.
The reason I bought it was because of the crystal particles in it, all it did though was make my hair that little bit shinier, which was faking the whole look really because my hair wasn't at all that soft.
I needed to use loads to even get my hair manageable, and the smells a bit boring after a while, and my hair was a nightmare after using this to detangle.
I would never buy this brand again.

Rating 2/10

L'Oreal Full Restore - RRP - £3.89 - Again nothing special whatsoever about this conditioner, to me its just your average conditioner that i think i only used because I was running out of my other.
My hair wasn't stronger and stayed the same really using this, as with a majority of the L'Oreal conditioners, there not at all that great at detangling.

Rating 2/10

With all these conditioners I always make sure I use my Denman head massager, not only is it great for massaging your scalp, but it also encourages healthy blood flow to your scalp, its also a godsend for distributing conditioner and making your hair incredibly soft.

Have you used any of these brands?
What did you think?

I bought all these all using my own money and all opinions are mine.


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